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BaBe Ruth said,

the way a team plays as a whole deteRmines its

success. you may have the gReatest Bunch of individual staRs in the woRld, But if they don’t play togetheR, the cluB

won’t Be woRth a dime.

The Bar Foundation relies on multiple team structures – n Our grantees do outstanding work as individual entities, but have extraordinary results when viewed as a team. n The entire IOLTA program is based on the concept of pooled client funds – left to stand alone, they are not sufficient to generate interest net of fees. Yet, in the aggregate, they create a revenue stream which supports legal services, law related education initiatives and administration of justice activities. n Supporting the Foundation through your giving is also a team effort. Every attorney and firm gift is vital. Together the dollars allow our Bar’s charitable arm to advance justice. Grantee assistance | Keeping on track: n SCBF administered the 2010 grant cycle, awarding 19 organizations more than $2.6 million. SCBF committed additional funds to help diminish the negative impact of declining IOLTA revenues. n SCBF reviewed existing technology systems to identify ways to increase productivity and effectiveness within individual programs as well as in the overall civil legal aid landscape. n The Board awarded almost $1.1 million to 18 organizations for work to be done for the period July to December 2010. The transition to a six-month cycle will permit SCBF to make awards that better reflect revenues under the new IOLTA rule. Subsequent awards will be made for the first six months of 2011. iOLta | Leveling the playing field: n SCBF petitioned the Supreme Court to revise Rule 412 so IOLTA accounts receive interest rates comparable to those that received on similar accounts within the financial institution. The Rule went into effect June 15, 2010. n Ongoing dialogue with banks assures that IOLTA accounts do receive interest rates that are fair and comparable. n Our Prime Partner program honors banks that go “above and beyond” by paying 0.75% or 75% of the Federal Funds Target rate – whichever is higher.

DOnOr DeveLOpment Keeping our eye on the goal: n With a generous gift from the late Rusty Weinberg of Sumter, we established The Weinberg Society – a planned giving society that positions SCBF as a nonprofit ready to serve Bar members who wish to leave financial legacies through the profession. n We continued to connect – at local Bar meetings in Greenville, Conway, Columbia and Charleston and with SCBF grantee Boards of Directors. We shared the good works done through your Bar’s charitable arm – encouraging lawyers to understand the link between the Foundation and people reached in your communities. n March 11, 2010 marked a day of celebration! SCBF’s 4th annual gala was attended by 300 guests. Proceeds exceeded $27,000 – almost three times the amount of proceeds generated the prior year. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 3, 2011 – our next gala. We have seen, this year and last, the true impact that attorney support makes in the lives of SCBF grantees. IOLTA revenues alone cannot sustain the work that is done. The ball is in your court – please join us because Together Every Attorney Matters.

George M. Hearn Jr. President FY 10

Toyya Brawley Gray President FY 11



These donors’ gifts to permanent Foundation funds, over the course of their lifetime, meet or exceed $10,000.

These donors’ gifts to permanent Foundation funds, over the course of their lifetime, are between $5,000 and $9,999.

Timothy W. Bouch

Stuart M. Andrews Jr.

James H. Rion Jr.

George B. Cauthen

Kenneth C. Anthony Jr.

Claude M. Scarborough Jr.

Karl A. Folkens

James G. Boyd

Richard W. Strobel

Jack D. Griffeth

Beverly A. Carroll

James A. Stuckey Jr.

J. Michelle Childs

Charles W. Surasky

Anne S. Ellefson

Robert Julian Thomas

F. Earl Ellis Jr.

Walter B. Todd Jr.

Robert W. Foster Sr.

Bradish J. Waring

Elaine H. Fowler

Thomas D. Waring

Elizabeth Van Doren Gray

J. Calhoun Watson

Attorneys Liability Protection Society

Sue Erwin Harper

Ethel E. Weinberg

Harold W. Jacobs

Robert S. Wells

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP

Lanneau Wm. Lambert Jr.

