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LA RIVISTA PADOVA By: Sergi, Miraal, Chan, Teffanie" -

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Sunday Jan. 29, 2012 12:00 Noon


ts n e v E Weekly

Y F E AT U R E C E L E B R I T B A P T I S TA M I N OgLeA L a w s

His Marria Read All on


Read about everything Padua in La Rivista Padua! Don’t speak Italian? It stands for The Padua Journal! We send out monthly issues. Ba p t is ta ’ s M a r r i ag e Ru l e


submitting, and also very virtuous eople say marriage is a

like a textbook of how women

very important thing. That

should act like. However, even

is why there are marriage laws in

though Baptista has one amazing

the world so people don’t do bad

daughter, he has his first daughter,

things using marriage. However,

Katherine Minola. She is also very

Baptista Minola, the father of the

well known for her wanton actions

Minola Family with two

against her father, her sister, and

daughters, set a very strict

pretty much the whole world. She

marriage law in his family. His

is, as everyone says, a shrew.

second daughter, Bianca Minola is

Now, this is why Baptista had to

someone who every man knows in

make a rule about marriage. Since

Padua. She is famous for her

Bianca is the perfect bride, there

beauty and her wealth, but

are wooers and suitors from all

particularly, her obedience. It is

over Padua, while Katherine has

well know that she is very

none. Continued on page 3...

Katherine’s Wedding Katherine Minola was wedded to Petruchio son of Antonio of Verona this week. Their wedding was a very awkward one. Petruchio, the crazed groom of Katherine, was beyond fashionably late to the wedding. We asked Grumio, Petruchio’s servant, for his view on when Petruchio would arrive; “Why, Petruchio is coming…” (Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 42). He will arrive in a new hat... Continued on page 3...

Bianca’s Wedding Bianca Minola got married to Lucentio son of Vincentio of Pisa today! It’s amazing that two daughters of the same father, Baptista Minola, got married in the same week. Bianca had a more humble wedding than Katherine Minola but who looked better? Bianca Minola looked totally stunning during her wedding along with Lucentio flaring off a new robe. His robe seems to be made of fine imported silk and the finest coloring dyes. There was a feast of many wines and meats for the family and friends to enjoy. It seems possible that there is some family drama stirring up here... Continued on page 3...

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Ta b l e o f C o n t e nts

-Advice Column (Sergi Castells)

ee S t s u M 

Front Page -Baptista’s Marriage Rule (Chanhyuk Shin) -Weddings This Month! (Sergi Castells) Page 4 -Ad: How to Mar Your Wedding (Sergi Castells) Page 5 -The Buzzard’s Guide to Throwing the Perfect Banquet (Miraal Haq) Page 6

Baptista’s Marriage Rule Read about Baptista’s marriage rule for Bianca and Katherine Minola! Featured on page 1 and continued on page 3 of La Rivista Padova.

-Daily Comic (Miraal Haq) Page 7 -Poll: Who’s wife is most shrew-ish? (Teffanie Goh) -Ad: Tailor Needed (Chanhyuk Shin)

Page 8 -Trick Your Girl’s Father (Chanhyuk Shin)


-Ad: Jaded Horse for Sale (Teffanie Goh)

-Daily Crossword (Chanhyuk Shin)

Check out who got married this month! There is a surprise this month. The big shocker is not only that both Minola daughters got married this week but someone actually found love in Katherine Minola.

Page 9 -Find Your Taming of the Shrew Doppelgänger (Teffanie Goh) Page 10 -Is the race to win Bianca Minola finally over? (Miraal Haq)


Page 11 Katherine The Shrew: Tamed or Suffering From Battered Wife Syndrome? (Teffanie Goh) Page 12 -Ad: Tutors Hats for Sale (Miraal Haq)

Weddings This Month!

