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Senior Recognition Participant Handbook

Program Contacts Joyce Thomas, Chairperson 817-614-5581 Ethelene McCullough, Co-Chairperson 817-999-8184 Pam Harmon, Parent Liaison

20 14 817-913-3707

Connecting the Past to the Present… While Embracing the Future Senior Recognition & Ivy Ball Participant Privilege The Senior Recognition program is more than the recognition; it is an opportunity to meet new people, learn about the real world, improve and get ready for college. -Payton Anderson, 2010 Senior Recognition participant and 2011 Dunbar High School graduate

What is Senior Recognition? Beta Mu Omega’s Senior Recognition Program and Ivy Ball is designed to recognize and honor high school seniors for their academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, community and civic service, leadership skills and talents. Honorees will participate in activities that will help them transition from high school to the real world. Seniors are given the opportunity to earn money for graduation and college expenses. Over the past 37 years, Beta Mu Omega has awarded close to $400,000 in scholarships. While scholarships are the core of the Senior Recognition program, they will not be given but must be earned! To earn money, seniors must sell ads, sponsorships and tickets to the Ivy Ball. Each senior must raise a minimum of $250. Top sellers will receive the top earnings. Monies raised will be accepted at each Connecting the Past to the Present…While Embracing the Future Leader session. There will be incentives along the way too.

SR Handbook 2014


What is Beta Mu Omega and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.?

SR Handbook 2014


Since May 2, 1936, the Beta Mu Omega chapter has been a staunch pillar of service to all mankind in not only the Tarrant County area, but also regionally and nationally. Notable members of BMO past and present include Hazel Harvey Peace, Deralyn Riles Davis, Reva Bell and Allene Jones. Founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC in 1908, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is the oldest Greek-letter organization established by African American college-trained women. Since 1908, the sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha has responded to the worlds’ increasing complexity. It continues to empower communities through exemplary service initiatives and progressive programs. Alpha Kappa Alpha’s influence extends beyond campus quads and student interest. It has a legacy of service that deepens, rather than ends, with college graduation.

Seminars and Student Activities

Connecting the Past to the Present.. While Embracing the Future

Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the seminars and activities planned. There are also monetary incentives associated with participation. All seminars will be held at the Forest Oak Middle School located at 3221 Pecos Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76119. All of our seminars will be held once a month on Saturdays beginning August 2, 2014 , with the exception of November, at Forest Oak Middle School.

6 SR Handbook 2014

Save the dates: August 2, September 13, September 27, October 11, November 1, November 8, and November 22. The Ivy Ball is Saturday, November 29.

Earn Money With Sponsorships, Ads and Tickets Earn money for senior fees and college expenses by selling sponsorships, ads for the Ivy Ball souvenir book or tickets to the Ivy Ball. Top sellers receive top earnings. Each participant must raise a minimum of $250. Cash, money orders or checks can be used to purchase ads, patron listings and tickets. Make checks and money orders payable to the Beta Mu Omega Chapter. Monies may be turned in at each seminar. Honorees/parents that arrive first will be served first at the finance tables.

Connecting the Past to the Present.. While Embracing the Future

7 SR Handbook 2014

Earn Money by Being the First or the Best •

The young lady turning in the most money over $1,500 will receive a special incentive award.

The young man turning in the most money over $1,500 will receive a special incentive award.

The first senior who pays $200 is awarded the outside back cover of the souvenir book. The first senior who pays $175 is awarded the inside front cover of the souvenir book. The second senior who pays $175 will be awarded the inside back cover of the souvenir book. Only one cover per student. The parent or honoree must turn in the money.

The first honoree that turns in $500 will receive a special incentive award.

The honoree that turns in the most money each week will receive an incentive award.

Earn Money with Essay Writing Participants will have an opportunity to earn $500 by writing one of two essays during Senior Recognition. The first will address the importance of historical Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) – “America’s Black Colleges: Why is it important to attend a historical Black college or university?” The second essay will address higher education and future ambitions. Essays will be 250-300 words in length and will be written during a Connecting the Past to the Present…While Embracing the Future Leader session. All supplies will be furnished. 8 SR Handbook 2014

The essay winners will be announced the night of the Ivy Ball. The HBCU scholarship will be awarded after the student has enrolled at a historical black college. The second essay will be awarded in the same fashion.

Participation Matters: Are you Mr. or Miss Senior Recognition? Mr. and Miss Senior Recognition is the highest honor one can receive at the culmination of the Senior Recognition program and at the Ivy Ball. This award is given to the young man or lady that earns the most points during the program. Do you have what it takes? Points are awarded as

Connecting the Past to the Present.. While Embracing the Future follows: • • •

• •

• • •

Student seminar attendance (5 pts. each) Community Service (10 pts.) Grades (GPA end of Spring 2014) o 4.0-3.5: 10 pts. o 3.4-3.0: 7 pts. o 2.0-2.5 5 pts. Parent participation (2 pts. each) Ad Sales o $250-$500: 3 pts. o $501-$750: 5 pts. o $751-$1,000: 7 pts. o $1001 and up: 10 pts. Participation in essay contest (10 pts.) Participation in scrapbook contest (10 pts.) Participant vote (who do you think should win?) o 1st: 3 pts. o 2nd: 2 pts. o 3rd: 1 pt. Ways and Means Committee member vote o 1st: 10 pts. o 2nd: 5 pts. o 3rd: 3 pts.

9 SR Handbook 2014

Mr. & Miss SR 2014

Scrapbook Contest Scrapbooks are due on November 29 at the morning Ivy Ball rehearsal. All scrapbooks will be displayed the night of the Ivy Ball. The scrapbook that displays the best overall experience using a variety of photos, art and literature will be awarded a prize. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: information about all workshop sessions, information about the community service activity, participation in the essay contest and documentation of friends made and relationships forged.

The Ivy Ball: Your Night to Shine The Ivy Ball is the conclusion of the Senior Recognition program. It is Beta Mu Omega’s opportunity to recognize honorees and present them to the community as well as crown Mr. and Miss Senior Recognition 2014. The Ivy Ball will be held on Saturday, November 29th at the Sheraton Hotel and Spa – Downtown Fort Worth located at 1701 Commerce Street., Fort Worth, TX 76102. The Ivy Ball is open to the community. Honorees are expected to sell tickets. Tickets will be $40 per person. Ivy Ball ticket money will be accepted until the end of the Ivy Ball rehearsal on Saturday, November 29, 2014. However, it will not be added to the honoree’s total receipts.

Connecting the Past to the Present.. While Embracing the Future

10 SR Handbook 2014

Ivy Ball Attire For young ladies: Young ladies will need to choose a floor-length formal gown in a light pink (tea rose) color. Coordinating shoes Pearl earrings and pearl necklace (you will need to purchase from a committee member) No pants or pantsuits Here are some examples from Alfred Angelo – Arlington (1109 Interstate 20W, 817-466-3124, near The Parks Mall); see Teresa Whisnant, Assistant Manager; if you are interested in a similar style of dress; measurements and full purchase must be completed by Saturday, August 30, 2014.

11 SR Handbook 2014

Connecting the Past to the Present.. While Embracing the Future

For young men: Vendor: Al’s Formal Wear Hulen, 4811 Overton Ridge Blvd.; 817-346-6181 Classic Tuxedo, style to be determined Beta Mu Omega will register young men in the middle of September. Gentlemen will need to visit Al’s in early October to be fitted and to order. Rental cost is approx. $120, and it includes coat, pants, shirt, tie, vest, studs, links and shoes.

12 SR Handbook 2014

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