Michael J. Howell Steven C. Kirven Julian J. Nexsen A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr. Benoni O. Reynolds Robert P. Wilkins Sr.

Nexsen Pruet, LLC Richardson Patrick Westbrook & Brickman, LLC

Marcus A. Manos

SC Association for Justice

E. Windell McCrackin

Sowell Gray Stepp & Laffitte, LLC

David A. Merline Stephen G. Morrison

SC Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association

Dennis E. O'Neill

South Carolina Bar

G. Dewey Oxner Jr. Edward P. Perrin



These donors’ gifts total $1,000 to permanent Foundation funds over a one-year time period. Gifts are generally recognized for one calendar year after being paid in full. Donors who qualified for Society of Justice status at any point during fiscal year 2010 are included below.

Stuart M. Andrews Jr. Holly Saleeby Atkins Barbara G. Barton J. Edward Bell III Timothy W. Bouch Thomas L. Bruce Beverly A. Carroll George B. Cauthen J. Michelle Childs J. Frank Cummings III Anne S. Ellefson Karl A. Folkens Robert W. Foster Sr. Elaine H. Fowler William H. Gibbes Sr. R. Read Gignilliat Jack D. Griffeth John J. Hearn Kaye G. Hearn/ George M. Hearn Jr. Michael J. Howell Harold W. Jacobs W. Stephen Jones

Steven C. Kirven Lanneau Wm. Lambert Jr. Wallace K. Lightsey Andrea E. Loney Marcus A. Manos Walton J. McLeod III David A. Merline Dana C. Mitchell III Julian J. Nexsen Dennis E. O'Neill Alice F. Paylor Edward P. Perrin A. Marvin Quattlebaum Jr. Benoni O. Reynolds James H. Rion Jr. Susan C. Rosen Jennifer W. Rubin Shannon Willis Scruggs Mary E. Sharp David C. Shea James W. Sheedy James A. Stuckey Jr. Fred W. Suggs Jr.

Charles W. Surasky Bradish J. Waring J. Calhoun Watson Ethel E. Weinberg Carolina First Collins & Lacy, PC Columbia International University Robinson McFadden & Moore, PC South Carolina Bank & Trust South Carolina Bar SC Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association SC Chapter: American Board of Trial Advocates Southeastern Insurance Consultants, LLC Sowell Gray Stepp & Laffitte, LLC UBS Financial Services — The Gallivan Group



foundation patRons Foundation patrons are an important part of the team – helping reach our goals – dollar by dollar. Donor ability to designate a gift or to make a gift in tribute of a colleague makes the Foundation’s giving program ideal for those who wish to direct their gift to a specific source.

tRiBute gifts Tribute gifts are designed to honor a colleague today or memorialize them tomorrow. Donors who make tributes are listed, along with the honoree, in the Foundation Brief as well as SC Lawyer.

disaBled lawyeRs fund Donors may choose to designate their gift to the Disabled Lawyers Fund which is designed to assist colleagues unable to work due to accident or illness. Through collaboration with the Bar, the fund serves as loan assistance for lawyers who enter rehabilitation to cover treatment expenses or expenses related to maintaining his or her law practice.

childRen’s fund The Children’s Fund exists to support legal-related projects that improve the welfare of children.

BReweR fund Donors who direct funds to the Wilburn Brewer Memorial Professionalism Fund help support professionalism efforts of the Chief Justice’s Commission on the Profession.

young lawyeR legacy Are you a member of the YLD? If so, you can be a part of the Young Lawyer Legacy. For $300 (just $25 a month), young lawyers can become a part of this distinguished group who are committed to supporting the profession. Check out page six to learn about an exciting campaign! 6


