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Italian-American Fashion: Guidos & Guidettes: The Progression from offensive to‌still being offensive 1920’s b.html

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Ashleigh Michael & Seth Catron 10/01

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Outline • • • •

What is a Guido? A “Guido’s” definition of a Guido Modern Day Guidos-Guidettes Early 20th Century Guido -How I-A’s are portrayed • Mid 20th Century Guido -Portrayal • The wrap-up: What’s so offensive?

Modern “Guido”

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Modern Day “Guido” The “Checklist”  Hair

full of hair product  Big muscles  Tan skin  Ed Hardy, Armani Exchange  “Duck face”  Optional: A rosary necklace  Optional: Expensive sunglasses

Modern Day “Guidette” The “Checklist”  Big hair (usually accompanied by extensions of some type)  Flashy bellybutton ring  Tan skin Ed Hardy, Juicy Couture  Duck face  sunglasses


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Century “Guido”

The “Checklist”  Pinstripe Suits/Tie/Bowtie  Trench Coat  Black Dress Oxford Shoes  Pocket Square/Handkerchief  Greased-back hairstyle  Optional: Fedora  Optional: After-fight make-up

Early Stereotype • • • •

Set during 50’s Very popular Still popular Emphasized Mobster


th 20

Century “Guido”

The “Checklist”  Tracksuits Open-buttoned shirts Leather shoes Slicked back hair Leather jackets Gold Jewelry

Stereotype of Italian-Americans

•Set during 70’s and 80’s •Showed America “Ne Mobster”

What’s the offense? Guido: The Word A derogatory term for Italian-American workers in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Guido: The Lifestyle Young adults aged 16-30 who wear provocative clothing, fake tan obscene amounts, and “hook up” at various party destinations, the most popular being in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Italian-American Fashion  

Seth Catron & Ashleigh Michael

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