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ADMINISTRATIVE LAW The Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages in South Carolina John D. Geathers Justin R. Werner

South Carolina’s regulation of the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages does not solely affect the liquor industry, but touches upon the operations of countless businesses that engage in the commerce of alcoholic beverages in some way, from retail businesses such as grocery stores and convenience markets to hospitality businesses such as restaurants and hotels. And, beyond the licensed businesses, these laws have implications not only for those individuals who seek to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages, but also for any person who might be affected by the operations of a licensed business, including nearby residents, members of a local church, or parents of children who attend a nearby school. Yet, despite the importance of this regulatory scheme to so many facets of life in South Carolina, the state’s regulation of alcoholic beverages remains somewhat enigmatic, found in a tangle of statutory and regulatory provisions that are rife with confusing nuances and confounding euphemisms. The Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages in South Carolina is a comprehensive legal treatise that demystifies this administrative regulatory scheme for both the practitioner and the layperson alike. The treatise provides a scholarly, yet practical, treatment of South Carolina’s regulation of alcoholic beverages that, among other things, describes the basic federal, state, and local legal framework under which these beverages are regulated, details the various types of permits and licenses that are required to engage in the commerce of alcoholic beverages, and delineates the process of applying for those permits and licenses with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, and, if necessary, litigating matters related to those permits and licenses before the South Carolina Administrative Law Court. 2007 Edition


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CONSUMER LAW South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, Fourth Edition 2001 and 2006 Cumulative Supplement Kathleen G. Smith

The South Carolina Consumer Protection Code, Fourth Edition, brings you up to date with all legislative and regulatory changes through 2001, as well as providing analysis of legislation and Federal and State appellate cases interpreting the Code. The Fourth Edition has been updated with a 2006 Cumulative Supplement. The South Carolina General Assembly amended the Consumer Protection Code at the end of the 2006 session by substantially amending Chapter 17 dealing with Discount Medical Plan Organizations. In addition, certain dollar amounts in the Consumer Protection Code were automatically increased effective July 1, 2006, due to changes in the Consumer Price Index. Also, the Department of Consumer Affairs issued regulations relating to Consumer Credit Counseling provisions which were added in 2005. The 2006 Cumulative Supplement contains earlier changes as well, including Chapter 23 titled “High-Cost and Consumer Home Loans,” a provision regulating title lending, sections requiring manufactured home disclosures, amended delinquency charge sections, increased fees payable by creditors for notification and maximum rate filing, changes to Chapter 6 involving Consumer Advocacy, a new chapter on dispensing of contact lenses, and changes in procedure involving the Administrative Law Court. Whether you represent creditors or debtors, or you are a member of the regulated community, you need this practical and handy hardcover reference manual. 2001 Edition with 2006 Supplement #528

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2006 Cumulative Supplement only #528S

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CORPORATE & BUSINESS LAW South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual, Second Edition Professor Gregory B. Adams Joseph D. Clark Professor Brant J. Hellwig

Professor James R. Burkhard Sherwood M. Cleveland David A. Merline Jr.

The South Carolina Corporate Practice Manual, Second Edition is a comprehensive and practical handbook designed for both the general practitioner and corporate specialist. This handy resource tracks the entire process of forming and operating most types of corporate entities. Fully updated since the First Edition, the book includes practical instructions on advising clients about selecting the correct corporate entity, choosing and protecting the corporate name, corporate finance and control, and securities. Model articles, bylaws, resolutions, minutes, and other forms are included on CD. 2005 Edition


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CRIMINAL LAW Computer and Intellectual Property Crimes