J. Rutledge Patrons ($500–$999) James G. Boyd Mark W. Buyck Jr. Kathryn M. Cook William P. Crawford Frank L. Eppes Michael F. Gillen Toyya Brawley Gray Margaret R. Howell Thomas L. Hughston Jr. L. Henry McKellar Debbie S. Mollycheck Robert & Susan Rosen Carl L. Solomon Tiffany R. Spann-Wilder James R. Thompson Walter B. Todd Jr. Matthew Tyler John P. Wilson David M. Yokel Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch Barnes Alford Stork & Johnson, LLP Ellis Lawhorne & Sims, PA

J. Rutledge Patrons, continued

J.J. Wright Patrons, continued

Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA Hearn Brittain & Martin, PA McNair Law Firm, PA Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP Nexsen Pruet, LLC Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, PC Roberts Law Group Rosen Rosen & Hagood, LLC SC Women Lawyers Association

Glen A. Halva-Neubauer John E. Johnston W. Grady Jordan Jon René Josey Michael L. Kaplan Craig N. Killen Rebecca Laffitte LeRoy F. Laney E. Windell McCrackin Stephen R. McCrae Jr. John C. Moylan III Monet S. Pincus S. Venus Poe Jane M. Randall Philip C. Sessoms Thornwell F. Sowell III

J.J. Wright Patrons

Fred W. Suggs III William R. Thomson


Michael Watson

Pamela A. Baker

Robert S. Wells

Julia M. Bass

Robin F. Wheeler

Susan B. Berkowitz Nell H. Figge

Charleston County Bar Association

Tanya A. Gee/ Christopher R. Koon

Richland County Bar Association

C. Allen Gibson Jr.

Savage & Savage, PA

Paige Jones Gossett

SC Community Bank

Elizabeth Van Doren Gray

Wyche Burgess Freeman & Parham, PA

Robin S. Cromer

Steve C. Griffith Jr.

J.M. Perry Patrons ($100–$249) Marcia J. Alfaro Lee S. Alford John B. Allen Jr. George I. Alley Keith M. Babcock J. Rhodes Bailey Desa A. Ballard J. Michael Baxley Anne Frances Bleecker John M. Bleecker Jr. Glenn Bowers E. C. Burnett III M. Malissa Burnette Joseph O. Burroughs Jr. Herman S. Caldwell Jr. Joe Ann M. Calvy Joel W. Collins Jr. Jennifer I. Cooke G. Thomas Cooper Jr. Leslie A. Cotter Jr. Ruth W. Cupp Jean Burkins Cureton Robert H. Cureton Harry W. Davis Jr. Betty F. Dent Diane P. DeWitt Martha B. Dicus James B. Drennan III P. Michael Duffy Robert M. Ehrhorn Jr. Robert M. Erwin Jr. Anne B. Fant

Robert L. Felix Patricia M. Ferguson Cindy M. Floyd Harold F. Gallivan III Debra J. Gammons LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson Barry B. George Michael D. Glenn Perry H. Gravely Suzanne E. Groff Thomas D. Guest Jr. James S. Guignard Elliott T. Halio George V. Hanna IV James C. Hardin III Frederick L. Harris James H. Harrison James C. Harrison Jr. Alford Haselden Daniel W. Hayes Tressa T.H. Hayes Verne K. Heckel III A. Bea Hightower N. Bruce Holland David W. Holmes W. Charles Hood Jr. William E. Hopkins Jr. Michael P. Horger Robert R. Horger Charles E. Howard Richard A. Hricik Harry Huge LeRoy P. Hutchinson Wilmot B. Irvin Roger B. Jellenik

B. Henderson Johnson Jr. Matthew J. Kappel William W. Kehl Robert L. Kilgo Jr. J. Ernest Kinard Jr. H. Spencer King Howard P. King Grace G. Knie Thomas D. Langley Thomas J. Leclair Leigh J. Leventis Melinda Davis Lux Angus H. Macaulay Jr. Robert F. Masters C. Gordon McBride Eugene C. McCall Jr. Francis X. McCann W. Clarkson McDow Jr. Joseph T. McElveen Jr. Angela G. McIver Joseph S. Mendelsohn Sandra L. Miller Michael F. Mullinax Danny H. Mullis Everette H. Newman Julian J. Nexsen Jr. G. Dewey Oxner Jr. Sandra R. Parise Dwight F. Patterson Jr. Catherine Dare Perry Patricia S. Ravenhorst Matthew T. Richardson Marion S. Riggs Angela H. Robinson Abigail R. Rogers

