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Scary  Mommy  at  a  glance…     •  1.5  million  visits/month     •  255,000  +  Twitter  Followers   •  51,500    Facebook  Followers   •  Confessions  of  A  Scary   Mommy,  from  Simon  and   Schuster,  debuted  in  April   2012  on  the  New  York  Times   Bestseller’s  List.     •  Scary  Mommy  Nation,  a   non-­‐profit  pending  501C3   approval,  benefits  the  SM   community  through  grants   and  special  programs. As  a  small  business,  we  have  to  be   very  s elective  in  which  bloggers  we   put  our  m oney  into  to  maximize  our   investment  and  reach.  Jill  of  Scary   Mommy  was  a  perfect  fit  for  us!  We   could  tell  s he  took  a  lot  of  time  and   consideration  in  working  with  us.  She   is  very  open,  honest,  approachable,   and  funny,  and  her  readers  love,   respect,  and  trust  her.  We  would   definitely,  and  I  m ean,  DEFINITELY,   work  with  her  again.     -­‐  Megan,  Modern  Bird  Studios.     Regis,  Kelly,  Oprah,  Rachel  and  the   rest,  I  can  do  without.  If  I’m  going     to  put  stock  in  anyone’s  point  of   view,  The  View  I  dig  is  Jill’s.    -­‐  Lara,  Certifikid   Scary  Mommy  has  a  large,  loyal   following  of  people  genuinely   relating  to  her  humorous  portrayal   of  m otherhood  in  all  of  it’s,  err…   glory.  It  is  the  whole  package.   -­‐  Jennifer,  Want  to  Grow  Marketing.   Advertisers  will  not  only  benefit    from  her  huge  fan  base,  but  will  also   enjoy  a  platform  that  is  constantly   updated  and  upgraded  —  keeping   users  on  the  site,  interacting  with    the  site,  and  coming  back  for  more   of  Scary  Mommy’s  humor  and   honest  take  on  parenthood.    -­‐  Ann,  Listen  to  Your  Mother  

About  Scary  Mommy       What  started  as  an  innocent  on-­‐line  baby  book  to  chronicle  Jill  Smokler’s  stay-­‐ at-­‐home  days  with  her  children  quickly  transformed  into  a  vibrant  community   of  parents,  brought  together  by  a  common  theme:  Parenting  doesn’t  have  to     be  perfect.  Owner  Jill  Smokler’s  honest  take  on  parenting  has  appeared  in   numerous  publications  and  television  programs,  including  The  Today  Show,   The  New  York  Times,  Good  Morning  America,  Nightline  and  CNN.           The  Review  Board     Scary  Mommy  has  recently  implemented  an  opportunity  for  companies  to  have   their  products/services  exposed  to  our  passionate  community  of  moms.   Mirroring  the  site’s  theme  on  honesty,  the  Scary  Mommy  review  board  was   created  for  members  to  offer  honest,  comprehensive  reviews  about  products   and  provide  invaluable  consumer  feedback.  Think  of  it  as  your  own  focus  group!     $400  /  5-­‐10  member  product  review  (products  must  have  a  value  of  at  least  $75   or  be  supplemented  with  a  gift  card.)     Other  Brand  Opportunities     $1500  /  product  review  by  Jill,  (Scary  Mommy)  including  Facebook  and     Twitter  amplification. $500  /  Sponsored  Scary  Mommy  Newsletter,  reaching  over  20,000  users. $500  /  Sponsored  blog  post,  including  Facebook  and  Twitter  amplification.       Special  campaigns  are  handled  on  a  case  by  case  basis.     For  more  information,  please  contact      

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