E. Bart Daniel Matthew R. Hubbell Miller W. Shealy Jr.

This powerful publication, Computer and Intellectual Property Crimes, was written in response to the explosive legislative changes which took place and the increased law enforcement effort in the form of aggressive government techniques such as wiretaps, search warrants and grand jury investigations. This practical, scholarly, and authoritative volume addresses multi-agency investigations, newly enacted statutes, and federal and state prosecutions. The authors expertly and comprehensively analyze the wide spectrum of issues which arise in the computer and intellectual property criminal arena. They also provide web site listings ranging from the Department of Justice, Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS), to the South Carolina Computer Crime Center (which has been hailed by F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller as a state-of-the-art model


for other computer crime centers throughout the country). These sites contain helpful information, serve as starting points for research and referral, and include links to dozens of related sites touching virtually every aspect of computer and intellectual property law that a practitioner might find useful. 2003 Edition


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Drug Litigation in South Carolina, Second Edition Melanie McCulley Yenovkian

Drug Litigation in South Carolina, Second Edition is a comprehensive treatise analyzing South Carolina drug crimes and related issues in a scholarly, balanced, and practical manner. The book covers virtually every aspect of South Carolina drug prosecution and defense with analysis of the statutory and case law changes that have occurred since publication of the first edition in 1999. The heavily annotated 596-page Second Edition contains a survey of Fourth Amendment search and seizure jurisprudence, as well as in-depth coverage of the substantive law of controlled substance offenses as set forth in Title 44 of the South Carolina Code and as interpreted by the South Carolina appellate courts. Related statutory provisions are also addressed. Helpful “Practice Tips,� including rules of law, reversible error, and PCR flags preface each chapter. Statutory provisions relevant to controlled substance litigation are included as appendices. The practical appendices also include the SC Drug Code, SC Rules of Criminal Procedure, SLED Regulations, the State Grand Jury System, PTI, the Youthful Offender Act, a schedule of common controlled substances, and sentencing charts sorted by offense section, offense name and classification. This indispensable volume also includes a convenient Table of Authorities, a glossary of drug terms, and an Index. 2003 Edition


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South Carolina Traffic Lawyers’ Tool Kit Ronnie M. Cole Candice K. Lapham

James B. Huff Haley C. Jones, Editor

This book is just what its name implies: a handy, user-friendly handbook that enables the user to quickly reference various areas of traffic law.

The South Carolina Traffic Lawyers’ Tool Kit was designed for busy practitioners, prosecutors and law enforcement officers and is a short and concise manual with an easy-to-use tabbing system so that you can directly target your topic area of interest. The South Carolina Traffic Lawyers’ Tool Kit includes 23 separate sections outlining areas such as DUI Law, DUAC Law, Discovery Checklists, Field Sobriety Testing Checklists, Prosecution Checklists, Evidence Objections, Administrative Hearing Information, Suspension Information, and much, much more! This spiral bound book is affordable and durable. If you practice in the area of traffic law, this book will save both your time and efforts. Most importantly, it will better prepare you for trial whether as a defense attorney, prosecutor or law enforcement officer. 2006 Edition


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ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Environmental Law in South Carolina, Second Edition Bradford W. Wyche and Samuel L. Finklea III Contributing authors: Phillip L. Conner Mary D. Shahid

Buford S. Mabry Jr. W. Marshall Taylor, Jr.

Whether you practice in the public or private sector, whether you handle administrative, personal injury, property damage, insurance or construction litigation, whether you concentrate on real estate closings or litigation (residential or commercial), or whether you represent businesses or individuals, Environmental Law in South Carolina, Second Edition is a resource you need on your shelf. Written and edited by some of South Carolina’s preeminent environmental law practitioners representing government, business, academics, plaintiffs and defendants, this practical, easy-to-understand manual

Eugene C. McCall Jr.

takes the mystery out of this complex and pervasive area of law. The authors have gone to great pains to distill the essence of South Carolina environmental law and present it in such a way that every South Carolina practitioner will find this book useful, practical and easy to read and understand. Also, with the purchase of this publication, you will receive a 2006 Supplement updating sections of Chapter 8: Administrative Practice and Procedure. 2006 Edition


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EVIDENCE Electronic Discovery and Evidence, 2006-2007 Edition Michael R. Arkfeld Published by Law Partner Publishing Copyright 2006-2007

This edition includes the new e-discovery Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, effective December 1, 2006, setting forth the pending rules, committee notes and a commentary for each rule.

