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Defying expectations, defining masculinity

Ado les scents The scent of trouble ADO LES SCENTS is a brand that manages to walk the fine line between things that seem opposite ends of the scale. Especially in terms of masculinity and sensitivity. Two seperate worlds that never seem to collide. ADO LES SCENTS believes in charging into this collision. Using the best of both worlds to give new life and meaning to what is created in the middle. Fusing vulnerability with masculinity does not make one less masculine, if anything, it creates more masculinity. The brand’s logo embodies this. A finetuned balance without hierarchy. ADO LES SCENTS is unequivocally linked to that exciting time of adolescence. Leaving that period, men are supposed to be up-standing citizens. Unemotional, without any specific wants or needs, let alone when it comes to fashion. But, this conventional way of thinking is not totally on par with real life. And this is where ADO LES SCENTS leaves its mark. Defying expectations, defining masculinity.

ADO LES SCENTS by HYUN YEU Contact Scarlett Rachamim - Brand consultancy +31657575760 Thomas Stevens - Brand consultancy +31642160978

SALES/SHOWROOM/PRESS Ado Les Scents by Hyun Yeu head office KNSM Laan 183 1019 LD Amsterdam The Netherlands M +31646072621 PR Jan schoon Communication & pr Jekerstraat 86-2 1078 MG Amsterdam M +31614668371 Photography by Tarone Rachamim Styling by Scarlett Rachamim & Thomas Stevens Graphics by Scarlett Rachamim & Thomas Stevens

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