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Strange things are afoot at the pool BY ALYSE ALLRED Perhaps you’ve seen various AP Chemistry students hanging around the poolside throughout the week, toting briefcases containing odd-shaped lab equip-

ment and mysterious powders. Perhaps you’ve even watched them sampling the water of our resident pool. But you probably haven’t noticed the changes. That’s because there aren’t any. Yet.

Give it another year, though. Partway through the first nine weeks, Professor Ernest R. Blatchley of Purdue’s Engineering Department gave a presentation to West Side’s two AP continued on page 2


PACKED AWAY: The flags that were originally hung in the current commons area are now in a box in Mrs. Bentlage’s office.

Where are the waving flags? BY ABBY BIEN


WATERWORKS: Gauri Shastri and Xiaoqin Zhu perform experiments by the pool.

Gotta get down on Black Friday

Last year, before the junior high lockers were moved and replaced with the commons area, rows and rows of flags from different countries were displayed on the ceiling. Recently, many students have noticed their absence and were curious if and when they are coming back. When the flags were added around five years ago, the junior high student council led the project. Each flag represented the country of origin of at least one student in the building. It was a way to show how diverse the school was. It was something that people enjoyed looking at and discussing. Because there were really no negatives concerning the flags, why they are gone is a mystery. When Mr. Shriner was asked to explain, he said, “We didn’t know what to do with them after the renovation. They were really

dirty and some had water damage too. There honestly wasn’t much deep thought put into it.” The flags were wet and faded because there was a water leak in the ceiling. He also said that because the flags were representing the students five years ago, they probably are not an accurate portrayal of the current student body, given that a whole new group of students are here now. Currently, the flags reside in multiple boxes inside librarian Mrs. Bentlage’s office. She found them in boxes on the floor this summer, and because she didn’t want them to be thrown away, she took them. “I wanted them to put them back up. They showed all of the diversity in our school.” She plans to eventually display them throughout the library once a janitor is around to help her out.


shoppers. Some of these shop- and stand in line for TVs and For most, Thanksgiving pers get hardly any sleep, waking Blu Ray players.” This year, means a delicious meal filled up early to get in line for the best Mishra will be heading straight with family and fun, usually deals. to Best Buy to purchase a new followed by a food-inTV and a camera. “It’s duced coma. For some, “My dad and I go crazy pretty crazy,” he says. however, the Thanksgiv“My favorite part is the on Black Friday!” ing meal is just fuel for the adrenaline rush and evmain event of the week- Shiv Attul Panigrahi eryone running into end: Black Friday. stores.” Black Friday is the culJunior Kimberly RiveSenior Sameer Mishra is one ra and her family also take adminating event of weeks of advertising on the part of the West Sider who annually takes vantage of Black Friday deals retail world, and days of plan- part in all that Black Friday has every year. “We do all of our ning by some enthusiastic to offer. “We get up around 3 continued on page 2

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FLYING AGAIN: Some flags can be found hanging in Mrs. Bentlage’s classroom.

David Afolabi is awesomely skilled PEOPLE, PAGE 8



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News West Side


November 16, 2011

John vs. John

Incumbent John Dennis defeats John Polles in the West Lafayette mayoral race. By Elena Sparger Republican incumbent John Dennis won the West Lafayette mayoral race last week in a landslide victory, capturing over 70 percent of the vote. The voter turnout, however, photo by Elena Sparger was startlingly low--only The People’s Choice: A sign in support of John Dennis 11,816 out of 45,067 regisstands in front of a West Lafayette home. tered voters (that’s 26.2%) showed up at the polls to cast their vote. Dennis claims in the Journal and Courier to have won - revamp major city roads race by promoting his - involve youth/Purdue students the undisputed performance - analyze city markets to spur during his first four years in office, and by targeting economic development high school seniors and

John Dennis’s Goals:

Purdue students. A small portion of those 11,816 people are some of our very own West Side students. Senior Christin Keen is one of these new voters. Christin turned eighteen in May, and said, “I was excited to vote because I’m eighteen and I can now.” Others shared a similar sentiment. Sarah Burns, another senior, commented on being able to vote for the first time in this election saying, “I wanted to be a part of something that actually affects me.”

The result of the election especially affects student drivers. One project Dennis has proposed is a restoration of some of the major city roads, including Happy Hollow Road and Salisbury Street. These are roads traveled by many West Side students on a daily basis. He also has a plan to spark economic development in the city by properly analyzing the market and giving developers incentive to invest in property. One problem for those just turning eighteen is an

unawareness of how to take part in an election. Senior Jake Weiss turned eighteen months ago, but said he didn’t vote because “I didn’t register in time and I didn’t know I needed to register.” Considering that part of Dennis’ platform includes getting young citizens involved in the community, perhaps before the next election, information on becoming legally eligible to vote will be made more widely available. This would increase the currently low voter turnout.