South Carolina Evidence Handbook Annotated, 2005 Edition Justin S. Kahn

South Carolina Evidence Handbook Annotated, 2005 is the perfect trial handbook for every evidence question that could arise in any civil or criminal case. Like his celebrated South Carolina Rules of Procedure Annotated, this handbook of practical information by author Justin Kahn puts at your fingertips the rules, case law, and statutes that govern the introduction and use of evidence in Common Pleas and General Sessions courts. With more than 300 pages, this important book includes the full text of the South Carolina Rules of Evidence (with Official Comments), over 275 case annotations current through March 2005, a comparison of the South Carolina Rules of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence, selected South Carolina evidentiary statutes, selected South Carolina constitutional provisions, and relevant South Carolina Rules of Procedure. If you are going to try a case this year, you simply cannot afford to be without this handy and practical one-stop guide to evidence law in South Carolina.

This 2006-2007 edition will update you on the latest case law and procedural developments concerning electronic evidence. Besides the significant addition for the pending federal rules, the new edition enlarges the analysis concerning search protocol and certification as well as the numerous federal directives requiring counsel to proactively identify and preserve responsive electronic data. Answers on how to discover, produce and admit electronic evidence to avoid ethical problems and court sanctions can be found in this latest edition. The book addresses every aspect of this process including electronic information storage, outside expert assistance, the inherent benefits of electronic formats, as well as the laws and procedures for admitting evidence in your case. This leading treatise has been purchased by more than 1400 of the top law firms, corporations, service bureaus, government organizations, courts and law libraries in the country. Of special note, the treatise has become the textbook of choice for law schools and is provided online for the SEC’s enforcement unit. Summary of Contents: • Electronic Information in Litigation • Creation and Storage of Electronic Information • Structure and Type of Electronic Information • Computer Forensics, Experts and Service Bureaus • Collecting, Processing and Searching Electronic Information • Discovery and Production Process • Court Procedural Rules and Case Law • Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

The South Carolina Family Lawyers’ Tool Kit, 2003 Edition is just what its name implies: a practical handbook containing a quick reference for the family law trial attorney. The South Carolina Family Lawyers’ Tool Kit, 2003 Edition was designed by and for the busy practitioner. It is short and concise with each set of trial questions contained on easy-to-read single pages so that you can focus on listening to your witness − not on flipping pages to find your next question. The Family Lawyers’ Tool Kit, also contains a guide to non-testimonial trial objections, evidentiary objections, evidentiary foundations and the expert opinion witness rule. As an added bonus, each book purchase comes with the complete text on CD.

2006-2007 Edition

2003 Edition (with CD)



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2005 Edition


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FAMILY LAW South Carolina Family Lawyers’ Tool Kit Created and written by the 2002-2003 SC Bar Family Law Section Council


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HEALTH LAW Health Care Fraud & Collateral Consequences E. Bart Daniel Scott N. Schools

Health care has become a trillion dollar industry and since the late 1990’s, the government has recognized serious problems of fraud and has taken a more aggressive approach. Today, federal and state agencies are working with intermediaries to vigorously pursue and prosecute those who abuse the system. This CLE publication is in response to the increased enforcement in the form of aggressive government techniques. It

J. Brady Hair Derk Van Raalte

addresses multi-agency investigations, prosecutions, and ultimately often devastating collateral consequences such as forfeitures and exclusion. This book should also assist health care counsel who work to provide safe harbors for their clients, as well as those who are actively involved in the medical field. 2000 Edition


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INSURANCE The Law of Automobile Insurance in South Carolina, Fifth Edition with SC Auto Insurance Litigation Forms on CD Burnet R. Maybank, III Vernon R. Sumwalt, Jr.

