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impossible abstraction Walk facing up, mix the roofs of buildings, with the branches of trees and pieces of sky, has the property for me, not just look at things from a different perspective, also i introduced this into a kind of abstraction very attractive. I love to practice it one occasionally. Camera in my hand, if is possible. After several collisions with a light pole or street lamp, the body and mind begin to adjust to the new situation and abstraction begins running. I’m not in Berlin or anywhere else, I’m in the light. In one of these I discovered that, basically, I’m photosensitive. Also, that even if you are thinking you are a polar beard and go to live to Alaska, the phone will not turn off. Pee pee ... “You have a new message”. This series is the result of several walks, practicing contemporary abstraction.

Glocalization is a project by Sonsoles Lozano

“Press for many magazines needs to go out today. Send me the line up and infos for 5.12 as soon as posible.” Ron. 9-Nov-2009 13:59:27 “How are you? Im sorry i didn make it to your party. How was it? How is EVERYTHING with the apt? Call me please.” Andrea. 6-Dec-2009 12:20:41 “Ei lo d mañana no es una iglesia sino una sala d cine dnde gente joven religiosa se junta y hacen misas.” Oriol 27-Nov-2009 17:32:35 “Sonsi! I´m not going to klass, but we can drink Kaffee! I call you 1 hour later! Kussen.” Tati 26-Nov-2009 12:07:09 “He quedado a las 7 con 2 florecillas. Te vienes?” Vicente. 6-Dec-2009 15:55:57

“Hi its Steffy! Call me we have to do this today!” Steffy 8-Dec-2009 10:10:54 “Good morning sweet. Hope everything is good for ur movement. I think i Hill have the sofa. Sorry, but we find another one. Kuss” Chris 8-Dec-2009 11:21:07 “Hello Darling! Thank you so much for the fantastic party saturday night! I was so hot kissing with you!” Emme 7-Dec-2009 13:35:42 “Soonsiii….:(“ Steffy 21-Sept-2009 01:01:25 “Nena stoy kon la petra y q si, q x 50 y ella nkanta! Jeje” Yoyo. 26-Sept-2009 02:51:39 “Sonsi, can you please bring my violet jacket tonight!” jessyca 25-july-2011 15:43:10 “ El concierto es mañana! Vamos al bethanien al kino, a las 9” Ari. 2-Aug-2010 20:21:59

Kottbuser Tor architecture. Berlin, 2011.

DDR Architecture. Around Alexander Platz. Berlin, 2009 .

90´s New Architecture. Around Postdamer Platz. Berlin, 2010.

“Hasenhayde cancelado…acabamos de levantarnos :s” Ingrid. 18-july-2010 20:43:05 “Mami vamos a la piscina de neukolln a las 3!” Ingrid 11-july-2010 13:24:49 “lets meet 15:30 at the corner que pasa?” 23-june-2010 13:57:58 ¨Estamos en el club des visionaires!” Monai. 22-june-2010 23:19:42 “Hey Sonsoles!. Estoy al solecito en Volkspark fhain, te apetece venir? Un abrazo, Miguel. 25-Apr-2010 17:56:18 “guys! i´m out and i dont have a pc, i dont know if we have agreements! lets catch up at 11 somewhere for drinks?x” aurora 23-july-2011 20:49:47 “stamos n l bateau joie. hace skina. enfrente dl papa no. bso.” aurelio 23-july-2011 12:34:26 “guys! im here at the boat!you´re coming,right? B-)” aurora 13-july-2011 19:32:38

90´s New Architecture. Around Postdamer Platz. Berlin, 2010 .

“first thing i bought in amsterdam: a book! ;) küsse for you!” jessyca 24-june-2011 12:45:02 “sonsoles lozano, our addres: gurtelstrasse 35, u can take warshauerstr, then right in frank.alle, cycle till frankalle ubahn, then turn right! call if u re lost. xxx” aurora montalvo 16-june-2011 14:21:42 “sonsi this is tricia rufe mich zurick!” tricia 10-june-2011 22:03:00 “hi sonsi. come and pick the madrasse up when you want. kisses annika. 17-may-2011 11:19:53 “gutten morgan son! it´s andrew. andres wants me to drop his posters off this week. when are you at the store in the evening this week?” andrew. 10-may-2011 09:36:26 “ “going to krummelanke see today if anyone wants to join. marina and i are biking and leaving in about half an hour :)” isabel. 9-july-2011 13:28:08 “hi guys, are you still at tempelhof? isabel 25-june-2011 18:23:22

