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October 31, 2008 Volume 66, Issue 3

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WADG Holds Mock Election Mollie Westbrook

During the October 28th lunch hour, students lined up in the cafeteria, anxiously awaiting their turn Indeed, these students were waiting for a chance to cast their ballot to vote for their candidate of choice running for one of three major government positions: President, Governor, and Congressman. “It’s a great opportunity for kids to start thinking about being a citizen and what that means,” said Herr Studt, sponsor of the World Affairs Discussion Group, WADG. The election, held before school and during lunch, was formatted to give students a taste of how the voting process actually works. In order to be eligible to vote, a student had to register before the election and was required to show their student ID to the volunteers working the polls before voting. “We tried to set it up like a realistic polling station with voter identification checks and privacy [for the students while voting],” said junior Victor Gutwein, a member of WADG. Students responded well to the format WADG had set up. “It was fast and efficient,” said

Guest Columnists size up the candidates on page 4.

registered to vote and 64% of those registered students actually voting on election day; a higher turnout percentage-wise than the national election of 2004 of George W. Bush vs. John Kerry. MOCK REGISTRATION: The rate of registration for the mock election fall to One student was the percentages for the real election. so eager to particithem the importance of voting in pate that she went all the real election as well,” she said. the way home at lunch Students agreed that the mock to get her student election provided them valuable ID. While this mock experience. “I think [the mock election has no impact election] will help people get on the real one taking ready to vote when they turn 18,” place on November said sophomore Allen Chiu. 4th, it will hopefully Overall, the mock election was have an impact on deemed a success by the student students who will be body and WADG. Now all stueligible to vote in the dents have to look forward to is next few years. “My November 4th, when the actual goal was to encourage... election results are announced. kids to realize that it’s Regardless of who wins, students important to vote,” said VOTING: Freshman Brian Anderson exercises his right to vote in the mock election. will now know what it takes to Herr Studt. Monica express their opinions when time Kalwani, President senior Adil Ghafoor. comes for them to cast their ofof WADG, agrees. “It will show WADG’s realistic format and fi cial ballots. them the importance of registerthe enthusiasm of the registered ing in advance and how it’s easy students made for an excellent to miss the deadline and showing turnout, with 43% of the school Graph by Mollie Westbrook.

Photo by

Darin Larimore.

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Play the Race To The Presidency board game on page 6-7

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page 2 october 31, 2008 Global Learning Center Astounds Foreign Language Students By Yi Yang

After nearly two years of planning and construction, the West Lafayette Education Foundation, with support from the School Board, finally unveiled the Global Learning Center this month in its latest effort to bring the highest level of technological capability and instructional enhancement to West Lafayette students and faculty. Initiated in early 2007, the project went through a careful and longdeveloping process to reach the launch of its construction in June of this year. According to Principal Larry Allen, “This is a program that was put together by the Education Photo by Kyle Turco Foundation, an organization West Lafayette initiated with the State legislators to make possible for local schools to have an educational foundation as a part of its overall plan.” Kathleen Anderson, chairperson of the Foundation’s Projects’ Committee and member of the School Board, explains the initial steps taken in formulating the plan: “We had some preliminary meetings and came up with a list of long term and short term, high capital and small projects. We tried to narrow it down to some projects that we thought were feasible and needed. We thought that it was an opportunity that the students were missing.” Geared especially towards the foreign language classes, the computer lab is equipped with an advanced software system called “Genesis.” As technology specialist Zach Baiel explains, “Genesis, similar to VisionClient, can allow teachers to broadcast their screens to students. But now there’s also voice capability. Every station has a voice set. You can either raise your hands physically or there is a way to digitally raise your hand… Teachers can intercom straight to the students with the head sets on, or they can broadcast to the entire student body.” Genesis

also allows for one-on-one student communication, a feature French teacher Stephen Ohlhaut describes as working “perfectly well.” A state-of-the-art project also comes with heavy expenditures. According to Anderson, $198,000 were spent in total. The Education Foundation, as described by Allen, is “a vehicle to private funds,” including donations from alumni, businesses, corporations and individuals. Due to the magnitude of the expense, the already-limited Corporation