Lee P. Jedziniak Elizabeth Scott Moise

Completely updated and revised from the Fourth Edition, this book is the standard reference on all matters related to automobile insurance in South Carolina. This book not only compiles and analyzes all case law changes, but it also includes a statutory liens chapter and coverage of South Carolina’s auto insurance statutory scheme. Balanced and comprehensive, The Law of Automobile Insurance in South Carolina, Fifth Edition, is the product of a unique collaboration of plaintiff and defense attorneys, government regulators, and representatives of the auto insurance industry. In addition to The Law of Automobile Insurance in South Carolina, Fifth Edition, now you can get more out of your auto insurance litigation practice with South Carolina Auto Insurance Litigation Forms on CD. Whether you use Word or

Gwendolyn L. Fuller Eugene C. Covington, Jr.

WordPerfect, this easy-to-use software package gives you instant access and the convenience of flexibility of thirty-nine South Carolina-specific auto insurance litigation forms. Developed by LegalSync, LLC, this great system stores case specific information and automatically merges case data with the selected form. You can create your own merge documents using the stored case data. No other outside applications are required. For more information on the CD, or to discuss your other law office document management or software needs, contact Keith Mosher at LegalSync by calling 803-2385083 or toll free at 877-847-6792. You can also visit LegalSync on the web at 2002 Edition, w/forms on CD


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LEGAL ETHICS Annotated South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct 2005 Professor Nathan M. Crystal Professor Robert M. Wilcox

In 2005, the South Carolina Supreme Court adopted the first comprehensive set of revisions to the South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct since 1990. The Annotated South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct 2005 is designed to give busy practitioners quick, accurate, and inexpensive access to every important issue arising under the revised South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct. This practical, soft-cover volume contains the revised Rules of Professional Conduct and is thoroughly annotated with relevant case law and Ethics Advisory Opinions. There is also a comprehensive index, comparisons to the Model Rules, and many handy cross-references. Best of all, the authors have designed an Internet Web site devoted solely to keeping subscribers completely current on the latest ethics developments covered by the book. The Web site includes a quick view of the book’s table of contents, a special “update” section, and information on how to order the book from the CLE Division and how to directly contact Professors Crystal and Wilcox. You can visit the Web site at or by linking to it from the SC Bar’s Web site at 2005 Edition


certification and notice to the class, as well as the requirements of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 and other recent legislative developments. 2005 Edition


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South Carolina Damages Edited by Terry E. Richardson Jr. Daniel S. Haltiwanger

South Carolina Damages is the only book of its kind in South Carolina and is co-authored by more than fifty of South Carolina’s most outstanding judges, attorneys, and law professors. Written with the practicing attorney in mind, this twovolume book will provide practical and scholarly insights and coverage of virtually every important aspect of damages law in South Carolina. Covering not only the theory and policy behind damages law, the book also includes comprehensive discussion and analysis of compensatory damages in personal injury and property torts, contract damages, and punitive damages, but also more than thirty individual chapters on everything from damages in anti-trust and automobile wreck cases to wrongful death and wrongful discharge and virtually everything in between! Truly, this is a book that every South Carolina attorney, whether plaintiff or defense, should have on his or her shelf. 2004 Edition

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Lewis & Sullivan on Class Actions A. Camden Lewis Michael G. Sullivan with the assistance of Ariail E. King

This book is intended to be an overview on class actions in South Carolina. The primary purpose of the book is to help the general practitioner deal with a potential class action. It focuses on the differences between state law and federal law, and is a practical guide for a practitioner who is confronted with a potential class action. The book includes tips on forum selection, causes of action, pleadings, discovery, class

The South Carolina Probate Practice Manual, Fourth Edition Albert L. Moses

In a convenient hard-cover format, The South Carolina Probate Practice Manual, Fourth Edition is the reference EVERY lawyer needs in handling South Carolina estates of all sizes and complexities. This practical and scholarly book is designed to systemize your probate files by organizing and simplifying much of the detail involved in probate work. The Procedure Guide, Master Information List, Administrative Checklist, and Significant Date List enable you to record and organize every aspect of estate information from South Carolina and federal tax requirements to property transfers and the basic responsibilities continued on page 7 . . .


