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tax law The firm offers a wide spectrum of top quality tax law services

to domestic and foreign companies in the sectors of industry,

state and municipal levels, including in relation to social

commerce, service, finance, investment and agribusiness. Our


tax practice encompasses all areas of advisory service and representation on a wide range of tax issues pertaining to

Drafting defenses and administrative remedies at federal,

Sponsoring legal theories in the tax area and defense

against undue tax liabilities in tax court.

duties and federal, state and municipal taxations, including: ■

The interpretation and application of tax legislation

ruling direct and indirect taxes and other types of contributions; ■

Periodic review of tax procedures and ancillary obligations

The firm’s expertise is recognized and ranked by the International Tax Review, an important international publication that covers the main tax law practices in all countries. Below is a representative list of our practice area’s clients and some of the major engagements that we advised on.

of companies, services designed for creating tax saving; ■

Crafting domestic and international investment structures

in all areas of business including in the real estate, financial and capital markets; ■

Domestic and international tax planning;

Corporate restructuring and in merger and acquisition

transactions; ■

Application of transfer pricing rules;

Tax recovery and compensation;

Drafting of tax enquiries for submission to public

agencies; ■

Obtaining and making the best use of tax incentives

and special tax regimes; ■

Advice regarding import and export taxes as well as

customs regulations; ■

The following are some of the principal clients that the office advises in relation to tax matters: EDP - Energias do Brasil, AES, Nortel, Lafarge, Advent Internacional, Bunge, Mossi & Ghisolfi, Publicar, Votorantim Novos Negócios, Datasul, Hypermarcas, Even, Tivit, Energisa, Copasa, Boehringer. Corporate Restructuring ■

AES - Uruguaiana ■

Structuring project finance operations in the areas

electric power sector

Personal income tax including for foreigners and

programs in the area of mergers and acquisitions and capital markets;

Advising Grupo EDP - Energias do Brasil in the restructuring of its operations in the deverticalization process of Brazil’s


succession planning; Review of tax contingencies identified in due diligence

Advising Brasiliana Energia in the corporate restructuring of its controlled companies AES- Eletropaulo, AES - Tietê and

infrastructure in general;

Corporate restructuring involving the incorporation of the assets of Bunge Fertilizantes by Fosfértil

of power, oil and gas, telecommunications and

Advising Votorantim Novos Negócios in the merger of Tivit Tecnologia and Telefutura Telemarketing

Implementation of new operations, industrial

projects and formation of joint ventures; ■

Principal Clients

Acquisition of DM Farmacêutica by Hypermarcas S/A

Acquisition of Expresso Mercúrio by TNT Express

Sale of Banco BGN to BNP Paribas

Sale of Banco Cacique to Banco Sociéte Genéralé

Sale of Atacadão to Carrefour Structured Finance Projects

Advising Petrobras in the structured finance operation for financing P-53 platform

Advising in the structured finance operation for building the Urucu-Manaus gas pipeline

Advising Enelpower in the TSN Project for building power transmission lines Capital Markets

Cosan Ltd. - Public Offering of Brazilian Depository Receipts BDRs (Certificado de Depósito de Ações)

General Shopping Brasil S.A. - Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Metalfrio Solutions S.A. - Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Klabin Segall - Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Cosan S.A. Indústria e Comércio - Initial Public Offering (IPO)

EDP - Energias do Brasil S.A. - Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Sistema Cataguazes-Leopoldina - Direct Credit Investment Fund (Fundo de Investimento em Direitos Creditórios - FIDC) Implementation of Industrial Plants

Advising on the implementation of the Vega do Sul industrial plant owned by ArcelorMittal.

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■ Structuring project finance operations in the areas of power, oil and gas, telecommunications and ■ The interpretation and application of...