Page 13 -Ad: Selling Lutes at farmers market (Sergi Castells) -Closing for Monthly Newsletter (Sergi Castells)

Petruchio: Come, come, you wasp, i’faith you are too angry. Katherine: If I be waspish, best beware my sting. Petruchio: My remedy is then to pluck it out. Katherine: Ay, if the fool could find where it lies. Petruchio: Who knows not where a wasp does wear his sting? In his tail. Katherine: In his tongue. Petruchio: Whose tongue? Katherine: Yours, if you talk of tales, and so farewell. Petruchio: What, with my tongue in your tail? (Shakespeare, Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 207-214)

Daily Comic Look at the Daily Comic created by La Rivista Padova’s own comical artist! This week is extra hilarious so be sure to read it!

Katherine the Shrew: Tamed or Suffering from Battered Wife Syndrom? What has Petruchio been doing? I guess you will have to find out. Read this amazing article on page 11!

Closing for Monthly Newsletter Be sure to read our closing letter to all of our readers!

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Read all about Baptista Minola’s Marriage Rule for his beautiful daughters!


aptista, in melancholy,

Katherine, managed to get

came to a decision. If

Katherine into obeying him

there are so many people that want

all the time, whether his

to marry Bianca, he can just make

order does not makes sense

one of them to marry Katherine!

or not. Also, because

While Hortensio and Gremio was

Katherine got married,

bugging him to marry Bianca,

Bianca could get married.

Baptista said: “Gentlemen,

Lucentio, a young man from

importune me no father, for how I

Katherine. Eventually, this law has

Pisa, did not lose the chance,

firmly am resolved you know: that

actually got Katherine to get

and he wooed Bianca until they

is, not to bestow my youngest

married, when Hortensio and

got married.

daughter before I have a husband

Gremio decided to find someone

for the elder. If either of you both

another man to marry Katherine.

of the Minola Family all got

love Katherine, because I know

They found Petruchio, who is

married. This was all thanks to

This plan to get Katherine married

crazy about money, and he went to

Baptista’s rule. Perhaps when

is a very clever plan. Now, if

Baptista’s house right away to

things are not looking good, there

someone wants to marry Bianca,

marry Katherine. In the end,

needs to be a rule, like Baptista’s

he will have to get someone to

Petruchio, with his violent temper

strict marriage law.

marry Katherine, or just marry

and his ingenious plan to tame

In the end, the daughters

you well and love you well, leave shall you have to court her at your pleasure.” (Act 1, Scene 2, Lines)

Weddings this Month!

Have you ever wanted to stalk other people without them knowing? If so this page is for you. We cover Padua’s current weddings and all the wedding gossip! There are amazing pictures of beautiful dresses and weddings. There is a special this week on the Minola family.

Katherine Minola marries Petruchio Continued He will arrive in a new hat and an old vest, a pair of old pants turned inside out, unmatched boots that have been used as spittoons, one buckled, the other laced; a rusty old sword from the town armory with a broken hilt and no scabbard. He’s got on worn-out garters and is riding a swayback old horse with a moth-eaten saddle, stirrups from two different sets, a bad hip, swollen glands, lockjaw, leg ulcers, bedsores, arthritis, jaundice, a hernia, hives, worms, cancer, a mossy overbite, and post-nasal drip. He’s knock-kneed too. His bit’s lopsided and his cardboard bridle, which breaks when you pull on it, is taped in a few places. The saddle strap is made out of patchwork, and the strap that goes under his tail to keep the saddle in place is velvet, with the initials of some woman written in studs. Well that tells all of us who cared about the wedding... Not Petruchio! Katherine herself was looking very beautiful in her wedding dress. Although she did not stay for the reception because her newly wed husband carried her out on his back! Continued on page 4...