The Lost Art: An Advocate’s Guide to Effective Closing Argument, Second Edition The Honorable Joseph F. Anderson, Jr.

The Lost Art: An Advocate’s Guide to Effective Closing Argument is a comprehensive survey of both the art and the law of closing argument. Part I is a trialadvocacy composition with The Lost Art practical pointers on An Advocate’s Guide to preparing and delivering an Effective Closing Argument effective summation. Part II is a compendium of the law of closing argument–the cases that define the boundaries beyond which a lawyer may not venture. Part J J F. A , J . III is a collection of over 250 closing argument segments dealing with proof, circumstantial evidence, and damages. The revised and expanded Second Edition of this book contains an additional forty pages of arguments and new text. UDGE





SC Probate Practice Manual . . . continued from page 6 of the personal representative. In addition to many form letters and the most common South Carolina Probate forms, this important book includes Al Moses’ insightful practice tips. Whether you are an experienced probate lawyer or want to expand your practice into this growing field, you MUST have this valuable manual. Highlights • The Procedure Guide explains the probate procedures and laws of administration, including some relevant aspects of state and federal tax requirements. • The Master Information List can be tailored to conform to the requirements of different sized estates. • The Administration Checklist contains a list of many tasks and allows a division of work between lawyers, secretaries and legal assistants. • The Forms Letters perform a variety of tasks, such as requesting information, transmitting forms, giving advice, opinions, and similar matters.

Unlike many collections of closing arguments, this volume reprints only the most usuable portions of each. While the collection includes excerpts from historically significant cases, its focus is on frequently recurring issues. It draws, therefore, primarily from typical cases that were argued uncommonly well. These courtroom classics, along with the collection of quotations contained in the final chapter, can form the nucleus of an effective summation, allowing the busy litigator to draw on the talents of many fine lawyers in a matter of minutes. South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean H. Toal, who wrote the foreword, describes the publication as “an eminently practical book . . . that will be a jewel of an addition to the library of any trial advocate.” 2002 Edition


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• The Forms are those needed for the administration of an estate and include probate court forms. Internet sites for the downloading of tax forms and other information are also provided. 2001 Edition


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REAL ESTATE South Carolina Boundary Law Compendium, 2nd Edition L. Kimble Carter, P.L.S.

The South Carolina Boundary Law Compendium, Second Edition is a thoroughly researched, logically organized, and concise guide to the often complex and arcane rules of boundary law in this state. This handy, affordable, and reliable reference is a “point of beginning” from which to start the process of investigation, analysis, and determination for virtually every boundary law question or dispute you will ever encounter. . . . continued on page 8 7

bonds, income tax moratorium for new jobs in certain The practice of land surveying has experienced significant P ROBATE & ESTATE PLANNING counties, corporate headquarters, contract for special technological advances in recent years which have made it apportionment of income, sales and use tax incentives, utility possible to more easily collect precise, but not always accurate, infrastructure credit, and other incentives. field data. These technological advances have provided Extensive changes, especially in the property tax and feesurveyors with the ability to collect greater quantities of precise in-lieu area, which were made in the 2006 legislative session, and oft-times competing data within a relatively short period are included in the book’s 2006 Supplement. of time. Thus, although legal matters have always been given serious consideration by surveying professionals in the 2006 Edition #412 Reg. price $ 55.00 determination of boundaries, surveyors are necessarily having Sale price $ 44.00 to more often call upon their knowledge of the law of boundaries. This imminently practical book includes an Index and BOOKS THAT INSPIRE an Appendix containing the full text of several of South Carolina’s most important boundary law cases, as well as valuable sample pleadings.