also accounted for part of the cost. Speaking on behalf of the Foundation, Anderson added, “We were very interested in making sure that the interests of the school corporation’s funds were not negatively impacted by helping to finance the Global Learning Center.” Despite its financial communication, the finished lab has been praised by school administrators, teachers and students. “I’m really excited about using it and seeing how we can operate it through its maximum potential, to increase particularly spoken communication,” Ohlhaut commends. “It’s cool and up-todate with the latest technology. It will definitely help us communicate better,” says Junior Crystal Johnson. “It’s a fun new way to converse with other students,” Junior Courtney Galbraith agrees. At the onset the project, according to Anderson, goals were set because, “We wanted to offer a twentyfirst century, multi-media, digital capability for world language instructions. We wanted it to be different from other classrooms.” Now, after its completion, Allen remarks, “The foundation has made a decision to make it work…and it works right here.”

volume 66, issue 3


ECO Has a Whirl of a Time at Nearby Wind Farm By Madeleine Bien With continually fluctuating energy prices, the movement to “go green” seems to be incessantly picking up speed. West Side’s own Environmentally Conscious Organization, as the name suggests, is constantly searching for ways to educate themselves on all things “green,” and last Wednesday was no exception. After school on Wednesday, OctoPhoto by Zarina Madan ber 22, ECO took a field trip to visit the Orion Energy Group’s Benton County Wind Farm. The farm consists of about 54 turbines, with more planned for construction, 33 of which supply energy for Duke Energy. With each turbine standing 260 ft. in the air, the farm could potentially act as the sole energy provider for a 24 square mile radius. ECO made the trip with the help of sponsor Mrs. Warner as well as Earth Systems teacher Mr. Collins, who drove the small group in the mini bus. ECO President Becca Jones said it was important for the group to make the trip “To just create a better understanding of how wind energy works and to see the impressive number of how many turbines there are and to talk to the people there and just understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.” Recent developments by Duke Energy and other similarly motivated energy companies have begun investing serious time and money into the potential for exuberant amounts of wind energy from Indiana. In August 2006, Duke Energy purchased about 100 megawatts of electricity for 20 years from the Benton County Wind Farm. On the company’s website, Duke Energy Indiana President Jim Stanley is quoted as saying “Clean, carbon-free wind-generated energy is a good addiction to our power sources. The agreement [between the wind farm and Duke Energy] was the first significant, long-term purchase of wind power in Indiana. It’s also a boost to the local economy.” Jones adds, “I think everyone should go to the farm because it is amazing. You just have no idea how majestic [the turbines] are until you are standing right in front of one.”

New Jr. High Newspaper Prepares Students for the Future By Victor Gutwein West Lafayette High School currently has a school newspaper that has been around for many years. However the newspaper monopoly that the Scarlette holds on the school will soon be ending, as the Junior High plans to fill the gap in the Scarlette’s market. Under the guidance of Kathryn Eshelman, junior high student editors Amani Farooque and Neha Ramani began the daunting task of initiating this newspaper. The new junior high newspaper will be coming out monthly, which Eshelaman says may be a little ambitious but that it is good to have goals. The purpose for the paper is “…to create a newspaper so we don’t have to wait until high school and we have better chances of getting into the [real] newspaper,” states Amani Farooque. The newspaper’s staff state that they want to have many different types of stories, including student of the week biographies, features, and an art section that will include,

to many junior high students’ relief, comics. The newspaper will include a sports section, which will cut down the number of announcements first period. Most of the responses from people with connections to the junior high have been positive. American History teacher Ann Harding thinks that, “Yes, it’s a good way for them to get practical experience in writing, and to let the students know what their peers are doing.” She also gave her advice to what the paper should include. “You need sports, human interests, and junior high activities.” Innon Sanders voiced his approval and recommended that the paper include “sports, and information about the teams” and “people writing about our school and our activities.” Overall, the junior high newspaper plans to get students involved in journalism early on while providing a medium to get the word out on the 7th and 8th grade news. “We’re trying to have something so that when we go to the Scarlette we will have more experience and it will be better,” says Amani Farooque.