“ Nena guapa estams d cervecita y burrito en el ta´cabron. Vente.” Nati 05- Sept-2011 20:35:02

“Hello! Tomorrow at one is a change. At one in seond place in spanish will be Sonsoles, in place of Javier. Cheers! Javi 13/12/2011 21:10:47

“Hola sonsoles! me voy de Berlin! hace tiempo ya que no nos vemos pero quiza podriamos ponernos al dia este viernes? quedaré con amigos en algun bar para” Miguel 4-Octubre-2011 15:30:43

I´m drinking it now. Also added lemon. It´s actually good! Thanks for the tip :) Though i pity people who have ro smell my onion breath”. Kx Kim 07/12/2011 15:59:04

“Sonsi. We are meeting hannah Susi and Oaski at the market at schönleinstr at one to eat fish and drink cofee. Wanna Joyn?” Annika 8-Octubre-2011 09:20:50

“ Neni perdona por molestar tarde, pero necesitamos el nombre de dokumental de que nos hablaste hoy. de Nazis! gracias y buena nit”. Anna Delik 08/10/2011 01:03:31

“Argh it disconnected, sounds like a bad day :( i am on the tram, wont be long, see you soon. x” Isabel 25-Oct-2011 14:00:12

“Hola Son, soy Tareq, se me olvido decirte ke si viniera alguna carta, abrirla por si es importante y avisarme por sms si quieres, muchas gracias! Y feliz navidad”. Tareq 21/12/2011 13:06:23

“Mami no lo logramos hoy. Estamos haciendo cosas para el martes con cansancio ansias y stres! Mañana thablo, beso” Papi Oscar. 23-oct-2011 16:36:10 “Reminder for meeting tonight. Normal place is closet but we will meet close by. Will contact this afternoon to let you know details” Shiring 27-Octu-2011 09:58:37 “Hello love. I´m much better :) ready to dance. So tonight we´re thinking of going there at 8. Sadie and i thought we´d all meet before hand, but not sure where yet. I will let you know” Kim 10-Dic-2011 11:50:46 “Sis, wanna come over for dinner tonight or wednesday? Kisses! Jess. 19-Dic-2011 12:44:57 “Remember- focus- then produce...Super love. Kx” Kim 17-Dic-2011 10:00:05 “Hey lovely, you are up early! Ok, thank you! Ill give you a call later! It looks like world war 3 started in the falt!” x” Sadie. 26-Dic-2011 10:19:17

“ Parece que te llevaste los tickets de Red Berlin. llevalos mañana gracias un beso.” Sandeman 22/12/2011 18:02:54 “ Ho ho ho! Que tal? Yo acabo de llegar a casa. Al final fue bien, un grupo majo. Como van los pollos? ;-)” Javi 25/12/2011 16:20:06 “Hey lovely, you are up early! Ok, thanks you! I´ll give you a call later! It looks like world war 3 started in the flat! xx Sadie 25/12/2011 10:00:34 “Felicidad, salud, amor y serenidad! mis mejores deseos xa ti corazon, ya llega el 2012 iupi! abrazo cosmico Karmela 31/12/2012 22:31:43

Architecture been questionated. Berlin, 2011. 90´s New Architecture. Around Postdamer Platz. Berlin, 2009 .

K:“ Hallo. So i was thinking now that you have a fucking Iphone we could make history documentaries. Film short clips about certain places or events and then post them? I think it would be fun, educational and a good thing to do for my visa! What do you think? S: Wow, fantastic! creative and cultural! We should meet to speak about visa, places plan and what you have in mind. Now my brain is jumping. Dinner today at my place? I have here some material i would like to show you. Hugs! K: “ I´m on my way to Hamburh now. Back on Wednesday. I want to do one on the Hauptbahnhof (I´m here now!) Then also one that is sort of like which city has 4 airports?? Berlin! Go to all the airports, ending at Tempelhof and going through its history. Then the obvious places too.And perhaps you know some more non-obvious places? I´m thinking of posting it as a half “visit Berlin” half “how much do people know about Berlin history” type thing. Meet up later in week? Thursday or friday? S: Enjoy! Eat fish in Hamburg. Thursday is good tome. Yes, i have a lot of ideas, places and material. Actually is a project i´m working on it but with photos, missed video. Anyway we need to seat and speak calm. Good trip. 14/02/2012 Berlin

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