Contempt of Court

2003 Edition


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TAX LAW South Carolina Taxation and Economic Tax Incentives, Second Edition, with 2006 Supplement John C. von Lehe Jr. Jennifer W. Davis

The second edition to what has become a classic text on South Carolina tax matters provides updated, in-depth coverage of every major South Carolina tax issue, as well as economic tax incentives and practice before the South Carolina Department of Revenue. For the second edition, the authors have added a new chapter on the ever-present city and county business license tax (the only publication in this area written for tax advisors). Also included are full discussions of corporate and individual income tax, license tax on corporations, tax credits and withholding. Comprehensive analysis is given to sales tax, including the nature and incidence of sales tax, drop shipments, the nature and incidence of the use tax, rates and collection of tax, jurisdiction to tax, imports and exports, wholesale sale exclusions, exemptions, casual sales, local option sales tax and special local option taxes, reciprocal credits, interest and penalties, and much more. This second edition continues to be the only comprehensive treatise on South Carolina law. Of immense value to the practitioner is the chapter on Economic Tax Incentives, which covers (1) job tax credit, (2) job development credit and retraining credit, (3) credit for investing in economic impact zones, and (4) fee in lieu of property tax. In addition, there is a comprehensive coverage of special source revenue


Mark Curriden Leroy Phillips Jr.

Published by Anchor Books

Contempt of Court is the true story of one of the most significant cases in United States legal history. Ed Johnson was arrested in 1906, put on trial, convicted, sentenced to die, and lynched - all within 60 days. That in itself does not make his story remarkable. But Ed Johnson’s story is about firsts, and it is a story that every South Carolina lawyer should read. While awaiting execution, Johnson’s life was temporarily spared when two African-American lawyers heroically stepped forward to successfully appeal his case to the US Supreme Court. One of those lawyers, Styles L. Hutchins, was one of the first African-American graduates of the University of South Carolina School of Law. Justice John Marshall Harlan issued a stay of execution - marking the first time in history the Supreme Court intervened in a state criminal court case. But this victory was short-lived. Less than 48 hours later, a frenzied mob, assisted by the sheriff and his deputies, dragged Johnson from his cell and brutally lynched him. An outraged Supreme Court, for the first and only time in its history, brought criminal contempt charges against the sheriff and his associates. Then, in yet another historical first, the justices agreed to hear the contempt trial themselves. Now in its tenth printing and winner of the ABA’s Silver Gavel Award and the American Judicature Society’s Toni House Award, Contempt of Court offers the rare opportunity to get an insider’s look at a critical juncture of American social history, as well as one of America’s truly seminal Supreme Court cases. American University Law Professor Mike Tigar said, “Every lawyer, every judge, and every law student should read this book to remind us why we practice law.” 1999 Edition


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Annotated SC Rules of Professional Conduct (2005) .......................................................... 48.00


Computer & Intellectual Property Crimes (2003) ................................................................ 52.00


Contempt of Court (1999) ................................................................................................. 16.00


Drug Litigation in SC, Second Edition (2003) ..................................................................... 52.00


Electronic Discovery and Evidence, 2006-2007 Edition ...................................................... 60.00


Environmental Law in South Carolina, Second Edition (2006) ............................................. 60.00


Health Care Fraud and Collateral Consequences (2000) ..................................................... 40.00


Lewis & Sullivan on Class Actions (2005) .......................................................................... 32.00


SC Boundary Law Compendium, Second Edition (2003) ................................................... 28.00


SC Consumer Protection Code, plus 2006 Supplement (2001) .......................................... 80.00


2006 Supplement only ................................................................................................. 16.00


SC Corporate Practice Manual, Second Edition (2005) .................................................... 120.00


SC Damages (2004) ........................................................................................................ 100.00


SC Evidence Handbook Annotated (2005) ......................................................................... 40.00


SC Family Lawyers’ Tool Kit, with CD (2003) ................................................................... 60.00


SC Taxation and Economic Tax Incentives, 2nd Ed. w/ 2006 Supplement (2006) ................. 44.00


SC Traffic Lawyers’ Tool Kit (2006) .................................................................................. 44.00


The Law of Automobile Insurance in SC, 5th Ed. with forms on CD (2002) ......................... 60.00


The Lost Art, Second Edition (2002) .................................................................................. 48.00


The Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages in SC (2007) .......................................................... 60.00


The SC Probate Practice Manual, 4th Edition (2001) .......................................................... 92.00

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