Page 4

Weddings This Month! Continued


hat a disgrace to Baptista and the rest of the Minola family. Even after being thoroughly embarrassed by Petruchio I think everyone had a wonderful time at Katherine’s wedding. Bianca Minola marries Lucentio Bianca Minola got married to Lucentio son of Vincentio of Pisa today! It’s amazing that two daughters of the same father, Baptista Minola, got married in the same week. Bianca had a more humble wedding than Katherine Minola but who looked better? Bianca Minola looked totally stunning during her wedding along with Lucentio flaring off a new robe. His robe seems to be made of fine imported silk and the finest coloring dyes. There was a feast of many wines and meats for the family and friends to enjoy. It seems possible that there is some family drama stirring up here. With all of these wonderful things for Bianca’s wedding Katherine’s wedding cannot compare. Does Baptista fare Bianca more than Katherine? Well we all know the answer to

Bianca and Lucentio holding each other after their wonderful wedding. Lucentio gave an awkward smile for the cameras to spice up the photo.

that question. “Love wrought these miracles. Bianca’s love made me exchange my state with Tranio. While he did bear my countenance in the town, and happily I have arrivèd at the last. Unto the wishèd haven of my bliss. What Tranio did, myself

enforced him to. Then pardon him, sweet father, for my sake.” (Shakespeare, Act 5, Scene 1, Lines 127-133) Bianca is a lucky woman to have Lucentio. After all he the trouble he has been through he wants her to be his wife.

Page 5

The Buzzard’s Guide to Throwing the Perfect Banquet re you struggling to connect more with people? Find dependable companions? Ascend the social ladder? Worry your breeches off no more, because this easy and informative guide will help you climb to the very top of the hosting business in no time!


Step 1) The first thing to consider when throwing an absolutely fabulous banquet is who will be coming. The safest option is to invite a variety of many people, so that the party will not be drowning in the monotonous conversation of half-asleep clergymen. Try inviting people who you know will keep the atmosphere cheery with their energetic and charismatic personalities. But don’t invite couples like Katherine and Petrucio because, “of all mad matches never was the like,” (Shakespeare.3.2.249) and they would invariably create a scene and ruin the whole function. Step 2) A definite must for a successful gathering is a delectable and lavish selection of food. A four-course meal is ideal, but five will surely impress your guests. The first course should be largely constituted of different meats, including veal, deer, and chicken. Presentation is everything, so don’t just display these dishes undressed! Drizzle the veal with piquant sauces, surround the deer with steaming cranberry pies, and stuff the chickens with boiled eggs and fresh cloves. For the second course, bring on the birds. Prepare seasoned goslings and smoked pigeons, and perhaps a pig or two. By the third and fourth courses, your guests will be looking forward to the arrival of more food, and what better way to please them with than with platters of mouthwatering desserts? Deck

A feast set for Katherine and Petruchio’s wedding. An ideal layout for any great feast.

the tables with mountains of colored jellies and hills of creamcovered sugarplums. Next to the large dishes, place assortments of ripe fruits and sliced cheeses, but never put the cheese next to the bread, for that is seen as the meager meal of a peasant. Just in case your guests are a particularly peckish crowd, have fragrant wines and preserves at the ready. Also, if you want to amuse your guests, surprise them by hiding some live birds under a large piecrust. Don’t forget to put out your finest jeweled platters and silverware!

the dancing and dazzle everyone when you dominate the floor to “Movies Like Baptista” (a very popular song nowadays and a good party selection). Also, if you feel like the conversation is running dry and the mood is becoming a tad on the exceedingly depressing side, you can invite your guests to watch a short play. It is preferable that this be a comedy because if you show one in which, just as an example, the unfortunate lovers from feuding families end up both dying, that would most likely not help lighten the ambience.