H. Hugh Rogers Richard S. Rosen Susan Lyons Rowe Stephen T. Savitz G. D. Seay Jr. Johnny Simpson C. Diane Smock Von P. Snelgrove H. Michael Spivey William P. Steele Jr. Michael Stegner Jennie L. Stephens Angela R. Taylor Harold P. Threlkeld Robert J. Tinsley William L. Todd Thomas Trent Donna K. Tribble Flo Lester Vinson Johnnie M. Walters Frances Ricci Land Welch Robert W. Whitesides Sr. Kathryn Williams C. Thomas Wyche Walter J. Wylie Robert L. Wynn III Berry Quackenbush & Stuart, PA Bryan Law Firm, LLP Howard Howard Francis & Reid, LLP Land Parker & Welch, PA Scott Law Firm, PA

The Foundation is committed to complete and correct donor listings. If an error has been made, we apologize and ask that you contact Dee Sanders ( so that we may correct the listing.



Each One Reach One through the Young Lawyers Division


But why shOuLD the yLD care

aBOut the sOuth carOLina Bar


yOu ask.

As the charitable arm of the Bar, the Foundation supports organizations that advance justice by improving access, education and accountability. These grantees represent many young lawyer passions and interests. It is also vital that we continue to develop a culture of philanthropy through the Bar’s charitable arm. Through the Each One Reach One campaign, young lawyers are asked to contribute $25 per month for 12 months and to secure the participation of a colleague. The Foundation will give 25 percent of campaign receipts to the YLD to support Children's Chance, Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands, Special Olympics and The Cooperative Ministry. We are grateful to those who have suited up and joined the team. Are YOU next on deck? Tanya A. Gee

S. Venus Poe

Tina N. Herbert

Rebecca A. Roser

Margaret R. Howell

Tiffany Spann-Wilder

Christopher R. Koon

Thad Westbrook

Amy Landers May Ashley A. McMahan Floyd S. “Trey” Mills III Peter B. Murphy Samia H. and C. Tyson Nettles 8


Other Supporters ($25–$99) James C. Alexander Richard K. Allen Jr. Jonathan S. Altman Samuel H. Altman Johnnie Virginia Anderson Kenneth C. Anthony Jr. Nancy H. Bailey Townsend M. Belser Jr. Joe E. Berry Jr. J. Steedley Bogan David S. Bowers John J. Bowers William C. Boyd Robin A. Braithwaite William A. Bryan James D. Callahan Peter F. Carroll Eugene J. Carron Lisa M. Carver J. Joseph Condon Jr. Robert H. Cooper Reginald P. Corley Joseph R. Cross Jr. Margaret S. Day Richard E. Day Emma T. Dean Robert V. DeMarco Armand G. Derfner Henry S. Duffee P. M. DuPree Charles P. Edwards Tommy B. Edwards Samuel L. Finklea III David L. Freeman Henrietta Gill Charles S. Goldberg Jr. Kenneth J. Hagreen Mollie J. Halle Llewellyn H. Hames

Steven W. Hamm Randall L. Hartman Peter L. Hearn Sr. Brian A. Hellman Mary P. Hewlette H. E. Hudson Jacob H. Jennings I.S. Leevy Johnson Nathan Kaminski Jr. Walter R. Kaufmann George H. Kearse J. Morgan Kearse Robert C. Lake Jr. Brett L. Lamb Talley A. Lattimore Tyre D. Lee Jr. Robert B. Lewis J. M. Long III Thomas E. Marsh John O. McDougall Thomas F. McDow George M. McFaddin Jr. Deena S. McRackan Kenneth E. Merriman Henry J. Mims Juliette B. Mims Kirby R. Mitchell Forrest T. Nettles II Mozella Nicholson Kelly L. O’Brien Greg Ohanesian Robert C. Peithman LeRoy Pendleton Elizabeth H. Philpot Eric H. Philpot I. H. Philpot Jr. Irvin H. Philpot III Costa M. Pleicones Timothy H. Pogue Gary W. Poliakoff

