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MEET SPENCER CARR As a graphic artist, I consider myself to be a visual communicator. Every project into which I put in effort, I am always creating meaning and desire. The way the user thinks, uses and feels about these products or services is all influenced by the design. Creating something beautiful is simply not enough. A designer must include the user in his or her thought process. Anticipation of a user’s problem fuels the creative process and allows the designer to foresee possible solutions. I am manipulating choices within each of my designs. My design aesthetic is characterized by sophisticated color palettes, modern arrangements and minimalist approaches. I highlight the important information in every project with the upmost attention to detail. For my work, it’s more about quality and less about quantity. There’s little design elements involved but the quality and precision of their treatment leaves a meaningful impact. These simplistic approaches help the user to better navigate design, minimizing distractions or confusion. As a professional, I desire to always deliver designs with the end user in mind. I not only want to help a user with their problems but shape their ways of thinking and approaching design in their everyday living. My professional career will be defined by my imagination and the ideas that arise from them. I will use thought and intellect to lead, innovation and perspective to redefine and art to entertain.





















Genital Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States. More than half of sexually active men and women are infected with HPV at some time in their lives. The challenge is to design a campaign that raises awareness amongst parents that their sons can now be vaccinated against HPV. The advertising campaign is sponsored by Gardasil. It targets parents of young boys in the age range of 9 to 26 years of age with a special focus on parents with boys 11 to 12 years of age. The success of this campaign will be measured by the number of parents, both mothers and fathers, who chose to vaccinate their sons who are 11 to 12 years of age with the Gardasil vaccination to prevent against HPV. A theme of arcades and games contained in them connects with boys of this age as well as mothers who are familiar with their sons playing them. Imagery remains age appropriate and without coming across too strong. The headline delivers the strong message that disease prevention is a serious issue. It raises the importance of vaccination through striking imagery and bold headlines. A simple layout places emphasis on the imagery and the nature of the message. Credits: Gardasil (Logo), iCade (Imagery)

3 Print Advertisements Interactive Direct Mailer

Left: Print Advertisements , Right & Above: Direct Mailer constructed to pop up when opened


The High Museum of Art is known for hosting the most fascinating exhibits in its area. The High Museum is always looking ahead with its contemporary art

2 Environmental Banners Exhibition Brochure

collection. The objective is to create banners and a brochure for Sebastien Perschoux’s upcoming exhibit, Beyond Graffiti. The upcoming exhibit will target a younger demographic with those familiar with the Museum but not keen to visit. Sebastien Preschoux is a string artist. Various line systems evoke the artist personal style. Each piece stands alone as its own work of art in addition to the artist’s work. To simulate Preschoux’s use of bright string in dark spaces, bright neon colors are contrasted against a dark background. For the brochure, one side features the many highlights of the High Museum of art while the reverse showcases the upcoming exhibit. The same type and color choices from the poster design were carried over onto the brochure. The type and layout ensure that the design feels modern and fresh. It appeals to target audience by presenting something new and interesting. Credits: High Museum of Art (Logo & Imagery), Sebastien Preschoux Imagery


Following a human-centered design approach, the app, Teacher PlanIt, fulfills daily tasks and needs of educational instructors, the target audience. The target audience consists of both male and female professional educators with a need for organization. The main task of the app is to create an easy-to-use program in which users can manage their classroom tasks all in one place. Tasks such as lesson planning, grading and attendance are featured on the Teach Plan-it app. The purpose of the app is to provide important teacher-oriented tasks to users who enjoy simplifying and organizing everyday. It provides organization, planning and other teaching tools. A lesson planning portion has been designed within the app, allowing users to craft goals and objectives for the classroom. An interactive scheduler and calendar feature allows users to review past learning plans and completed objectives as well as update and track new or existing learning goals. With a neutral and tranquil color scheme, and a minimalist design, Teacher Plan-It makes the user experience easier to approach.

User-Centered App Interface Web Interface

Left: App interface showcasing the lesson planning feature, Above: Web inerface pages that allow the user to sync their work generated on the app onto the web


The Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is a AAA Five Diamond Award resort and the first country club in Ponte Vedra. The campaign targets business men in

Logo Redesign Interactive Locator App Interface

the age range of 35 to 45 years of age. These men are husbands who travel frequently to conferences around the country and occasionally bring their families along with them. The redesign features a more modern, updated logo as well as an interactive floor plan detailing the expansive layout. To reimagine an updated logo identity that showcases the high-end, luxurious offerings of the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, a thin, angular type face was chosen. To accompany the text, a traditional argyle pattern got a modern update with an angular geometric twist. These geometric pattern also references golf for which the resort is known for. A color scheme consisting of blues and purples reflects the natural landscape and ocean, as well as a sense of tranquillity. The app layout remains in keeping with the identity by providing a clean, simple and easy to navigate interface. Credits: Ponte Vedra Inn & Club (Imagery)



The above screens showcase just one of the many user tasks contained within the app. In this scenario, a user has chosen to view an interactive guide of the lobby and nearby conference center.

I’m twenty-five years old and from West Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’m the second oldest of seven children. All me and my brothers and sisters are U.S. citizens. We were all born here in the United States. My dad is Guatemalan—he is an immigrant. And my mom is Salvadoran—she is also an immigrant. They immigrated to the United States about twenty-five years ago. About seven years ago my mom and my dad were both deported at the same time, on the same day. I was a senior in high school. I remember the day clearly. I said goodbye to both my mom and my dad like a normal day. I knew they were going to immigration court but I never thought that I would never see them again. That was the last day I saw them.