Strange things are afoot at the pool continued from page 1 Chemistry classes. His plan: a three year test for new techniques for cleaning swimming pools, using West Side’s pool as the testing ground. During all three years, the researchers need the assistance of the resident students to conduct the daily tests on pool water. “[The tests] measure the free and total chlorine in liquid phase in the pool and trichloromine,” explained Merhnaz Afifi, the Purdue graduate student who assists in the gathering of this information. Excess chlorine of these phases, which includes the strong scent we generally associate with the pool, is not the chlorine that is used to clean the pool. Instead,

it is the result of chemical reactions that happen between the cleaning chemicals and various substances generated by patron swimmers. These unintended chemical by-

duct the 45 minute test once a week. Different students monitor the pool on different days, but at consistent times; for example, Zhu and her partner, Gauri Shas-

“[It’s] a very good opportunity to be involved in actual research.” -Mr. Von Werder

products pose a variety of health risks. “It’s not mandatory,” said AP Chemistry Student and participant, Xiaoqin Zhu, “but really interesting.” Individual students are assigned to a partner with whom they con-

Opening times of local Black Friday hot spots:

- Walmart 10 pm - Macy’s 12 am - Best Buy 12 am - Target 12 am - Kohl’s 3 am - JCPenney 4 am - Sears 4 am - Tippecanoe Mall 4 am

tri, run the tests every Thursday after school. However, merely testing the pool water does not cover the full extent of the project. In fact, it only covers about a third. Although the pool testing will continue

over the full course of the project, there are three main phases. The first year is the least interesting. During this time, daily measurements are taken in order to monitor the weekly and monthly fluctuations that are normal to the pool, and use them as comparison against the experimental data. It isn’t until the study’s second year that things get interesting. Starting next school year, the research team will begin using a new pool-cleaning technique utilizing low-pressure UV light. Following a year of this treatment, yet another will be used for the third year: high-pressure UV light. This does not mean that they are re-

photo by Alyse Allred

MAD SCIENTIST: Junior Gauri Shastri analyzes water samples to test for chlorine.

moving the old treatment; they are simply using the new in addition to the old. “[It’s] a very good opportunity to be involved in actual research,” says

Peter Von Werder, West Side’s AP Chemistry teacher. “When it’s all said and done . . . I think they’ll realize that they were a part of a significant research project.”

Gotta get down on Black Friday continued from page 1

Christmas shopping on Black Friday,” she says. Other West Side students echoed her sentiments, citing Black Friday as their main day for holiday purchases. The majority of Black Friday deals center around electronics, and they are also the most common draw for West Side students to forsake hours of

sleep. In the Greater Lafayette Area, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are considered by many seasoned Black Fridayers as the hot spots. All three stores open early, but getting there at the opening time does not guarantee entrance. “The lines are crazy,” says junior Angely Philip. “People get there sometime in the evening

and just camp out!” Philip is among those who also uses Black Friday as an opportunity to buy clothing and other fashion merchandise. Certain department stores, such as Macy’s, open almost as early as stores like WalMart, Target, and Best Buy. This year, the Tippecanoe Mall will open at 4 am with certain department

stores opening earlier. While many West Siders prefer sleepingin on the day following Thanksgiving, those who venture out in search of Black Friday deals and steals usually return home triumphant and satisfied. “It’s a worthwhile experience,” says sophomore Robin Zhang.

Sports West Side

November 16, 2011


A fish out of water Kaitlin LaPlant talks about her life as a member of West Side’s girl’s swim team.

she made, and calls the bonds only sport. “I’m lacking in the she makes her favorite part of coordination department,” she In junior high and freshman the sport. admitted. The West Side swim teams Friend and teammate Lexi P.E., each class is required put in about four hours of King says, “Kaitlin has been one to spend a unit swimming. of the top swimmers Many complain: on the team since the water is too “Kaitlin has been one of the top swimher freshman year, cold, changing in talent as well as mers on the team since her freshman is awkward, attitude. She always year, in talent as well as attitude.” swimming is too knows how to pump hard. On the flip -Lexi King the team up. She’s side, there are crazy, and we love her always those kids that way.” who feel comfortable in the training a day, both before and She said she admires all the water, and dive right in like they after school, all season long. new kids for their dedication, were born with flippers on their Kaitlin says swimming takes a and thinks they may help fill the feet. Junior Kaitlin La Plant is in lot of time and dedication, but gaps left by last year’s graduating reaping the rewards of success seniors. She’s excited to see a lot the latter group. of strong swimmers present this Kaitlin says she began make it worth it. Kaitlin swims both the 100 year. Looking towards the future, swimming in fourth grade, when meter butterfly and the 100 Kaitlin says she would want a friend talked her into joining meter breast stroke, but says to swim for a private college, Boilermaker Aquatics. She stuck the breast stroke is her best and possibly Depauw, and major in with it because of the friendships favorite event. Swimming is her biology or pre-med. by emily mack

photo by emily mack

just keep swimming: Kaitlin LaPlant starts her laps during an after school practice.