R. Brian Ponder Frank A. Rainwater Kathleen A. Randall Charles B. Ridley Jr. Robert E. Rigway Jr. William F. Robertson III C. Joseph Roof Teressa H. Salane Steven L. Satter Halsey Overton Schreier Charles R. Sheppard Marcia Powell Shew Harry F. Smithson Ellen M. Snowber-Marini H. Samuel Stilwell Henry S. Sullivan III K. Douglas Thornton Jane W. Trinkley Karen Marie Utter John E. Waites Robin S. Waites Andrew B. Walker Thomas W. Weeks C. Alice Whitesides E. W. Whittington Jr. Amanda F. Whittle D. P. Wilborn Jr. Richard P. Wilson William M. Wilson III Carrington Salley Baker Wingard David W. Wolf Robert P. Wolf ALPS Louthian Law Firm, PA Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC

the duRant legacy David W. Robinson, 1980 2009 DuRant Distinguished Public Service Award

Walton J. McLeod Jr., 1981 Robert M. Figg Jr., 1982


Thomas H. Pope, 1983

Annually, the Bar Foundation heralds an individual as the DuRant Distinguished Public

J.D. Todd Jr., 1984

Service Award recipient. Honorees are nominated and selected by their professional peers,

Hugh L. Willcox, 1985

establishing this recognition as one of the most prestigious statewide award that members

C. Bruce Littlejohn, 1986

of the Bar can bestow on a fellow attorney. Selection criteria include meritorious service to

Heyward E. McDonald, 1987

the law and the community. Eligibility is limited to living members of the South Carolina Bar.

Charles W. Knowlton, 1988

Sitting judges and current public office holders are not eligible; however, past service in

E.P. “Ted” Riley, 1989

such positions may be considered. The award recipient is honored at the Bar Convention.

Augustine T. Smythe, 1990 Harry M. Lightsey, 1991 Terrell L. Glenn, 1992

G. Dewey Oxner Jr., a noted trial attorney and Shareholder Emeritus of Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A., received the 2009 award on Friday, January 22, 2010, at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

A. Frank Lever, 1993 Morris D. Rosen, 1994 Ellen Hines Smith, 1995 Claude M. Scarborough Jr., 1996

USC School of Law, Washington & Lee

Julius W. McKay, 1997

SC Bar President (2000)

A. Lee Chandler, 1998

Senior Lawyers Division President (2008)

I.S. Leevy Johnson, 1999 William L. Pope, 2000 H. Simmons Tate Jr., 2001 Joseph H. McGee, 2002 Alex M. Sanders Jr., 2003 Eugene N. “Nick” Zeigler Jr., 2004 Ernest A. Finney Jr., 2005 Leo H. Hill, 2005

Leadership: Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism (Co-Chair), SC Defense Trial Attorneys Association (President), American College of Trial Lawyers (State Chairman), Greenville County Bar Association (President), American Board of Trial Advocacy (SC Chapter President), Defense Research Institute (Board Member and Treasurer)

Community: Lawyers Division of United Way, Faith Memorial Chapel in Cedar Mountain (Chair, Board of Trustees) Membership: American Bar Foundation, International Association of Defense Counsel, Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel, Association of Defense Trial Attorneys, US District Court Advisory Committee

Awards: SC Defense Trial Attorneys Robert W. Hemphill Award, USC Compleat Lawyers’ Award, Tommy Thomason Award, Jeter E. Rhodes Jr. Trial Lawyer of the Year Award