OPINIONS Scarlett e Staff Staff Editorial page 3 october 31, 2008

Small steps for being enviromentally friendly Many great historical figures did not drive their cars to school: Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, a young Henry Ford. But in today’s society, automobiles are ubiquotous, and most teenagers cannot wait to drive to school. Yet as more and more authorities place the brunt of the blame on man’s actions, we at the Scarlette strongly encourage West Lafayette High School students to try to reduce their carbon footprint by not driving to school. Helping the enviroment is not the only benefit derived from not driving to school. Under some insurance plans, if you do not drive to school or work, you can be classified as a “habitual driver” and pay less per month for the same coverage.

There are many alternatives to driving to school. You could ride the bus, though they are often habituated by rowdy junior high kids. Walking is a feasible option, especially to the many students who live blocks from the school. If the school is not within walking distance, you could turn to bycicling, though try to stay out of the roads. Student drivers are not always friendly to cyclists. If you want to ride in style, you could sell your car and buy a Segway, instantly becoming the envy of all your friends. Even if you do not stop driving to school, be aware of your own pollution: carpool, take shortcuts, stay in for lunch. You will be in good company. After all, Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t drive.

How to Survive: (Animals were not used in the testing of the following procedure) By Craig Troemel

Scenario: You are in an abandoned airplane, your pilot’s license hasn’t been renewed in ages, and your altitude is dropping at an alarming rate. Situations like this are not very common, unless you’re Harrison Ford and you’re filming Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Also known as the worst Indiana Jones movie, until this year anyway. Now it’s up for debate.) Survival are slim. Lucky for you, there is still a chance. First, scan the plane for parachutes. If you are lucky enough to find one, first make sure it is

real, and not just a knapsack. We are trying to avoid the gruesome fate that has plagued so many of our favorite cartoon characters throughout the years. If it’s real, simply read the label placed conveniently on the right strap and let it rip. (It’s basically like reading a recipe, except this time if you mess up, instead of having soggy muffins, you die). If no chute is found, quickly survey the land around you. Estimate how long you have until impact and note any wooded, watery, or marshy areas beneath you. They key is to exit the plane at the lowest possible altitude, leaving enough real estate to safely avoid the ensuing explosion. Before you jump, think back to your physics days with Mr. Spencer. The greater surface area you produce, the slower your terminal velocity will be, meaning that you will hit the ground with less force. For example, a free faller in a

volume 66, issue 3

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The Scarlette Editorial Policy Scarlette provides a limited forum for reader expression. Letters to the editor must be received seven days prior to publication date in the box provided in the office. Letters should be 250 words or less. Longer submissions may be considered as a guest column. All are subject to editing for content and length. Personal attacks and unfair attacks on businesses or unsigned letters will not be published. The editorial represents the views of majority of the staff. Views printed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the faculty, staff, or administration of the WLCSC. Mission: The Scarlette strives to create a publication that is informative, entertaining, accurate, and professional. The mission of the Scarlette is to accurately, truthfully, and professionally report on events and issues that are of interest to the student body, entertain readers, and serve as a valuable archive of the happenings of the school.

cannonball position normally falls at about 200 miles per hour. In contrast, that same person reduces his/her speed to about 125 miles per hour when they are fully extended. For this reason, it is time to begin frantically searching for anything that could greatly increase your

surface area. Tarps, bed sheets, capes, and curtains will all come in very handy. Baggy shirts, umbrellas, and/or umbrella hats aren’t ideal (Every little bit helps). So, tarp or whatever grasped tightly in hand, calmly exit the plane. Spread out as much as possible to maximize surface area. The bugs in the teeth will not be pleasant; however, if this is your biggest problem, then you’re sitting pretty. If all of the above directions are followed, and you are one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth, you will hit the ground (hopefully in that marsh or bog that we spoke of earlier) gently and without any major trauma or bodily harm.

OPINIONS Guest Opinions: Election Showdown page 4 october 31, 2008

volume 66, issue 3

Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for McCain

Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote For Obama

By Zoe Masters

By Stewart Burns

10. Sarah Palin thinks the Vice President should have more power than Cheney, thinks she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her house, makes assault victims pay for rape kits, created the position of city administrator in Wasilla, increased the city’s debt by $20 million while she was mayor, never actually sold that jet on eBay, and was found guilty of a serious ethics violation.

10. He wants to teach kindergarteners about sex. 9. He promises tax cuts to 95% of Americans; over 30% don’t pay income taxes. 8. No flag pin! 7. Would lead a Democratic Congress that has an approval rating of 15%. (Bush is at 28%.)

