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Seth Catron 5/2/11 English 106 Cover Letter This portfolio is contains two certain essays. The essays are ones that have already been submitted but needed to be revised. So the only essays in this portfolio are ones that have been revised. The first of the essays is the photo essay. This essay was supposed to tell the story of something that is special to us individuals at Purdue. There was also a rationale paper that accompanied the essay. Both of these items are in the portfolio. The second essay in the portfolio is an academic essay. The essay is about the comparison between two characters from two films.

The characters are Timothy Treadwell from Werner Herzog’s film “Grizzly Man,”

and Christopher McCandless from Sean Penn’s film “Into the Wild.” In the photo essay you said that I needed a title. I was unaware of that when I first turned the assignment in, but I have now given the photo essay the title, “The Journey Itself.” You also said that I needed to focus on CRAP principles. I felt as though I did a fairly solid job with using those principles in the original assignment. However, after reviewing it I realized that I definitely could use some improvement. I also lacked a conclusion to my story. So I felt that it needed to be addressed The rationale paper did not have many mistakes in it. The majority of the mistakes that were present were grammatical errors. The most glaring mistake you pointed out was how I did not have a satisfying conclusion to the end of my essay.

In the academic essay I had many more flaws according to you. The most prominent flaw that you pointed out was the citations (both in-text and out of text). You also said that I was jumping a couple of times during my essay. You also said that I introduced a new argument in the conclusion of my essay. In the photo essay I added a title to the first photo. Then I also made the final photo the conclusion. Then I corrected the rationale paper that came with it. In the academic essay I switched around the introduction so I flowed more smoothly. I then corrected all of the items that you claimed I needed to correct. I also added in more support for my claims because I felt that made my argument seem stronger.

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