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All-State concert is a success for music students BY ARTHI PURI On January 21st, West Lafayette High School was well represented in the All-State Orchestra performance in Fort Wayne. The school is very proud to have nine talented students perform in a concert containing the state’s finest musicians. At the performance all the songs were played beautifully, and members of the audience were in awe. According to Melinda Crane, “The performance went really smoothly and overall I think we sounded pretty awesome!” Auditions for the All-State Orchestra are very competitive and “to be recognized in the orchestra was very rewarding,” said Crane, a sophomore violinist. “The music is really challenging, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to improve.” READY TO GIVE: Ms. Smyser is one among many who prepared to donate on January 11th.


Blood drive saves lives BY ROSEANNE PAGE On Wednesday, January 11, 2012, personnel from the Indiana Blood Center arrived at West Lafayette High School to conduct the school’s biannual blood drive. Students, teachers, and parents alike banded together to donate blood. West Side’s blood drive was organized and run by Ms. Huckstep, who puts together the drive every year in memory of her daughter Caroline, who died on April 17, 2008. The West Side drive is called Blood Drive 352 in reference to the 352 blood transfusions received by Caroline in 505 days. “Caroline was diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia in 2006, at the age of 4,” Ms. Huckstep recalled. “She had 3 bone marrow continued on page 2

Did you know...? - Last year, high school students provided about 16% of the blood donated to the Indiana Blood Center. - Only 5% of eligible doners across the nation donate blood. - Approximately 25% or more of us will require blood at least once in our lifetime. - Every year, nearly 5 million people in the U.S. receive life-saving blood transfusions. Statistics from the Indiana Blood Center and Mayo Clinic

“Every time I come back from All-State it makes me think ‘I really want to be a musician!’” - Ellie Brower The orchestra went through three intense rehearsals in preparation for the concert. The first rehearsal is called a sectional, where students divide up according to instrument and each section has a director. Their first practice consisted of four long hours of playing music with only a ten minute break. The Friday prior to the performance, students missed school to practice all day with the entire orchestra. They spent the night, rehearsed on Saturday morning, and then performed at two o’clock. “We are expected to do a tremendous amount of practicing on our own,” explained Ellie Brower, a junior violinist. “The music is very challenging and the parts continued on page 2

Tumbling to the top Gymnast Whitney Tudor is serious about her sport. BY GRACE PALMIERI If you asked any friend, teammate, or coach about gymnast Whitney Tudor they would have nothing but good things to say. “She is an amazing teammate and awesome friend!” says fellow teammate Elisa

Royer. “She is really caring and would do anything for anyone,” agrees Coach Meghann Raub. Whitney has been doing gymnastics for 13 years and making great strides ever since starting at the age of four. She is now a level 10 gymnast, which is

Senior Marcus Siegmund is remarkable

the highest level possible. Gymnastics is a huge commitment: practicing 18.5 hours a week, Whitney doesn’t have much time for other activities. “At the time, it was really hard quitting other sports with the pressure of my friends and me wanting to

be with them, but it’s definitely worth it because I need to be completely focused to reach my goal of college gymnastics,” she says. The work Whitney puts into the sport shows in her constant improvement. continued on page 3

Skating through the winter blues SPORTS, PAGE 3

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WOW! Whitney does a double stag handstand on the beam during practice. PHOTO BY ABBY BIEN

Resident techie Zach Baiel is indispensable FEATURES, PAGE 5




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News West Side

JANUARY 25, 2012

Republican race down to four Mitt Romney and…? The search for what analysts dub the “conservative alternative” continues as the Republican field continues to narrow. Romney, a moderate, has been the frontrunner from the very beginning of the race. However, many of the more conservative voters—specifically the Tea Party movement—have looked for a candidate that more strongly represents their views. So far Republican contenders have faced three contests—in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. At first, Romney was declared the winner of the Iowa by 8 votes. However, recent developments show that the Santorum actually won with 34 more votes. With Romney and Santorum in a virtual tie in Iowa, Ron Paul

placed 3rd with 21% of the vote while New Gingrich placed 4th with 13% of the vote. In New Hampshire, Romney won a more resounding victory with 39.4% while second place Ron Paul only received 22.8%. Newt Gingrich came in 4th with 9.4% and Rick Santorum came 5th with 9.3%. Every single candidate that has won the South Carolina primary since 1980 has gone on to win the party nomination. That bodes well for the South Carolina winner Newt Gingrich, who emerged last Saturday with 40.4% of the votes. Romney was 2nd with 27.8%, and Santorum and Paul trailed behind with 17% and 13%, respectively. Check out what differentiates the candidates here:


Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich


Former Governor of Massachusetts and former CEO of Bain Capital.

Former Speaker of the House.


Abortion is wrong except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother.

Abortion should not be allowed at all.

Same-sex Marriage

Afghanistan / War on Terror

Energy Policy

Rick Santorum

Repeal Obamacare and Repeal Obamacare and institute market-based reforms. defund Parent Parenthood.

Ron Paul

Former US Senator from Pennsylvania and former US US Representative from Texas for more than 30 years. Representative from Philadelphia. Abortion should not be allowed at all.

Pro-life but believes that it should be decided at the local level.

Repeal Obamacare and reduce costs through competition.

Repeal Obamacare and implement market-based reforms.

Federal government should Reinstate “Don’t ask, don’t Marriage is only between a not get involved. However, he Marriage is only between a man tell” policy in the military. No man and a woman. No civil personally believes that and a woman. civil unions. Marriage is only unions. marriage is between a man and between a man and a woman. a woman. Withdraw from Afghanistan within two years.