Julian J. Nexsen, 2006 B. Henderson Johnson Jr., 2007 David L. Freeman, 2008 DURANT DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD


2010 G rant Cy cle

Civil Le gal Ser vices Center for Hei rs’ Prop $ 1,887,4 Citizen erty Pre 07 s Oppo s e r vation sed to n9 $ Domes Crisis M ,7 0 7 5 , 414 tic Abu inistrie r eceive 0 low incom s e s $ d civil LowCou 35,256 legal s e South Caro ntry Le n Ju ervices linians s g t a u l n $ Aid der 35 SC App 6 w 5 o , 0 m 00 0 leseed en wer Legal J e aided homeless m $ nM SC Bar ustice e 5 in thei 0 , o 000 re than Center Pro Bon r time n and 5 r o o e $ , 5 f need P a r c o 0 hed th gram SC Leg 150,00 rough 0 students al Serv 0 i n i t i a l aw rela w tives ices $ ted ed ere Sisterc 90,487 n1 ucation are , 4 9 $ 1,400,0 help th 4 children 00 an ough a mediat guardi d 618 fam $ Admini o an, vol i r 2 1 ,250 stratio unteer lies got nM n of Ju o o r r e Richlan stice from a than 3,84 0 d Coun clinic o ty CASA $ Law in r phon people bene 378,41 n Gr fited e bank Action 4 antees saved $ in jail h The Na $ 1 0 1 ,000 ousing tional J costs .1 miLLiO udicial nM $ a SC Acc n d C e 15,000 ollege ess to $6 04 it possible fo Justice rc ,000 i $ SC Bar Commi 10,280 n wage lients to gen n La ssion Pro Bon w s erate y e o Ask-A $ SC Cen citizen rs, judges a 86,700 -Lawye ter for n s r Fathers service who partici d other enga $ Upstat p & Fam g s total 8 2 , 0 4 e Medi 1 ilies ed app ated in grant ed ation C r e oximat e $ enter USC Ch 88,040 ely 2,6 ildren’s 00 Law Ce $ nter 20,000 Law Re $ lated E 66,353 d u c ation SC Bar Law Re lated E $ SC YMC 326,27 ducatio A Youth 1 n i $ n G overnm USC Pr 2 7 3 ,571 o Bono ent Program $ 15,000 $ 37,700

2010 S tats


grantee success stories team


SC Legal Services

Harriet works very hard to be the best certified nurse aide (CNA) possible. Her dedication resulted in her being named the CNA of the Year at the facility where she worked. One day, a female resident she was caring for with severe dementia began complaining of being hot and yelled that she was on fire. Harriet knew that the resident often had delusions of being in a fire, so she took a cup of cool water, dipped her fingers in the water and massaged the back of the resident’s neck. Another CNA, however, went to Harriet’s supervisor and indicated that she threw water at the patient. The Department of Health and Environmental Control investigated and decided to place Harriet on the abuse registry. Placement on the registry would ban Harriet from working as a nurse aide in any Medicaid-funded facility. SC Legal Services (SCLS) took Harriet’s case after determining that she qualified as low-income. The advocate challenged Harriet’s placement on the registry. At the hearing, two relatives of the dementia patient actually testified to the high degree of care and compassion they’d witnessed Harriet provide in the past. On crossexamination, the complaining witness recanted much of her previous statement. The hearing officer found that Harriet had not engaged in abuse. As a result of SCLS’s involvement, Harriet can continue to work in her profession.



Upstate Mediation Center

Bobbie and Andrew, two young parents of three-year-old Anais, were disputing visitation rights. Bobbie wanted to have the visitation extremely limited and supervised as she claimed that Andrew had anger issues. Feeling the great tension between the two parties, the mediator decided to begin the discussions with the parents in separate rooms. Andrew started with a very uncooperative attitude. He later admitted feeling as though he was starting behind the eight ball — that a mediator immediately would side with Bobbie. As negotiations progressed, he softened his stance. Bobbie and Andrew eventually met together. Andrew expressed his sincere desire to see Anais on a regular basis. The parents then worked together to draft a visitation plan that met each of their specific needs.