Step 3) A little entertainment goes a long way when throwing a banquet. Acrobats are a fun and fascinating way of engaging guests. Music will provide a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, so be sure to hire some skilled harpists, lutists, and violinists. Dancing is another form of occupying your guests, and taking lessons from a Dancing Master beforehand wouldn’t hurt. In between meals, clear a space for

So there you have it: the perfect banquet. There is no way you can go wrong with this, unless you are destined for unluckiness, and if that’s the case then we hope the rest of your life is as least miserable as possible. If you have any questions, please write to us at this address: La Rivista Padova 123 Gelato Rd. Padua, Italy

Page 6

A new feature to La Rivista Padova! We now have an opinionated advice column! ave you ever wanted advice from anonymous people on an advice column? If so this is for you! Even if you are not a gossiper or an advice seeker this advice page has many interesting stories in it along with many tips and tricks. Hi. I am looking for help with some rules I have set up so one of my daughters gets married before the other. The idea is for the nice tempered one to draw in suitors for the shrew as well. I am trying to keep this working but Katherine can be such a shrew at times I don’t know what to do. There is a possible suitor for Katherine called Petruchio. Yet Bianca has three suitors in line for her hand in marriage. Should I just let Bianca get married first? Respond as soon as possible please, Baptista Minola


Your daughter Katherine seems like a shrew to me so I think you should make her marry first. There will always be suitors for Bianca as she is very beautiful and well mannered. I suggest forcing Katherine to marry the one suitor to get her out of your house. If

You heard us! Get free advice from La Rivista Padova’s editors and other random people! Mail us at: La Rivista Padova 123 Gelato Rd. Padua, Italy

she is as bad as the rumors then I would use any methods necessary to get her away from Padua. -Petruchio My wife is well known throughout Padua as the shrew Katherine Minola. I’m trying to tame her by using the battered wife syndrome. She has been getting nicer as the

time goes on but she still has some fight in her. Recently I have taken her away from her wedding and embarrassed her in front of her family and friends. When she asked for food I proclaimed the meat to be ruined and burned. As to contrast to her anger she tries to sleep. Continued on page 7...

Here is the Daily Comic section for La Rivista Padova! Today this comic is featuring “How to tame your wife”. It seems that a man is using battered wife syndrome on his lovely looking wife.

Page 7

New Feature: Advice Column Continued


don’t let her sleep by making noise and clamor. Currently she has almost zero energy remaining after these antics. What should I do? Should I continue with the battered wife syndrome or should I let her relax a little? All help is appreciated, -Petruchio son of Antonio of Verona I think that you are doing the right thing but now you are going a bit to the extreme side. The best way to handle this situation is to see if she obeys around other people. For instance if there is a public event going on then tell her to do a very humiliating deed around family or friends. Try forcing her to present a speech that is completely anti-feministic. If she goes through with it and gives the humiliating speech then she is tamed. If she does not agree and fights back then I would suggest continuing with your version of battered wife syndrome. -Anonymous I’m Bianca Minola, sister to Katherine Minola. I am just curious about who I should marry. There are two suitors in line for my hand for marriage. One is called Gremio, another Lucentio and the other is called Hortensio.

Petruchio, the wealthy man who tamed the shrew, Katherine, is looking a tailor! When the first tailor came to his house to make a dress for his wife, he found out that the tailor has no skill or talent in making clothes. He decided to kick him out, and now he is looking for a better one!

They both want my hand in marriage but I don’t know which one to choose. Gremio is an older close to elderly man with an average amount of money and not so great looks gross for my taste. “Believe me, sister, of all the men alive. I never yet beheld that special face. Which I could fancy more than any other.” (Shakespeare, Act 2, Scene 1, Lines 10-12). My sister wants to know which suitor I like best but I have not yet chosen one for marriage. They are both kind yet strange. Who should I choose? Love, There is a jaded horse for sale! Buy now and see what your wife says. Will she be a shrew? We have current polls here! It seems that the widow is the most shrew like, Katherine, and then finally beautiful Bianca!

Bianca Minola Personally, I think that Lucentio sounds the nicest and since he has money that’s great as well. Gremio sounds to old for your taste and he’s not that rich and the same with Hortensio. I advise choosing Lucentio. Well that just advice. Choose who you think is best for you, your life, and your family. -Cambio

Page 8

A Must See! How to Trick Your Girl’s Father


uys, have you ever visited your girl’s house?