9. America would never regain its standing in the world

6. “We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections,” Ahmed Yousef, political adviser for Islamic extremist group Hamas.

8. John McCain thinks the Iraq war was a good idea. 7. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. 6. “On the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day, I’ve been totally in agreement and support of President Bush.” –John McCain 5. He’ll continue Bush’s tax cuts for millionaires and nothing for Joe the Plumber.

5. His female staffers earn 83 cents for every dollar male staffers make. (Secretary of the Senate pay information)

4. John McCain keeps talking about Bill Ayers the washed-up terrorist because he doesn’t have answers on any of the real issues. 3. He doesn’t know how many houses he owns. (The correct answer is 7, and 13 cars.) 2. John McCain is older than both of Barack Obama’s parents, SPAM, Israel, Godzilla, zip codes, the peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, and Sarah Palin’s home state.

4. He missed 46% of votes in Congress.

1. My friends, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Photo originally by Jim Bourg. Aquired from Roitters.

3. Contrary to his belief, the surge in Iraq is working! HUH?: Guest columnists Zoe Masters and Stewart Burns manage to repress their political ideals. Photo by Alyeesha Puri.

2. “I’ve now been to 57 states—I think one left to

go.”-Barack Obama at an Oregon rally. 1. You can vote for John McCain.


The above opinions are those of the guest columnists and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Scarlette staff.

page 5

october 31, 2008


Candy: The Heart of Halloween Marissa Koors

Somewhere among Jack’s various displaced lanterns and the belfry’s bats lies the heart of Halloween. Its subtle pulse beckons, imploring people to don ridiculous costumes and brave the chilly October night. It’s the reason that plastic ghosts and pumpkins dapple front yards and that lines form on neighbors’ doorsteps. Candy. It’s the proverbial Holy Grail. Those five little letters are enough to make the mouth water, but what actually constitutes a good piece of candy? Some dentists say sugar is sugar, but it is not so. The difference between a savory delight and a gob of saccharine goo is often indiscernible to the general public, but it is oh-so-obvious to the candy connoisseur.

Candy Corn: It’s the staple of the fall season, the cream of the candy crop. While not all too reminiscent of its namesake, it is a candy that is loved and hated by many. Its fans praise its mellowcream composition and seasonal aesthetics, while skeptics often compare its sweetness to that of cough syrup. SweeTarts: Reminiscent of lemons rather than candy, these little discs are enough to make lips pucker. Many enjoy this aptlynamed candy, but be careful. These compact candies contain a respectable amount of citric acid—an incarnation of “less is more,” it seems. Dum Dum Lollipops: Another common candy that peppers treat bags across the nation is the Dum

volume 66, issue 3

than eat, and as such, they are often not worth the time of ingesting. Not only this, but their chocolaty scent and color are deceiving. They taste like watered-down chocolate at best and their chewabilSUGAR BUZZ: Some of us can’t get enough sugar come Halloween. ity factor is off the Graphic by Sunshine Gong charts. They will stick to your teeth Dum, which comes in a variety and pull those fi llings right out. of flavors. While chocolate and bubble gum might not be so appetizing, blue raspberry and root beer more than make up for the losses. Though sticky and timely to consume, Dum Dums are classic treats that often appear in candy dishes long after the Halloween season has passed. Tootsie Rolls: These iconic candies take more time to unwrap

Fun-Sized Chocolate: Perhaps the true Halloween candy classics are the fun-sized versions of popular chocolate brands. Most often seen at this time of year, many people debate whether they are really as “fun” as their name claims. Portion control doesn’t have to start young, as many candy-giving adults seem to believe. Live a little; chuck the fun-sizes and give out the real thing.

page 6 october 31, 2008

volume 66, issue 3


features october 31, 2008 Margaret Duvall Shalu Mittal Gayatri Narayanan

START Saturday Night Live invites you for a political sketch. Your popularity among young people increases. Move forward 1 space.

Your party’s national convention is bigger and more fun than that of your opponent’s party. -Obama, move forward 1 space. -McCain, move backward 1 space.

Take the Bridge to Nowhere back.

Former Republican cabinet member endorses Obama.

