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FIGHT CODE is a brand new and inventive take of fight sports over 10 gala events in 10 of the most alluring cities around Europe. The programme offers full coverage of the inaugural kickboxing series, featuring world-respected mixed martial arts and kickboxing champions from around the world. Watch them battle their limits in this thrilling full-body contact fight extravaganza.

Catch the fights on Weight Divisions

: Dragons series – 72,500 Kg Rhinos series – 105 Kg

Total Events Available No. of Fights Available

: 10 : minimum of 6 fights per event

_______________________________________ Available Rights Worldwid

Media Rights All media Delivery By satellite and/or tape



RESULTS & MATCHMAKING DRAGONS SERIES – 72, 500 Kg TURIN JANUARY 29 th 2011 Armen Petrosyan (ITA) Armen Petrosyan Olar Miodrag (ROM) Abdellah Mabel (F) Abdellah Mabel Vladimir Shyliak (RUS) MILAN MARCH 12th 2011 Bruno Franchi (ITA) Bruno Franchi Takuro Moriya (JAP) Dzabar Askerov (RUS) Chris Van Venrooij (NL)

Dzabar Askerov

Klinmee Som Sudsakorn (THAI) Klinmee Som Sudsakorn Xu Yan (CHN)

BUDAPEST MAY 1st 2011 Halim Issaoui (MAROC) Simon Chu (UK) Norbert Balogh (HUN) Lukas Tomic (CRO)

Dino Didic (CH) Juri Bessmertny (BY) FINAL 8 Will be held in Marseille October 15 th 2011. The final 8 matchmaking will be set by a drawn.

FINAL 4 To be announced.

RESULTS & MATCHMAKING RHINOS SERIES – 105 Kg NITRA FEBRUARY 5 th 2011 Vitaly Akhramenko (BY) Vitaly Akhramenko Tomas Kohout (SLOVAKIA) Yuksel Ayaydin (TUR) Yuksel Ayaydin Agron Preteni (CRO) ISTANBUL JUNE TBA



1. Chris VanVenrooij (NL) 3. Bruno Franchi (ITA) 5. Sudsakorn (THAI) 7. Miodrag Olar (ROM) 9. Vladimir Shyliak (RUS) 11. Halim Issaoui (MAROC) 13. Juri Besmertny (BY) 15. Norbert Balogh (HUN)

2. Dzabhar Askerov (RUS) 4. Takuro Moriya (JAP) 6. Xu Yan (CHN) 8. Armen Petrosyan (ITA) 10. Abdellah Mabel (F) 12. Simon Chu (UK) 14. Dino Didic (CH) 16. Lukas Tomic (CRO)

1. Vitaly Akramenko (BY) 2. Thomas Kohout (Slovakia) 3. Agron Petreni (Slovakia) 4. Ayaydin Yuksel (TUR) 5. Shamil Abasov (RUS) 6. Freddy Kamayo (F) 7. Luca Panto (ITA) 8. Koichi Pettas (JAP) 9. Anatoly Nosyrev (RUS) 10. Rick Van Soust (NL) 11. Pacome Assi (F) 12. Vjeko Bajic (SWITZ) 13. Petr Vondracek (CZECH R.)14. Marin Dosen (CRO) 15. Javier Lorenzo (E) 16. Chris Knowels (UK) The athletes in bold already won the final 16. The cancelled fighters are the one they lost the final 16

Fight Code: May 1, 2011  

FIGHTCODE is a brand new and inventive take of fight sports over 10 gala event sin 10 of the most alluring cities around Europe. The program...

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