So, if you ever get rejected by your love, you

Has it ever happened that her father doesn’t

always have a way to secretly continue your

seem to like you, or doesn’t approve your

relationship. Follow Hortensio and Lucentio’s advice.

relationship? If this ever happened to you, and you

Just disguise yourself and go to her house!

don’t want to give up, here’s the solution! Lucentio and Hortensio had happened to fall in love with a girl.

Daily Crossword

Both as the wooers of the famous Bianca

Try out this new crossword! See if you can name the famous people of Padua. All of the answers have been mentioned somewhere in La Rivista Padova. Good luck trying to guess them all!

Minola, the wealthy, beautiful, and even virtuous girl, Lucentio and Hortensio were shocked to find out that Baptista Minola, her father, will not approve Bianca to get married before Katherine Minola, his first


daughter, gets married. For most guys, they would have given up on her, but for Lucentio and Hortensio,

they didn’t. They both decided to disguise as tutors,


and woo her. Amazingly, Baptista Minola was tricked

by their disguises, allowed them into Bianca’s room.


For Lucentio who disguised as her Latin

tutor, he had a unique way to attract her. After each 

Latin word, Lucentio told Bianca how much amazing she is and how much he loves her. For example, Lucentio says: “Hic ibat, as I told you before, Simois, I am Lucentio, hic est, son unto Vincentio of Pisa, steterat, and that ‘Lucentio’ that comes-a-wooing, Priami, is my man Tranio, regia, bearing my port, celsa semis, that we might beguile the old pantaloon.� – (Shakespeare Act 3, Scene 1). Just like him, Hortensio, as her music tutor, shows her how much he loves her by writing things down these things after each notes. Although Bianca




was very confused about why her two tutors were telling these things, she starts to feel attracted to


Down: 1. Gremio 2. Vincentio 3. Hortensio 4. Baptista 6. Biondello 9. Tranio

and gives up. After this, Lucentio and Bianca got

Across: 5. Petruchio 7. Katherine 8. Bianca 10. Widow 11. Lucentio 12. Grumio

Lucentio. Eventually, Hortensio fails to get her love,


Page 9

Is the race to win Bianca Minola finally over?


t seems like every single man in Padua has his sights set on the virtuous Bianca Minola, the daughter of esteemed gentleman Baptista Minola. But only one of those desperate Italian bachelors has truly captured her heart once and for all. To untangle the complicated love life of this sought-after young maiden, our staff visited each of the suitors to get the exclusive inside scoop: Hortensio of Padua Meet Hortensio, a rich, middle-aged gentleman from Padua and one of the first to enter the competition to woo Bianca. In essence, the man really deserves the credit for Bianca’s marriage, for he was the one who entreated Petrucio to marry Bianca’s shrew of a sister Katherine. It was only then that any suitor had any hope of even attempting to woo Bianca. He himself was quite desperate to marry her, and went as far as asking Petrucio, "Now shall my friend Petruchio do me grace, and offer me disguised in sober robes to old Baptista as a schoolmaster well seen in music, to instruct Bianca, that so I may, by this device at least, have leave and leisure to make love to her and, unsuspected, court her by herself.” (Shakespeare. 1.2.132-135) So dressed as the music tutor Litio, Hortensio traveled to the Minola Estate to secretly confess his love to Bianca. He devised a musical scale and within it told her his real identity, but Bianca was not impressed in the slightest! Soon after, he officially stated, “Here is my hand, and here I firmly vow never to woo her more, but do forswear her as one unworthy all the former favors that I have fondly flattered her withal.” (Shakespeare. 4.2.28-31) So we bade farewell to an unfortunate Hortensio as he dropped out of the race and went to marry a widow.