You lose the fervor of your supporters when you don’t pick Hillary Clinton as your running mate.

-Obama, move forward 2 spaces. -McCain, move backward 1 space. SCANDAL! You are associated with a terrorist and his involvement in ACORN. -Obama, move backward 1 space.

-Obama, move backward 1 space. The public questions your experience. -Obama, move backward 1 space. -McCain, move forward 2 spaces.

People can’t tell the difference between your VP candidate and Tina Fey -McCain, move backward 1 space.

-Obama, move backward 1 space.

Your grandmother falls ill and you must put your campaign on hold to visit her. -Obama, lose a turn.

-McCain, move backward 1 space.

You are endorsed by the enormously unpopular incumbent, President George Bush

SCANDAL! The teenage daughter of your VP candidate is pregnant. -McCain, move backward 1 space.

-McCain, move backward 1 space. Your opponent says that rural folk “cling to their guns and religion.”

Skip ahead on the Bridge to Nowhere.

Your old pastor hates America.

Your campaign spends $150,00 on your VP candidate’s wardrobe.

Throughout the 2008 presidential race, candidates have been under severe scrutiny. The press analyzes every move they make, and the public rarely misses an opportunity mock them. Here you, too can expeciernce all the excitement and carnage that is the Race to the Presidency. 1. Use a coin to determine how many spaces forward to go. Heads is 1; tails is 2. 2. Only follow penalties one time per turn. 3. Remember, this is only a game. Don’t get too excited or take attacks personally. We love all our candidates!

volume 66, issue 3

-McCain, move forward 1 space. -Obama, move backward 1 space.

Both you and your VP candidate are accused of incessant rambling. -Obama, move backward 1 space.

You decide the economic crisis is more important than your campaign. -McCain, lose a turn.

page 7

You forget how many houses you own. -McCain, move backward 1 space.

5,000 yard signs for your campaign are stolen by strong supporters of your opponent. Move backward 1 spaces.

You make a good impression at a debate. Move forward 1 space.

END Your VP candidate is interviewed by Katie Couric. -Obama, move forward 1 space. -McCain, move backward 1 space.

Congratulations! You’ve become the leader of the free world. Your prize is an astronomical debt and an economic crisis!

page 8

october 31, 2008


volume 66, issue 3

How to Dress for Halloween in Style By Maryam Noureldin Although many students here at West Side have already picked out their costumes for Halloween, there is always a group of students who figure that a sudden epiphany will come to them on the day of Halloween. Now, a student could always make a quick run to Halloween USA and pick out a generic costume, like Dracula or Frankenstein, but what’s the fun in that? Half the fun of Halloween is collecting random items around your room or buying vintage clothes from AAARRRG!: Dina Yakubova poses in a pirate Goodwill and creating costume. a costume. So for those short on ideas, here are some easy, original ideas that will make an impression.

could keep chanting “Yes, we can,� and mention “change� in every part of your conversation. As Sarah Palin, you could wear a Miss Alaska sash, create her signature hair-style, add glasses, and talk in a folksy, down-home accent. For Joe Biden, you can try convincing everyone that you see that President Franklin Roosevelt was seen giving a speech on TV during the Depression.

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to dress up as one of the presidential/vice-presidential candidates, either for support or ridicule. Obviously, you would wear a suit for all four politicians but each one of them has distinguishable characteristics. If you wanted to dress up as John McCain, for example, you could put on a tag that says “Hello, my name is Maverick,� and refer to everyone by only their first name and profession. For Barack Obama, you

Students can also draw inspiration from something they are daily influenced by: the television. Famous TV characters, like J.D. and Turk from “Scrubs� or Dwight Schrute from “The Office�, are instantly recognizable.

Photo by Kirstyn Schaefer

VAMPIRE LAND: Become one of the Cullens and live forever as a vampire. Photo by Kirstyn Schaefer

YOU BETCHA: Senator Sarah Palin has the signature style for this haloween season. Artwork by Gayatri Narayanan

Switch Roles: Since cross-dressing is a big hit at costume parties, dressing up as your boyfriend/girlfriend will be twice as funny. Usually, you wouldn’t need to buy any new clothes since their wardrobe is already available; with a little bit of makeup and a few essential accessories, you’ll look like the member of the opposite sex in no time. To really play the part, try talking, acting, and even walking like them.