The ‘Say Yes’ project, in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, advocates for fair and inclusive federal immigration reform. The campaign targets ethnic men and women in the state of Florida who are immigrants, had family members who immigrated or know of someone who has immigrated from a another country to the state of Florida. The project design features a strong advertising and social media campaign, that showcases the many voices and stories of Florida’s immigrant demographic. The design consists of mostly text but remains thought provoking. To highlight the main goal of the campaign, for immigrants to share their stories, a reimagined red speech bubble was used for the logo. A check mark was put in place of the ‘Y’ to signal immigration reform in relation to voting. To continue the telling stories, all print advertisements for the campaign contain stories from an individual in the target market. This design carries over to the Facebook and Youtube portion of the campaign, encouraging people to say yes to immigration reform. Credits: Florida Immigrant Coalition

Promotional Poster Social Media Web Banners

Left: Campaign poster featuring a quote from an immigrant involved in the ‘Say Yes’ project, Right: Social media campaign advertising the message of immigration reform. Banner ads carry over the continuity of the message.


Bath and Body Works will be adding on to their already extensive listing of product lines. Their newest endeavor involves luxurious laundry detergents

Product Line Logo Laundry Packaging

and softeners combined with their signature scents. In order to grow Bath & Body Works target market in their newest line amongst Caucasian women age ranging from 34 to 44 years of age, the design references branding reminiscent of existing signature scents. A logo for the new line of Bath and Body Works detergent and fabric softener has been created to reflect the parent company. Packaging also exists for two of the products contained in this product line. Nature-based photographic imagery and clean type treatments were carried over into this product line from Bath and Bodyworks’ previous branding. Overall, the finished pieces represent the existing Bath and Body Works brand while building a separate framework for future product extensions. Credits: Bath & Bodyworks (Logo)

pure awakening

Left: Packaging concept for Bath & Bodyworks laundry detergent, Right: Packaging concept for Bath & Bodyworks liquid fabric softener


Connect Magazine helps fine artists in the digital age. Online portfolios, personal branding, cult followings happen online. Many artists only way of finding work is through the internet. Connect Magazine serves as a guide to help artists navigate through the interweb and develop an online identity that promotes their artistic inclinations. Connect Magazine is geared more towards entrepreneurial artists and offers more business commentary. The final mass head identity for Connect Magazine is unique, artistic and futuristic by giving the lettering a sense of three dimensional building blocks, or connectors. The design also features the layout of a feature article. From front to back , the entire magazine feels modern and credible through the choice of type and color scheme. All articles relate to self promotion and personal branding. Since the magazine is designed to be viewed digitally, the flow of iPad screens guides the overall layout to provide functional flow and easy to ready text. The final design is modern and leads fine artists into a digital future. Credits: Jeanette Hayes (Imagery), the Creators Project (Content)

Magazine Masshead Digital Magazine Spread


The final design is an multiplatform instructional campaign for Korfball, a proposal for future Olympics inclusion. Iconic branding is in use to create instant

Branding Identity, Logo Web & Mobile Interface

recognition. The campaign targets the Olympic committee as well as sports enthusiasts who are on trend with current sporting games. Since Korfball requires a team of both males and females, the instructional campaign targets males and females in their early twenties and thirties. The goal and objective of this project is to create iconic branding for the sport, Korfball. The two main colors, purple and yellow, are signature to the actual ball the game is played with. These colors were carried throughout the deign. Athletic type, full of movement, was chosen to reflect the target demographic and compete within its industry. A simple, easy to navigate layout avoids confusion with those whom are unfamiliar with the sport.

Left: Web interface featuring fantasy league play and online user profile, Above: Mobile web interface for users on-the-go


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is an organization dedicated to multiple social issues. One of their main focuses is on surveillance and digital privacy. The final objective informs the American Civil Liberties Union target demographic about government surveillance and how it undermines the right to privacy. The campaign targets a younger demographic of 18 to 24 year olds who are active social media users and engage within the digital community. The campaign communicates the message that the ACLU defends American’s right to privacy and security by restricting the broad scope of government surveillance and data collection. To accomplish this message, a print advertisement gives a scenario in which a user’s privacy might be invaded. Through type and layout design, the advertisement appears to be a classified, government document. A digital kiosk furthers this message by allowing users to spy on unsuspecting users as well as take an active role to see who is spying on them. Finally, a video ties all the messages of the campaign together by asking, ‘Who’s watching you?’. Credits: American Civil Liberties Union (Logo)

Print Advertisement Interactive Digital Kiosks Campaign Video

Left: Interactive digital kiosks that allow the target audience to interact with others near their current location. Users can choose to spy on others or track those spying on them., Above: Campaign video showing the threat of privacy invasion.


CalyRoad Creamery brings the flavor of the countryside to the table. Farm fresh ingredients and commitment to quality create the delectable flavor of

Logo Redesign Packaging Concept

their artisan cheeses. To add a stronger brand sophistication, a design update provides the creamery with packaging that matches its artisan craft. The new branding identity establishes the CalyRoad Creamery as knowledgeable and delectable. In order to appeal to the target audience, adult men and women who are college educated in the Atlanta area, a more organic and natural personality was injected into the branding. This was accomplished in the simple layout and minimal colors. The artisan hand crafted, fresh-from-the-farm quality was introduced through a muted color profile, formal & sophisticated typefaces and dairy farm illustrations on all packaging. Credits: Calyroad Creamery (Content)

Professional Portfolio, Spencer Carr  

Digital showing of portfolio work done by the graphic artist and visual communicator, Spencer Carr.