Get’cha head in the game West Lafayette’s girls’ basketball team prepares for the coming season. agrees saying, “It’d be awesome to win sectionals. If that hapDribble.Shoot.Swish. Com- pens, we’ll go from there.” ing off of a tough loss in the In order to win sectionals, the first round in sectionals last team is working on their shootyear, the girls’ basketball team is practicing hard to make sure that does not happen again. With more conditioning added to practices, the team’s goal according to junior Kayla Jones is to “run the ball the whole ing and having a strong defense. game” and wear out the opThe girls hope that all the hard posing team. work will pay off now that the Their head coach, Mrs. season has begun. Coach Schott Schott I says, “[We’re] tak- promises that the team will be ing baby steps with the hopes “great, and very fun to watch.” of winning sectionals.” Jones In order to have a good team,

by abby bien

getting along as a group is very important. Jones says that having good chemistry and getting along off the court helps them to work well as a team on the court. Schott adds that leaders are important in organizing the team and that seniors Becca Gwin and Carissa Pekny are taking on that role. “They have four years of experience and they know what I expect from the team,” said Schott. Both the junior varsity and varsity teams are hoping to have a successful and exciting season full of victories for the Red Devils.

It’d be awesome to win sectionals. If that happens, we’ll go from there.” -Kayla Jones

The athletes behind the desks

1) Ms. Heiser Ankenbruck

Compiled by rosanne page How well do you think you know your teachers? Find out if you can guess which teacher played which high school sports. Find the answers at 2) Mr. Stearns

3) Mrs. Bentlage

photo by grace palmieri

swoosh: Kayla Jones makes a shot during basketball practice.

4) Mr. Aufderhide

A) cross country, basketball, track, baseball B) ran track and hurdles through the G.A.A. C) Swim team, Water Polo captain D) volleyball, track E) competitive cheer and dance F) football

5) Senora Laydon

6) Mrs. Yoder

Features West Side


November 16, 2011

Veg out this Thanksgiving West Side vegans and vegetarians discuss their meatless Thanksgivings. By Harini Suresh Type “Thanksgiving” into Google Images and you’ll uncover about 24,300,000 results--most of which are turkeys. It isn’t surprising; after all, the turkey has evolved into the quintessential Thanksgiving trademark. For the vegans and vegetarians of West Side, though, the turkey signifies more than a thanksgiving staple they no longer consume. “The way the meat and dairy industries are run, and the way it affects the environment and the workers, I don’t support that,” explained junior and two-year vegan Hannah Lazarz. Recent vegetarian and senior Will Rankin agreed, adding that he learned of the problems with meat and dairy industries through several documentaries and research of his own. “I realized I actually have a voice when it comes to consumer products,” he mused. “It helps if one person starts doing it, because then maybe other people will ask me why, and they’ll understand the problems.” Senior Roberta Weiner became vegetarian when she was 13. She describes learning about a chicken processing plant. “After that I couldn’t bring myself to eat meat,” she admitted. “I started researching, and I saw there’s no reason to ever overcome this disgust, because it’s much better for the environment, and its better for

me.” On the same note, Rankin described, “I felt like I’d be healthier, and I’ve noticed a big difference.” Of course, with any big change comes challenges. “My mom would try and pressure me to eat meat,” said Rankin, and Lazarz agreed that she often has to overcome pressure from friends and family. “But it’s really not that hard,” he continued. “You just have to take the time to find the foods that you want, and then make an effort to go out and buy them.” Hannah, who became vegan after being vegetarian since seventh grade, said, “To me, it’s not hard because I have a legitimate reason.” Weiner agreed, saying she doesn’t even remember what meat tastes like. “The hardest part is actually explaining to people that are concerned about you that yes, you’re okay.” Approaching the holiday season, Lazarz said, is difficult. “I have a big family, and no one else is vegetarian or vegan. If I bring my own food to share with people though, it’s not a problem.” Said Weiner of Thanksgiving gatherings, “I bring my tofurkey with me. They like that esotericism.” Why not try some vegetarian options yourself this Thanksgiving? Who knows-you might even start your own tradition.