Spin-off from the Original: SWISH AND FLICK: Dina Yakubova styles a witch’s costume. Photo by Kirstyn Schaefer

We all know many clichĂŠ costume ideas, (ghosts, superheroes, vampires, etc.), but what students can do is take a generic costume idea and diverge from it. For example, instead of going as a vampire, you could go as one of the Cullens, characters from the Twilight book series. Timely Costumes: When in doubt, do what Tina Fey would do. November 4 is right around the corner and this




([S ([S ([S




page 9 october 31, 2008

The other team just loses hope and cannot wait for the game to be over. A winning team cannot always put in a JV team early because players are limited to 5 quarters a week. Also, there is the idea of sportsmanship to consider. Where is the line drawn in sportsmanship when your team is up by 21, 30, or 96? Or when you, the winning team, look out on the field and notice that you are still keeping your starters in, while the other team has already put in their JV? But is it good sportsmanship to run the clock, and take away or shorten a player’s career just because his team has played poorly? Although there are many arguments on both sides, I believe that the mercy rule should be installed in Indiana at a set point total so that a running clock can begin. Also, why not just extend the number of quarters that players are allowed to play, thus allowing the JV team to be put in earlier and play longer? Being on the losing side and continuing to get blown out is something no one wants.

Instituting The Mercy Rule By Nick King

We put the junior varsity in. I can’t tell the kids to not play when we are up by 70 or more. This is just one of the many statements that I heard from coaches whose teams have won handily in contests around the state. The worst part is that the losing team has to continue to sit there as the clock stops on every play, as the chains move or a pass is incomplete. That is where a running clock comes in. For example, when a team is up by 40 or more, the clock should begin to run and never stop until four quarters have been played. This is because there should not be more time for a team to run up the score on the other team.



765-447-5996 Mention this ad & save $100!

volume 66, issue 3

Sports Injuries Becoming More Common By Peter Chen Acquiring sports injuries is a common occurence in all sports. It’s like the inevitable crumbling of a loaf of bread. Each little crumb needs to be cleaned up but they are very hard to get rid of, just FOOTBALL SCAR: Seniot Andrew Wiese will permanently have this scar from like sports his torn ACL. Photo by Debasree Ghosh injuries. They are bound to happen and the most we can do is long and hard road but you have to keep moving on.” try to limit them. Another big season-ending Every day poses new risks. injury was that of senior Jessica Nobody wants to get hurt but Gwin. During sectionals she they can’t prevent accidents from broke her jaw. This took her out occurring on or off the field. for the season. Junior Francesca Cleats help you maintain a Shipsey, Gwin’s stand in, grip in grassy fields, but when said,“Jess is an important leader such fields are destroyed by on our team, she’s basically precipitation, the leg muscles are the spirit behind our team. It strained. Most common injuries are due to extra strain or overuse. was really hard to play as a cohesive unit without her support Some accidents are more severe when she was injured, It was a and last longer than a simple struggle to try to fill in her shoes sprain, such as a tear in the and was basically impossible. muscle or a broken bone. These Her influence on our team is are usually caused by sudden immeasurable, and there was a impact and an awkward landing or extreme stress. Football player challenge to not have her on the field since the team this year is so Andrew Wiese had a torn ACL close.” because of this. This took him Injuries are tragic and should out for most of the season. As a be avoided, so be careful and take senior, this can be devastating. Wiese says “It [the injury] was the preventive measures. Remember, worst thing ever and it has been a always ice and stretch.

sports october 31, 2008 Obscure Sports:

Sports That West Side Should Have By Elena HogenEsch

Sports are to many students a release from the mundane; an opportunity to challenge themselves and to express their competitive nature without reprimand from peers or teachers. However, our school appears to be behind the curve on the sports of tomorrow. Below is a list of sports that should be added to West Side to invigorate students, leaving them more awake during class.

Lawn Darts: This game consists of two even teams throwing 12 inch darts in to a horizontal hoop lying on the ground. Originally, the darts where made with a weighted metal tip. After a series of skull fractures and deaths, especially in young children, true lawn darts were banned in the U.S. However, safety darts can still be found in such wonderful places as WalMart.