Youth in Government

Through a grant to the SC YMCA Youth in Government Program (YIG), students at Title I schools are given the opportunity to participate in one of several Model Legislature and Court conferences. In the 2010 grant cycle, three new Title I Schools were recruited and 222 students received scholarship assistance. One participant had this to say, “I’ve always been pretty eccentric and I used to get ridiculed a lot for that. But in YIG, my eccentric nature was viewed as creativity. I learned that clichés are clichés for a reason. Phrases like ‘carpe diem’ and ‘trust yourself’ were things I said, but never felt. YIG gave all of those words meaning.”


At 47 years of age, the last place Linda thought she would find herself was on the doorstep of a shelter, however, she had nowhere to turn when her husband of many years became violent. He held a job with an important title and, as such, Linda felt rather helpless. Sistercare’s attorney guided Linda through multiple Family Court hearings. She was granted an Order of Protection because he was stalking and harassing her. Linda still has some issues to resolve, but she is being aided by the team at Sistercare. Most importantly, she is safe from her husband’s abuse. She also is utilizing the Counseling and Permanent Housing services offered at Sistercare.

For more details on grantee successes, visit GRANTEE SUCCESS STORIES YOUNG LAWYERS


Photo credits: RIM Photography

H H H thank yOu tO Our spOnsOrs! H H H H H

event sustainer presenting the Nifty Fifty of the South Carolina Bar

Collins and Lacy, PC

gold sponsor South Carolina Chapter, American Board of Trial Advocates

Bronze sponsors

Carolina First Bank n South Carolina Bank & Trust n Southeastern Insurance Consultants, LLC n UBS Financial Services – The Gallivan Group n Wyche Burgess Freeman & Parham, PA 12 GALA 2010

table sponsors Ellis Lawhorne & Sims, PA n Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, PA n Hearn Brittain & Martin, PA n K&L Gates, LLP n McNair Law Firm, PA n Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP n Nexsen Pruet, LLC n Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, PC n Robert and Susan Gala 2011 Rosen n South Carolina Bar n South Carolina Legal Services n Sowell Gray Stepp & Laffitte, LLC n Willcox Buyck & Williams Law Firm other supporters Bank of America Merrill Lynch n Columbia Printing & Graphics n Crescendo Advertising n PrintSouth Printing Inc. n Senior Lawyers Division n Trevett’s Mailing Service

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South Carolina Bar Foundation, Inc. Statement of Financial Position For the year ended June 30, 2010

South Carolina Bar Foundation, Inc. Statement of Activities For the year ended June 30, 2010

ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents Investments Accrued Interest Receivable Pledges Receivable Prepaids and Other Assets Furniture and Fixtures, Net TOTAL ASSETS


LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts Payable & Accrued Vacation NET ASSETS General Fund IOLTA Endowment Fund Foundation Fund TOTAL UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Unauthorized Practice of Law Fund Brent Reception Children’s Fund Disabled Lawyers Fund Historical Society Goldberg Scholarship Indigent Civil Defense Program Ness-Blatt Loan Repayment Wilburn Brewer Fund TOTAL TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS







823,046 6,932,281 156,832 3,418 12,601 6,434 7,934,612


1,334,287 2,965,265 3,204,748 7,504,300

13,502 7,601 50,824 100,261 35,805 3,694 116,782 8,504 60,507 397,480









2,401,765 420,196 2,821,961





7,933 127,612 315 (385,146)




(918,807) $




888,984 51,587 940,571 2,152,440


Net Assets at Beginning of Year $

1,015,568 196,301 1,211,869




IOLTA grants awarded in one fiscal year are based on IOLTA income from the prior fiscal year.