Hannah’s vegan tips:

Roberta’s favorite vegetarian options: - Miso soup - Barbequed tofu - Dahl

- Substitute eggs with flaxseed and water - Substitute butter with oil, applesauce, or bananas

By Briagha McTavish

Allegro Violin Shop

There is no law in the universe that states that when you go on a date with a girl, she is automatically your girlfriend. You have to make it official, but before you do this, you must follow what I like to call The Three Date Rule. I have to confess that this rule is not my brainchild, but that of my very wise friend. But when said friend explained it to me, a light went off in my head and I thought, this kid’s a genius. The Three Date Rule

is pretty self-explanatory: it simply states that you should take a girl out on three dates before deciding whether to ditch or make it official. Why three dates? It lets you really know what you’re getting into and helps you decide if you want to continue seeing her. The Three Date Rule also includes that you need to know what each of you want out of the relationship. Most teen relationships are ended because the two parties

each wanted something different. For example say the girl wants a casual fling, but you want a long term and serious relationship-it’s not going to work out. You can’t expect that she’s going to change her mind for you, no matter. You probably are tempted to ask, “Briagha, when do I make it Facebook official?” I say that it varies. Again, you need to discuss it with her, and DO NOT change your status as soon as you can because that puts her on the spot. In reality, making a relationship Facebook official doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t put a magic stamp on it guaranteeing its validity. Anyway, don’t stress yourself out too much over making it official. If it feels right you won’t have any questions or problems. Just make sure you communicate and you will be on the track to relationship success.

Rentals, Repairs, and Sales 765-420-9744

Photo by harini Suresh

Yum! Hannah Lazarz shows off her homemade vegan cookies.

By Kathrine Schulze

Buy the Book info:

Location: 1538 Main Street @ Five Points, Lafayette Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM- 7:00 PM Sunday: Closed

In April of 2011 Borders bookstore officially closed its doors - leaving a large gap in the book selling business in West Lafayette. To solve this problem, independent book stores have been popping up left and right. Most

notable is Buy the Book; an independently-owned book store in Lafayette. From non-fiction to fiction, from fantasy to comics, every type of book finds a home in this unconventional bookstore. With books set neatly on shelves through out the halls in

every room and even stuffed in closets, you would be hard pressed to not find a book that suits your interest. Being an independent bookstore their small staff is friendly and won’t hesitate to help you find exactly what you are looking for. But, if following Harry through Hogwarts or joining Katnip on her fight to the death does not sound the least bit appealing to you, Buy the Book still has you covered. They serve a full array of beverages at their cafe and their peanut butter chocolate brownies are the best brownies I have ever tasted. Their smoothies, while not up to par with Red Mango’s, are still delicious. Plenty of seating is available for you to sit and sip an espresso, read a book, or study for that impossible math test. With free Wi-Fi and an easy going attitude, Buy the Book invites you to sit down, relax, and stay a while.

Features The game is on! West Side

NOVEMBER 16, 2011


Video games are popular among West Side students.

by alyse allred It’s the holiday season, that special time of year that people start noticing their neighbors again, and attempt giving awkward peace offerings of baked goods before promptly forgetting about them again for another year. The festivities at this time include annual sharing . . . where people hand off their sicknesses to their best friends so that we can all enjoy the misery of the common cold together. There are a variety of illnesses especially prominent among high schoolers; however, that is not to say that all the illnesses are commonly known or defended against. This, of course, can easily lead to an epidemic, which could cripple life as we know it. Among the most threatening of these sicknesses is a virus commonly known as Fangirlitis. The earliest sign of Fangirlitis is almost always a sudden fixation with an object, whether it be a book, actor, or television series. This, however, is swiftly followed by a trance-like state when anything related to the object of their obsession is placed too directly in their line of sight. At the most severe stages, the subject displays manic-depressive behavior concerning the object, displaying bouts of jealousy, should a rival party appear, or overprotectness, should the object come under fire. Other symptoms include swooning, dizziness, drooling, and spurts of mindless babbling. There is an overwhelming tendency towards female infections, as is implied by the illness’s common name, but this is not always the case. While it is true that strains such as Fanicus vampirie (induces an obsession with vampire-related merchandise) and Fanicus bieberi (induces an obsession with feminine male pop singers) infect mainly females, similar strains, such as Fanicus bronii (induces an obsession with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) and Fanicus anime (induces an obsession with anime and manga) infect both male and females. There are increasing numbers in all of these particular strains, and while a cure is constantly sought for, and occasionally found, new species are constantly emerging. The Fanicus strains are contagious, but only seem to be transferred only after prolonged contact with an infected individual. In order to avoid infection, it is suggested to avoid such long bouts of contact at all costs. Please, let’s make this holiday safe for all of us high schoolers, many of whom have no time for sleep, let alone Fanicus induced obsessions. Good luck to you all, and may the best survive.