Footbag (a.k.a. Hackeysack): Net Footbag is no longer limited to Bob Marley fans. A competitive sport since 1972, the game is played over a five-foot high net, with the same knit ball that is used in garden-variety hackeysack. The International Footbag Players’ Association, Inc. says on their website that Footbag Net “combines the coordination of soccer, the court strategy of tennis, and the set-and-spike strategy of volleyball, all while using only the feet.” My You Tube research indicates that middle-aged men currently dominate footbag net but our West Siders could take it to a whole new level. Unicycle Hockey: The game is self-explanatory. The rules are essentially the same as regular hockey, except for the unicycles. Personally it is a lot more fun to watch people on unicycles smash each other into walls than people on skates.

Another bonus is that the sport coed. If you find out your significant other is a scumbag, challenge them to a game of unicycle hockey. I’ve heard it’s highly therapeutic. Free Running: According to Wikipedia, Free Running is “a physical art in which participants (free runners) use the urban and rural areas to perform movements through its structures focused on freedom and beauty.” In actuality, it’s a lot cooler than that. Think Casino Royale’s opening chase scene. Free runners can run up walls, jump from building to building, and vaulting over obstacles using only their bodies. Now imagine our very own 007s catapulting themselves off every West Side surface.

volume 66, issue 3

Cold Cash for Cool Style

page 10

At Plato’s Closet, we buy and sell brand name gently used clothing and accessories. And right now, we’re stocking up on fall and winter apparel for both guys and girls. So bring in your hoodies, denim, jackets, tees and more, and we’ll pay you cash on the spot! Stop by now and

Change Your Clothes.

3450 State Road 38E Lafayette Marketplace Next to K-Mart 449-1990

Other Sports That Should Be Offered EXTREME IRONING: One of the many sports that West Side should consider having. Graphic by Gayatri Narayanan

Extreme Ironing: Perfect for adding excitement to chores, extreme ironing combines “the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt” according to And yes, it was invented by the British. Athletes crawl through caves, traverse waterfalls, and climb mountains with their ironing boards on their back, in a quest to find the most extreme place to press their shirts. People have ironed while skiing down slopes and kayaking through the ocean.

·Men’s Volleyball ·Frisbee Golf ·Competitive Cup Stacking ·Lacrosse ·Ultimate Frisbee ·Competitive Eating ·Chess

·Badminton ·Speed Reading ·Croquet ·Sledding ·Lawn Golfing ·Polo/Water Polo ·Tug of War

page 11 october 31, 2008 ARTS


volume 66, issue 3

W. : Misoverestimated By Anne McDougall

In one of W.’s better scenes, Bush and his key advisers take a walk on the ranch while discussing the future Iraq invasion. Suddenly they stop and look around. “Did we miss a side route?” someone asks. Apparently unconcerned, Bush continues to lead the group down the same path. This metaphor, while obviously intended to refer to the mismanagement of the war, applies equally well to the movie. W. (directed by Oliver Stone, who, much like his interpretation of Bush, is somewhat overconfident in his talent) doesn’t seem to know in what direction it’s going or even what its purpose is. W. can’t decide whether it’s a psychological study of Bush the man, or a satire on the ignorance and incompetence of Bush the politician: in trying to cover everything, it covers nothing deeply enough to be satisfying. Much like the Bush administration constantly changed the rationale for the Iraq war (finding WMDs, then spreading democracy, then defeating terrorism...), W. constantly shifts focus. W. devotes about half its time to covering Bush’s early life in unoriginal biopic format. There’s nothing here that we haven’t heard again and again: Bush parties his way through college, fails in a succession of business ventures, and escapes all consequences thanks to his privileged background, though disappointing his parents. Then he turns his life around when he settles down with librarian Laura Welch, gets treated for alcoholism, and finds Jesus. The scenes depicting his youthful debauchery are entertaining at first, but soon become

W. holds potential to be a brilliant dark comedy, but instead it uneasily attempts to straddle satire and conventional film.