Gremio of Padua It wasn’t easy for Hortensio to play up to Baptista, when right next to him, old Gremio was trying to do the same. Although both suitors departed from their prime long ago, Gremio is certainly the more senile of the two. In an effort to win Baptista’s approval, he hired a Latin tutor named Cambio for Bianca. But he was outbid by another suitor’s promises, and though he too gave up hope, he still stuck around to see the drama. And who wouldn’t, because after all, the race was just heating up! Tranio of Padua Though this young man seemed very close to crossing the finish line, it appears he was never truly a contestant after all. He was appointed by his master, Lucentio, to woo Bianca and detain the other suitors from marrying her. He was obedient to Lucentio, and said, “I am tied to be obedient for your father charged me at our parting: ‘Be serviceable to to my son,’ quoth he, although I think ‘twas in another sense, I am content to be Lucentio, because so well I love Lucentio.” (Shakespeare. 1.1.218-223) The methods Tranio chose, though, were not so innocent. In fact, Tranio of Pisa may singlehandedly be the most cunning man in all of Italy. He took on his master’s name, “Lucentio”, and with it he created all manners of chaos. His first act of deception was to introduce himself as Lucentio to Baptista, and pay homage to him in the form of books and instruments. With his charming rhetoric he completely beguiled old Baptista, who was ready to send Bianca off into the sunset with him as long as he met with his father. Now there was no way that Vincentio, who was Lucentio’s real father, would pretend that Tranio was his son. So what did Tranio the Trickster do? Give up, come clean, and confess? Of course not. He fooled an

innocent, old merchant into acting as Vincentio and meeting with Baptista! Depsite being a potential future applicant of the Mafia, Tranio remained loyal to his master to the end and pulled out of the race in second place. Lucentio of Pisa Yes folks, the man who finally managed to outrun everyone is none other than Lucentio, a young man from Pisa who came to Padua with the intention of studying philosophy. But his aspirations turned into something quite different as soon as he laid sight on Bianca Minola. He confessed, “Tranio, I burn, I pine, I perish, Tranio, if I achieve not this young modest girl.” (Shakespeare.1.1.157-158) From the charm and wit, to the unending love for her, it’s no wonder she chose him as her lawfully wedded husband. He first disguised himself as the Latin tutor, Cambio, and told Bianca of his love. Unlike what happened with Hortensio, she was captivated by his charm and wit, and she fell in love with him. They secretly got married in a small chapel, and Lucentio continued to act as Cambio until the real Vincentio came to the Minola Estate. In the midst of all the confusion, he finally revealed his true identity to Baptista and the others, and requested that Baptista not be angry with Bianca. With Baptista’s blessing, Lucentio and Bianca made their relationship public. Continued on page 12...

Page 10

Find Your Taming of the Shrew Doppelgänger! Ever wanted to find out what character you would be if you were in the play the Taming of the Shrew? Why wait until later to find out? Take this simple and easy quiz to find out now! Just start at the first question on the top and based on your answer, follow the arrows to the next question(s) until you reach the name of a character. Then, read the descriptions to see what traits you share with that character.

Which one are you?

Katherine You are most like Katherine Minola the shrew! You are extremely talkative and whenever you open your mouth, nothing nice comes out of it. In addition to that, you tend to be very violent and impatient. Because of those traits, many people may despise you. However, your ability to come up with an argument for everything shows that you are actually incredible intelligent. You may seem hopeless when it comes to love, but don’t fret, when the right man comes, you’ll find a way to treat him right.

“Mi perdonato, gentle master mine. I am in all affected as yourself,” (Shakespeare.1.1.25-6) Petruchio You are most like Petruchio of Verona! At first glance you seem very romantic and heroic but in reality, you are violent and bad tempered. You are usually very loud and talkative. One of your flaws is that you are very money-minded. It may be time to step back and stop making decisions solely to improve your financial status. Another flaw may be your over-confidence when tackling challenging problems. However, your ingenious ideas and great sense of humor make up for it, and may come in handy in the when taming a shrew.