by kathrine schulze Call of Duty. Half Life 2. Battlefield 3. What do all these things have in common? They are all first-person shooter video games and they all take up most of West Side’s male (and some female) population’s time. But why are these games and those like them so addicting to the average teenage male? Video games, like many other forms of entertainment put the player into a new reality so the player can escape from day to day life for a few hours. They can become superheros, like in Batman: Arkham City where players take the role of Batman as he saves Gotham

City and defeats The Joker, co- of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. For vert ops, football players, and so those who don’t know what Call many others. of Duty (or COD) is, it is a first For Duri Park, and many oth- person shooter game series, set ers, playing video games is a way primarily in modern times. Modto relieve stress and is an outlet ern Warfare 3 releases tomorrow, for other interests. “I play when on 11-17-11. my brain is stressed out. I look at Other long anticipated games the characters and subconscious- include Skyrim and Twisted ly draw Metal. them,” The Elder “You get to be in a world says Duri. Scrolls V: For most, you couldn’t be in before.” Skyrim is though, a role play- Tommy Bien gaming is ing video just a fun game set way to spend time. “It’s a time two hundred years after the last killer. It’s probably the most fun installment, Oblivion. After the thing I have to do in my house,” assassination of the High King, says Evan Tragesser. Skyrim is in civil war and the The game that seems to be on character must defeat the noreveryone’s must-play list is Call dic dragon god Alduin before he

What does Thanksgiving say about you? by kathrine schulze

destroys the world. Skyrim was released 11-11-11. Twisted Metal is being developed exclusively for Playstation 3. It is Vehicle Combat game and is mainly made for multiple players. Unlike the previous eight installments of Twisted Metal, this one will most likely take place in an entirely different universe with new vehicle selections. It will be released in February, 2012. Some might wonder why video games hold such fascination with the male population at West Side. “They’re fun,” says Connor Forbes, simply. And in fact playing video games is not any different from any other time- wasting hobby such as sports, reading, or watching cheesy sitcoms.

6. Do you eat turkey on Thanksgiving? A) I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Stop asking me all these questions. B) Ham - so much better C) No, I’m vegetarian. Tofurkey!! D) Yes, otherwise I would have killed it for nothing 7. Why do many stores skip over Thanksgiving going from Halloween straight to Christmas? A) No one cares... B) There’s nothing to sell these people C) They do? I haven’t noticed. D) Because they suck. 8. When I say Black Friday you say A) Rebecca Black! B) Stay home and lock the doors. I won’t risk being trampled for a pair of shoes. C) I’m already in front of the mall waiting for the doors to open. Where are you? D) What?

1. Thanksgiving is a holiday because... A) NO SCHOOL B) We have an excuse to eat, A LOT C) To give thanks...? D) A reason to hunt turkeys in massive numbers 2. Why did the Native Americans help the Pilgrims? A)They were having an off day B) I don’t know; it’s not like I was around then C) Because they were nice D) In exchange for small pox infested blankets 3. What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday? A) Hello, football B) Pie...and more pie C) Family D) Did I mention hunting turkeys? 4. If you could go anywhere where would you spend Thanksgiving? A) Not here, West Lafayette sucks B) Home- it’s where my family is C) New York; I’ve always wanted to see the Macy’s Day parade D) The woods so I could hunt for my dinner just like the Native Americans did on that first Thanksgiving

9. So if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving you’re.... A) In front of the TV like most days B) Somewhere warm, Indiana is way too cold. C) I’m protesting hunting turkeys. D) Sleeping! 10. How do you make a turkey? A) First trace your hand, then add eyes and a gobbler to your thumb and feet to the end of your palm. You’re good to go! B) Don’t they come ready made? C) For the last time - I. Am. Vegetarian. D) Well, you set the oven to 350 degrees and.... Mostly A’s: All you want is a nice four-day break from school. Whether you actually celebrate Thanksgiving or not isn’t really high on your priority list. You’re going to be watching TV most of the time anyway. Mostly B’s: You’re a traditional “eat, sleep” Thanksgiving celebrator. For all you care the Pilgrims could have come over on the The Black Pearl and ransacked the Native Americans’ camp for food as long as you get your turkey, rolls, and pie every Thanksgiving holiday. Mostly C’s: You’re probably vegetarian, right? While your love of animals makes your Thanksgiving less conventional you still understand the meaning behind the holiday. Celebrating it with your entire family (annoying cousins included) makes it one of your favorite holidays.