IS OUR PRESIDENT LEARNING?: Josh Brolin impersonates President Bush in this fall’s ancipated political film, W.

monotonous. The film’s other main weaknesses are its alleged psychological insights, which never go deeper than conventional wisdom and are made with no subtlety whatsoever. Apparently the sole reason Bush did everything in his political career was his desire to escape his father’s and higher-achieving brother’s shadows. Viewers know this because they are told directly 10-20 times over the course of the film. Stone explains the disasters of the Bush administration by portraying the president as merely a wellmeaning buffoon manipulated by his advisers for their own malign purposes. While it is perhaps impossible to ever truly know Bush’s character, the answer is surely more complex than “He’s pretty stupid.” The shallowness ultimately becomes frustrating. W.’s best moments come when it most closely approaches outright satire. The standout scene is the most bitter and ironic: as Josh Brolin

gives one of Bush’s actual speeches before the war, the scene cuts back and forth between the actor and actual news footage of politicians (including John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain) enthusiastically applauding the war-mongering rhetoric. The bite comes as a shock after more than an hour of relentless non-controversiality; also, unlike many other jokes, this one isn’t sledgehammered to death. Also suited to comedy are the performances of Richard Dreyfuss and Tony Jones, who successfully portray Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, respectively, as exuding permeating sliminess, yet don’t overdo it. W. holds potential to be a brilliant, surreal dark comedy, but instead it uneasily attempts to straddle satire and conventional film. If the film had been less realistic, it might, perhaps, have been more truthful on a deeper level. Overall, W. is an acceptably entertaining way to spend two hours; people who are bored and have nothing important to do for this length of time should see it. However, it would probably not stand up to rewatching and will not ultimately achieve lasting recognition.

page 12 october 31, 2008


volume 66, issue 3

Todd Rayman Takes the Floor By Marie Zhang

Rodd Tayman is not a spelling error, but a name that can often be heard throughout the halls of West Lafayette High School. The nickname belongs to this week’s featured senior, Todd Rayman. So what is a day in the life of Todd like? “Well” he explains, “I wake up, eat a Special K Bar for breakfast, have a wonderful morning. After school I go to football practice, and then I go home.” Besides being a part of the football team, he is also a part of the wrestling team. Other sports he enjoys outside of school include snowboarding and

GOOFY STUNT: Todd poses on the football field. Photo by Darin Larimore

paintball. When asked about some of his favorite things, Todd says that he likes any kind of music, but specifically country. His favorite movie is Waterboy and his favorite food is shrimp. Although indecisive about his favorite place to hang out, he has a lot of friends to hang out with. One of his friends, senior Joe Flynn, is also on the wrestling team with Todd. He says, “Todd and I have been best friends since 5th grade.” Junior Hannah Reisman also commented on some of the funny and goofy things that Todd has done, which include cutting his hair into a mullet and dressing up

as Waldo from Where’s Waldo? She also exclaims that Todd is a “sexay” beast and requests for Todd to be her prom date. On what makes Todd fun to be around, Hannah Reisman states, “He’s just ridiculous.” Joe Flynn adds: “He’s just the Rodd.” Although undecided on where he is going for college, Todd says his goals in life are, “To be dominant in college and be successful.” As for words of advice on being cool, he says, “Make good decisions.” Athletic, goofy, and fun. Add a nice beard to the mix and you’ve got Todd Rayman, a pretty cool guy.

Seriously Speaking... If you could be any kitchen object, what would you be and why?

“A blender because I like to dance.”

“I would be a dishwasher because they make life easier and everyone likes them.”

“The sink-snake-sprayer “A rolling pin because thing. You’re so powI’d feel so powerful rollerful but you get to go ing over people.” crazy!”

-Jake Weiss, freshman

-Courtney Baxter, sophomore

-Nicole Weckerlin, junior

Dispatch from the Ninth Circle

-Laura Trice, senior

“A paring knife. Utility.”

-Mr. Mullis, teacher

Comic by Gayatri Narayanan and Yi Yang

Quotes taken from Mr. Ambrose as he crafted young minds “Spitting gum into the drinking fountain is a senseless crime. It’s even more senseless than murder. At least when someone kills someone else, there is normally a motive.” “Who here likes to shop on the internet? I love it. NO HUMAN CONTACT!” “I heard the Jonas Brothers for the first time this morning. I’m hooked.” “There’s a better chance of dinosaurs returning to earth than of me going to Augusto’s birthday party.

October 31  

Volume 66 Issue 3

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