Lucentio You are most like Lucentio! You may be someone who gets distracted by love easily. This may just seem like a bad habit, but could potentially become a serious problem. You are also a conniving person. Stop pretending to be someone who you are not, and always stay true to yourself. Tranio You are most like the loyal Tranio! You are a lighthearted mentor that helps others by giving them all sorts of advice. You are really trustworthy and someone that people can depend on. Baptista You are most like the wealthy Baptista Minola! You truly love money, and that maybe jeopardizing your relationship with your family. Maybe its time to stop making decisions that only benefit you, and start making decisions that don’t endanger your family’s happiness. You are also are slightly gullible, failing to realize that sometimes appearances aren’t reality, and easily falling into other peoples’ traps. Perhaps if you weren’t so money-minded you would be able to realize that others are trying to trick you. Grumio - You are most like the foolish Grumio! You take things literally and may appear virtuous because of that. Some may call your misinterpretations foolishness, but it truly is the source of many peoples’ comic relief.

Page 11

Katherine the Shrew: Tamed or Suffering from Battered wife Syndrome?


atherine’s recent behavior at her sister, Bianca’s, wedding on Sunday left people of Padua wondering if Petruchio truly completed the impossible task of taming her. Others, however, are having thoughts of diagnosing her with the Battered Wife Syndrome. Even before Bianca’s wedding, there have been notable changes in Katherine’s behavior. For example, those who have heard about how Katherine gave in to Petruchio while they were on the way to Padua were quite astounded. While Petruchio tried to quarrel with Katherine about the sun really being the moon, she merely stated that “…the moon changes even as your mind. What you will have it named, even that it is, and so it shall be so for Katherine,” (Shakespeare.4.5.22-5). Similarly, another incident that showed Katherine’s improved behavior was when Katherine admitted that an old man was a “young budding virgin” (Shakespeare. 4.5.41) after Petruchio prompted her to do so. Nevertheless, what was even more shocking was Katherine’s speech at her sister’s wedding. Many of Bianca’s wedding guests, including Baptista, Katherine and Bianca’s father, were confounded when Katherine spoke at the dinner, “Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper, thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee,” (Shakespeare.5.2.162-3). Although this may seem like no big deal to some, most who know Katherine’s past will say that this is a miracle. This is true; her recent behavior is definitely a massive improvement from how Katherine acted before. For instance, at her very own wedding (just a week before Bianca’s), she defied her newly wedded husband, and even ordered him around, “Do what thou canst, I will not go today, no, nor tomorrow, not till I please myself. T h e d o o r i s o p e n , s i r. T h e r e l i e s y o u r way,” (Shakespeare.3.2.214-6). Even before her wedding, Katherine was notorious for creating a clamor wherever she went with her violence and

sharp-tongue. A man named Tranio even once claimed, “…that wench is stark mad or wonderful forward,” (Shakespeare.1.1.70). After comparing her attitude from before and during Bianca’s wedding, it is evident that something must’ve happened to make this possible. The only person that could be responsible for this drastic improvement is none other than Petruchio of Verona. It seems that Katherine’s husband has accomplished what he said he was going to do: tame Katherine the shrew. For all those who doubted him and his eccentric methods, better reassess their thoughts about him. Through depriving her of sleep and food, Petruchio successfully tamed his shrew… or did he?Despite Katherine’s change in conduct, people are still questioning whether Katherine has truly submitted to Petruchio, or if she is a victim of the Battered Wife Syndrome. Because Petruchio ‘tamed’ Katherine, it is highly feasible that she may have this syndrome. Although the Battered Wife Syndrome usually goes unrecognized, it seems quite noticeable in cases such as Katherine’s. In these severe cases, the woman will do whatever the husband pleases. After all, the physical and psychological abuse a husband can do to a woman can really affect her behavior. How Petruchio treats Katherine at home goes behind closed doors, and we may never find out how badly Katherine was and perhaps still is mistreated. On the other hand, many are talking about Petruchio’s extreme taming antics. Just incase anyone has not yet been informed of this, here is a recap of how Petruchio supposedly tamed his shrew: Right after Katherine and Petruchio’s wedding, Petruchio immediately swept Katherine off of her feet and brought her home. He then proceeded to complain that any food his servants brought was marred, and didn’t allow Katherine to eat anything. Throughout the day, Petruchio continuously argued with Katherine about the slightest issues. Continued on Page 12...