5. Do you even like Thanksgiving? A) Why are you even asking? No school = freedom Mostly D’s: B) Turkey, stuffing, pie- what’s not to love? You do not have much faith in the historical background of the C) I guess... D) All those relatives! Sharing a room with my annoying cousin holiday. It’s really just an excuse for you to pull a GI Joe and go hunting for some poor innocent turkeys. is not my idea of fun.

Arts and Entertainment West Side

Page 6

November 16, 2011

Grace Harvey marches to her own beat “When she walks into the room, everyone around her smiles. It’s infectious.” This is how band director Mr. Conaway described this year’s drum major, Grace Harvey, who was ecstatic for the opportunity to lead the band this football season. Grace has always enjoyed band since she began, in fifth grade. She

and was thrilled about the opportunity. Although it was exciting news, Grace admits it was “kind of hard” at the beginning and took time to improve. But after helping to lead the band to the finals at marching band camp this summer, Grace is very respected among fellow band members. She wasn’t just given her spot as drum major, though. Several others

started marching band in eighth grade and now plays the sousaphone and flute. Conaway says Grace has grown into a fine musician, and has become “aggressive” as a leader. When she found out she was chosen to be the drum major, Grace “freaked out”

went through the audition process, which included conducting, vocal commands, and an interview. “Her interview and technique made her the best choice and really set her apart from the others,” said Mr. Conaway. “She earned it.”

by grace palmieri

“When she walks into the room, everyone around her smiles.” - Mr. Conaway

photo by Maddie Wojtalewicz

March!: Grace Harvey (center) leads the band in the homecoming parade as the drum major.

As the drum major, Grace’s job is to be the main student leader. Whenever Mr. Conaway isn’t available, she’s next in command. Although she still does what she is told

by Mr. Conaway, she also has more freedom in conducting the band, such as song choice and pace. She also leads warm ups during camp, conducts the shows and serves as a leader and

a role model for the rest of the band. She’s in a unique position, because she’s part of the students as well as a part of the staff. Grace says her favorite part of directing is getting

to pick out what songs they play and how fast they’re performed. “It’s a lot of fun and exciting, but there are times I’d rather be playing in the band, like during the boring games.”

Catwalk to Class Rachel Wiese brings big city style to school. Chauncey’s newest greasy spoon falls flat with mushy mixtures of beans, beef, and broth. by elena sparger If you haven’t heard of Dawson’s School House of Chili, you may be surprised to learn of their business model--all chili entrees. Now, I’m not the biggest chili fan out there, but I like a big steaming bowl every once in a while during the colder months of the year. So when I heard about the new restaurant, I picked a particularly chilly day and headed over to Dawson’s. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It didn’t seem like there could be much variety at an all-chili place. But when I walked into Dawson’s I was greeted by a very friendly staff, who explained to me the six different types of chili. These included vegetarian, spicy, tailgate, California, Cincinatti, and white chicken. Except for the white chicken and the tailgate, they all pretty much looked exactly the same. It seemed like the only difference between the six were the amount of bean types included. I was told that the tailgate chili is the most popular, so I chose to order it in a bread bowl. Next, I got to choose the toppings I wanted to add to my chili. They had things like cheese, sour cream, onions, habaneros, cilantro and a couple of other toppings. I got mine with habaneros, sour cream and cheese, and got a peanut butter and jelly on the side. With a small drink, altogether my meal cost over eight dollars. For the sake of the staff members who went above and beyond to explain the ingredients in each type of chili, I was hoping that it would be good. Unfortunately I found Dawson’s chili to be thoroughly unimpressive. It’s always a little risky to specialize in one very specific type of food, especially if it’s a seasonal food. Nobody is going to want a hot bowl of chili in the middle of the summer when it’s ninety-five degrees out. The combination of a poor business model and mediocre chili will probably put Dawson’s School House of Chili out of business by summertime.

by neha ramani Runway shows, magazines, and mannequins often feature styles that are hard to translate into the real world. Very few people can actually make these trends work in a daily, budget-friendly, school-appropriate wardrobe. Rachel Wiese makes this feat look easy. Rachel describes her style as girly, chic, trendy. “I dress up because I feel more confident and I feel like myself,” she says. What Rachel wears usually depends on how she’s feeling the night before, when she sets out her outfit.”It also depends on the season,” she adds. “In the fall I really like tights with a simple dress and a pair of boots”. Rachel says she’s able to look unique every day because, “I’m not afraid to mix up stuff so I can make a lot of outfits from what I already have in my closet.”