GivinG fOrm

the weinBerG sOciety

Name: Address: CITY





Gift Amount: $ ________ (please make checks payable to SC Bar Foundation) Designation (choose one): o I have included o Apply my gift where it is needed most. the Bar Foundation o Children’s Fund in my will. o Disabled Lawyers Fund o Brewer Professionalism Fund o Young Lawyer Legacy ($300 gift; member of YLD) o Tribute Gift in honor/memory (circle one) of: Name: CITY


In December 2009, the Bar Foundation received a generous gift from the estate of Rusty Weinberg Jr. of Sumter. In his honor, the Foundation has established The Weinberg Society. The Society listing will include those individuals who have made planned gifts in excess of $10,000 to the Bar Foundation or those who have made a bequest. In addition to being one of the simplest ways to distribute your estate, your will can be a superb vehicle through which to make charitable gifts to the SC Bar Foundation. The Foundation can be named as a beneficiary through a will or an amendment to the will. Estate Gifts M. M. “Rusty” Weinberg Jr. Bequests Anonymous (multiple) Shannon Willis Scruggs Robert S. Wells Sample language that can be used to include the Bar Foundation in your will is below. Additional language can be found at I give $xxx to the South Carolina Bar Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit corporation qualified under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, located in Columbia, South Carolina, to be used for its exempt purposes.

o Check here if honoree is a member of the Bar. GIFT LEVELS:


1,000 500 – $999 $ 250 – $499 $ 100 – $249 $


Society of Justice Rutledge Patron Wright Patron JM Perry Patron



300 Young Lawyer Legacy


A donor’s cumulative gifts to permanent Foundation funds over his or her lifetime also are recognized at the $5,000 and $10,000 levels through the Liberty and Justice Legacies.

You should always consult with your attorney when drawing up or revising your will to ensure that your intentions are carried out properly. If you do include the Foundation in your will, please consider letting us know so that your gift can encourage others.

Want to give on-line? Visit and click on the “donate now” button.

interest On Lawyer trust accOunts (iOLta) prOGram on behalf of the legal community, we thank our prime partners Prime Partners go above and beyond eligibility requirements to foster the IOLTA Program. These institutions pay an interest rate, net of allowable reasonable fees, that is equal to the higher of 75% of the Federal Funds Target Rate or 0.75%.

Bank of Anderson BNC Bank Capital Bank First National Bank of the South (NAFA) Pickens Savings & Loan Southcoast Community Bank If your bank is not already a Prime Partner, you can encourage them to become one today! we also thank our Benchmark Banks The IOLTA Rule also allows eligible financial institutions to apply a benchmark rate, net of allowable reasonable fees, that is equal to the higher of 65% of the Federal Funds Target Rate or 0.65%. American Community Bank

Congaree State Bank


Arthur State Bank

Cornerstone National Bank

Palmetto Heritage Bank & Trust

Atlantic Bank & Trust

The Exchange Bank of South Carolina

Sandhills Bank

Bank of Clarendon

First Federal of Charleston

Savannah River Banking Company

Bank of Greeleyville

First Reliance Bank

South Carolina Bank & Trust

Bank of Travelers Rest

Greer State Bank

Southern Bank & Trust

BankMeridian, NA

Harbor National Bank

Southern First Bank

Carolina Alliance Bank

Heritage Community Bank

Tidelands Bank

Coastal Carolina National Bank

Horry County State Bank

Waccamaw Bank

CoastalStates Bank

Independence National Bank

For a list of other institutions that have also been certified as eligible to hold IOLTA funds, please visit our website.

COACHING STAFF: Shannon Willis Scruggs, Executive Director | Dee I. Sanders, Financial/Office Manager Vacant, Program Associate | Juliana M. Sobey, Records Administrator To join the team, contact us at (803) 765-0517 or visit

SC Bar Foundation PO Box 608 Columbia, SC 29202

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SCBF Annual Report FY 10  
SCBF Annual Report FY 10  

annual report