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Katherine the Shrew: Tamed or Suffering from Battered wife Syndrome? Continued


orse still, at night, he would not let Katherine sleep. To date, that is about the only information we know about K a t h e r i n e a n d P e t r u c h i o ’s relationship, but it is just enough to deduct that there is a high chance that Katherine has the Battered Wife Syndrome.If it is really true that Katherine is suffering from the Battered Wife Syndrome, who is there to blame? All fingers point to one person: her very own father, the wealthy Baptista Minola. Everyone in Padua knows that Baptista wanted to marry off Katherine before letting others court his younger, affable daughter, Bianca. Although he meant well with his decision, it could have done more bad than good, and may be the reason why Katherine is stuck in an abusive relationship that she may never be able to get out of. Another highly debated question about this topic is: ‘Why won’t Katherine leave Petruchio if he is mistreating her?’ Likewise, this could be Baptista’s fault. The people of Padua all know that Baptista favors his younger daughter, Bianca. Because of this favoritism, Katherine might not feel loved or wanted. This could be the reason

Bianca and Lucentio holding each other after their wonderful wedding. Lucentio gave an awkward smile for the cameras to spice up the photo.

why Katherine has decided to submit to Petruchio; in the hopes that someone will finally love and take care of her. In addition, Katherine may be scared of her husband. After being mistreated by Petruchio, it would not be surprising if Katherine were living in fear. Whether Katherine has truly been tamed or not may forever remain a mystery. In any case, one thing that all citizens

of Padua have agreed upon long ago is to thank Petruchio. Believe it or not, without Petruchio and his efforts to tame Katherine, it could be possible that she would have remained a shrew for the rest of her life. In essence, rejoice, people of Padua, as Katherine the shrew is forever gone… or at least we hope so!

Gremio is surprised as usual while Katherine is being carried away from the wedding on Petruchio’s shoulder. His disrespect for the wedding shocks everyone. They leave immediately after getting married instead of staying for the reception.

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Is the race to win Bianca Minola finally over? Continued...


Lute sale at Market this Friday!

o that’s it. Signal the trumpets because Bianca is wed and Baptisa Minola is done meeting suitors. Or so it would seem. Recently, at a banquet celebrating the marriage, Lucentio called Bianca from her chambers and she refused to come!

Does anyone want to buy a lute? I am selling lutes at the local farmers market on the Friday after Bianca’s wedding. I will be selling lutes for only 100 Lira! It is an outstanding price for a lute in this troubling time. For those of you who don’t know what a lute is, it is a similar looking instrument to a mini guitar. I have tuned all of them and their sounds are impeccable! I won’t be accepting anything less than 100 Lira. As supply runs low the highest bidder will receive the their price and the fabulous lute!

She further surprised everyone by insulting Lucentio and said, “The more fool you for laying on my duty.” (Shakespeare. 5.2.144) Was there a shrew lurking underneath that humble exterior all along? Perhaps Lucentio will have to ask Petrucio for a few taming tips. Don’t return your fake disguises and lutes just yet disappointed suitors, for in the lives of these Paduans anything can happen!

Come and get your lute while supplies last!

Where: N. Minola Rd. Padua, Italy Near corner of intersection

C lo si ng fo r M o nth ly Ne w sl e t t er

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L a R iv is ta P ad o v a Thanks to all who re ad and enjoyed this month ’s issue of La Rivista Padova ! I hope that everyone cont inues reading our local m agazine. It would boost our spirits and encourage us to write more and better. As our company continue s to grow so do we. I am ha ppy to announce that La Ri vista Padova is now hirin g qualified workers fo r

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