By buying a few pieces every time she goes shopping, she has been able to build up a solid wardrobe. “I get fun stuff too, but it’s important to get practical stuff that I can wear over and over,” she says. Rachel tries hard to follow what’s going on in the fashion world, and not just stick with local trends. “I get inspiration just by seeing what’s on the streets and also flipping through magazines like Seventeen, Vogue, and Teen Vogue,” she says. She also follows several fashion blogs, inlcuding “Kendi Everyday,” “What I Wore,” and “My Edit.” Blogs are a great way to see how other real people are incorporating a love of style into their lives. Many are written by and for “frugal-istas,” or people on budgets. This is useful, especially for high school students, because as Rachel

photo by neha ramani

Dare to Wear: Rachel Wiese is not afraid to experiment with style.

says, “It can get pretty expensive, and being sixteen, I just can’t afford that.” Rachel’s love of fashion began when she was around ten, and stems from the influence of her aunt. “She was always really fashionable, and I always looked up to her.” Another influence is

designer and former reality show star Lauren Conrad. “I’ve always liked her style and how it’s girly but chill.” Rachel’s advice to aspiring fashionistas is to not be scared. “Experiment to find your style, and then don’t worry about what others think.”

by Alyse Allred

Opinions West Side

November 16, 2011

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Are convocations effective?


PDA is not A-OK

Photo by Brady Black

The convo begins: Sarah Cai, Safety Officer Kevin Flynn, Hayley Yocum and Sameer Mishra open with a skit.

By Emily Mack Every time we have a convocation at West Side, it follows the same general pattern: adults talk for a couple hours while the students zone out. They talk, we listen, or at least pretend to. The most recent convocation was for Red Ribbon Week, on Wednesday October 26. There were two convocations, split for grades 7-9 and 10-12, directed by the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club, and featuring safety officer Kevin Flynn, Lafayette Juvenile Judge Rush and social worker Carol Smith. The event started with a short skit in which various SADD members pretended to confess bad deci-

sions, showing the conse- doesn’t know what it’s like. quences of risky behaviors. Other comments centered While this was a somewhat around the idea that these creative way to start, most aren’t big problems here. people found it more huThe convocation ended morous than insightful. with Smith speaking about Safety Officer Flynn then her work in the commudiscussed what procedures nity and sharing her perensue a minor’s arrest, and sonal stories about getting how he deals with it. Simi- involved with drugs, alcolarly, Judge Rush gave ex- hol, and her teenage pregamples nancy. “I never thought it of com“I never would happen to me.” m o n thought it --Carol Smith felonies would be and their me,” Smith legal, physical, and moral said as she explained the ramifications. life-changing event “but it The whole lecture was did.” full of information, but When asked, some studidn’t seem to impact the dents thought of the conaudience. Most students vo as a good way to get out seemed of the opinion of class. that, yes, it was scary and Others enjoyed Smith’s sad that all these good tales, including junior Fekids got into trouble for licia Patel. “It makes you bad decisions, but she realize how easily it could

happen to you.” However, not all responses were so positive. Sophomore Natasha Slipchenko said “Nobody who actually does drugs is going to stop doing them just because they went and can’t expect change from such a weak foundation.” Many people, myself included, agree with this idea. We’re all aware of the dangers of drugs, sex and other risky behaviors, but what’s going to make us stop once we start? People don’t like to be lectured, and while it’s fun to put on a ribbon, wear funky clothes, and miss a class period or two it’s never going to really change anything. Focus should lie in action, not awareness.

We’re sure that during every West Side student’s career, a conversation, a visit to a locker, or even a class period has been interrupted by the terror formally known as PDA. PDA, or a Public Display of Affection, is the excessive expression of affection in a public place, such as: making out, gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, engaging in extremely long hugs, or declaring love during class. These actions may still be deemed school-appropriate (depending on the degree), but are they truly public-appropriate? Why do some students feel the need to make out in the hallways? Some causes could be hormonal imbalances or society’s expectations of couples, but we’ve concluded that in many cases, the root of this attentionseeking routine is insecurity. We feel that many of the partakers in excessive PDA believe that overly expressing themselves during school hours will raise their status. In reality it does exactly the opposite: it subtracts from their class-o-meter. Plus, if that’s all they do, why are they in a relationship? Also, consider this: if you were being ridiculously touchy-feely at your job, what would happen? You would get fired. Technically, since we are teenagers, school is our workplace, so we need to act professionally. We aren’t saying that all displays of affection are bad. Sometimes if couples display absolutely no PDA it’s just plain awkward, especially if they never even have a conversation. After discussing the subject as a staff and receiving the results of the recent poll, the consensus was that hand-holding, quick hugs, and mild flirting were reasonable for school. The truth is that PDA only truly hurts the participants. Though it is a disruption for class, and very annoying to viewers, all PDA does is tarnish the participants’ reputations with students, teachers, the administration, and possibly parents. It also puts a bad stereotype on teens in general, so please, restrain yourself and save it for when you’re alone. Graphic by Alyse Allred

Online Poll Q: Will our football team make it to state? A. There’s no question!! We’re going all the way this year! RDP!! B. If the team keeps working their hardest, I think they’ve got a fighting chance! C. Only if they’ve got luck. A lot of it. D. Not happening. We want to hear your opinion! Go online to to vote!

Editors-in-Chief Harini Suresh

Results from Last Issue’s Question Do you prefer print or online journalismz? Print, usually. Even though online newspapers are more convenient, I read news less often. Print, definitely. There’s something about physically holding the paper. Online, usually. Convenience rules. Online, definitely. It’s the future of journalism!

How much PDA is too much for school? In a survey of 120 student participants, the newspaper staff decided to take the question to the student body.

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People West Side

November 16, 2011

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David Afolabi is on the fast track to success

photo by malena de la fuente

Hitting the books: David studies in the library during eighth hour study hall.

BY MALENA DE LA FUENTE “It’s awesome!” David Afolabi used this signature phrase to describe almost all aspects of his life--from his unique sense of humor to his love of technology. David is known throughout the school for his style of dress. “I love sweater

vests and collared shirts,” he explains. He says it’s more comfortable and easier to dress that way. He likes the layers, especially as certain classrooms can be really cold. He rarely wears shirts without a collar and has never worn

sweatpants or a sweatshirt to school. “My brother has begun dressing as I do now too,” he says. His love of learning is also a distinguishing feature of David’s personality. His favorite hobby is learning languages. He studied

Seriously Speaking Why did the turkey cross the road?

“To get to Thanksgiving dinner.” Seungtae Lee Freshman “To make dinner.” Marisa Whitaker Sophomore

“To meet Anderson Cooper.” Lucy Gotwals Junior

French over the summer and has taken classes in Spanish at Purdue. In his free time, David likes to read the news and stay current on events, especially events related to technology. “It’s amazing to see the progress that people can make. Tasks that used to be arduous are now simple. That’s the goal of technology.” His love for technology can also be seen in his immense dedication to the Robotics team. He says he likes that it “has the most opportunities of any club at school. Almost anything you want to do, you can do on the Robotics team.” Although David has a strong commitment to academics, he’s also known for his speed and agility in track. He didn’t start athletics until 10th grade, and wasn’t big on sports until last year. “Now I do the 300 meter hurdles,” he says. “I’m actually really close to beating the school record, which is good inspiration for next season.” Another subject about which David was enthusiastic was his morning

snack. “Banana nut muffins are the best kind,” he exclaimed. “They’re very convenient. Not too hard, not too soft. Aside from the crumbs, you can eat a little at a time, and it’s not liquid and there aren’t any crunching noises. And they’re somewhat healthy.” David eats a muffin every day. “The days without muffins are the bad days,” he added. This love David has for muffins is just one of many random fascinations.

Funny words are another. “Mayfawny [Bergmann] and I have an ongoing list of useless words that are somehow funny.” This list includes the words “awesome”, “skills”, and “no”. Recently, David rewired an “easy” button and presented it to Mayfawny. When she presses it, David’s voice exclaims, “That’s so awesome!”, a phrase not only applicable to the button but also to David himself.

Favorites Website: Color: red Hobby: learning languages Clothing Item: sweater-vests Pattern: argyle Variable: α (alpha) Game: Portal 2 Tablet: Eee Pad Transformer Prime Animal: Guinea Pig

Who am I?

- I was born on July 6, 1965. - I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana and have two younger sisters. - I attended Purdue University and majored in education, but also considered a career in engineering. - I have been teaching for 25 years. - In my spare time, I enjoy biking and reading history and mystery books. - My favorite movie is “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and my favorite TV show is “The IT Crowd.” - My favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings. - The most fascinating place I’ve traveled to is London. - The best part of teaching in my opinion is telling stories. - Before I die, I’d want to go out west since I’ve never been west of the Mississippi. - My greatest accomplishment is surviving this place for 25 years. - The best decision I’ve ever made is getting married to my wife. - My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing.

“They don’t drive.” Manahil Abdelsalam Senior “Hunting was illegal on the other side.” Mr. Ohlhaut Teacher seriously speaking compiled by roseanne page

Who am I? compiled by Grace Palmeri. Visit to see the answer.

November 16 2011  

Volume 69 Issue 3

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