Increase domestic energy production through coal, natural gas, and oil.

Blood Drive Saves Lives continued from page 1




US defeat in Afghanistan cannot be allowed.

Time limits are Leave the region ASAP. Stop counterproductive; US needs bombing Pakistan and Yemen. to ensure that the job is Repeal the Patriot Act. completed.

Pursue off-shore drilling and Pursue off-shore drilling and natural gas production. natural gas production. Decrease regulation. Decrease regulation.

Remove restrictions on coal, nuclear power, and drilling. Repeal the federal tax on gasoline.


States should have more Dramatically shrink the Abolish the Department of Abolish the Department of control on education, but he Department of Education Education. Education should Education. Education should still supports the Department and institute a Pell grant-type be parent-centered, not be parent-centered, not of Education and school system for K-12 education. government-centered. government-centered. vouchers.


No increases in taxes; Pursue Create an optional flat tax of Two tax rates: 10% and 28%; Ultimately reduce tax rate to flat taxes and reduce corporate 15%; reduce corporate tax cut corporate tax rate to 0% by reducing spending. tax rate to 25%. rate to 12.5%. 17.5%. Abolish the IRS.

2011 is a year to remember BY ELENA SPARGER The beginning of the new year brings with it a reflection on the previous. We make resolutions to try and fix the bad things and continue the good that carried over from the preceding year. 2011 was an eventful year, with an unequal proportion of good things in comparison with the bad. The world experienced events ranging from the loss of a beloved television boss, to the death of a renowned innovator, to a series of disasters that devastated a country. Together, these are just a few of the events that defined the world in 2011. Disaster in Japan On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake shook the northeast coast of Japan. The strongest earthquake in the country’s history triggered a devastating tsunami, sparking the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. The Japanese National Police Agency declared nearly 16,000 dead, 6,000 injured and 3,500 missing. Well over 125,000 buildings were destroyed after the catastrophes, and 160,000 are still left displaced. The chain reaction of tragic events continues to affect hundreds of thousands in Japan and will likely take decades to recuperate from. Michael Scott leaves The Office Michael Scott’s last day as regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, as well as Steve Carells last performance as the self-proclaimed world’s best boss aired on April 28. The episode is entitled “Goodbye, Michael” and ends with him boarding a plane to Colorado to move in with his fiancée, Holly Flax, so that he can help her take care of her aging parents. Carell was replaced by comedian James Spader, who, in the show, quickly and bizarrely climbed the ladder to CEO.

Death of Osama Bin Laden Nearly a decade after 9-11, Osama Bin Laden, the architect of the terrorist attacks, was killed by elite American military forces on May 1st. The terrorist was buried at sea by American soldiers. President Obama, making the dramatic announcement to a crowd in Manhattan, declared, “Justice has been done.” Thus, 2011 marked the last year of America’s ten-year game of cat-and-mouse with the former al Qaeda leader. Apple Innovator Steve Jobs succumbs to Cancer Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. died of pancreatic cancer on October 5th. Jobs was known for his charismatic personality, and in his lifetime he became the pioneer of the personal computer revolution when his company created the Macintosh. Jobs also contributed to the development of your beloved iPods, iPads, and iPhones. What the world lost with Jobs’s death is best explained in a statement made by his own corporation, Apple: “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.” West Side Continues to Succeed This past year was a big one for West Side students. 2007 graduate Mohit Agarwal received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, senior Anirudh Prabhu came a step closer to solving an age-old math problem, junior Bobbie Burgess climbed the ranks becoming the 20th fastest runner in the nation, and countless other students accomplished many more substantial feats. The capacity for success that West Side students possess is limitless, and there is no doubt that more extraordinary feats will be achieved this coming year.

had 3 bone marrow transplants and 352 blood transfusions before she died.” Ms. Huckstep pointed out that had Caroline not received the blood, she would not have lived an extra year and a half. January 2012’s blood drive totaled to an amount of 29 units of blood. “It’s a very rewarding experience,” said senior Jacqueline Bales, who donates blood often. “I’m a universal donor, so I feel like I should.” Blood drives have taken place at West Side since 2006, and used to take place during school hours. However, after the faculty voiced complaints about the students missing instructional time, the drive was moved after school hours. This year, as an incentive to get the students

to stay after school, Papa John’s and Jimmy John’s both offered free food to those who donated. In addition, a prize of headphones were given out to participants. During the blood drive this coming Spring, an IPad 2 will be won by one lucky donor. New this year is a $400 scholarship given to seniors who participate in at least 2 blood drives a year. There are some requirements to be able to donate blood. Donors must be at least 16 years of age, and if under 17, may only donate whole blood and must have parental consent. Donors must bring with them a form of photo identification and must weight at least 110 pounds. Certain health conditions may also prevent someone from donating.

All-State is a Success continued from page 1 are very ambitious but exciting. It’s so invigorating to be with a group of musicians who love music as much as I do,”she said. The audience is comprised of music teachers, parents, and the IMEA (Indiana Musical Educational Association) convention. Each year, the orchestra plays three or four pieces. This year, they are playing pieces by composers Brahms and Tchaikovsky. A music teacher’s role in the association is important as they inform the students about the program and encourage them to audition. They distribute the audition music to those who are interested and provide support by attending the performance. West Side orchestra teacher Mrs. Brooks said, “It is a very prestigious group

and we are really proud that our school has had many students accepted. It is a big honor for us that Christopher Park has been the concert master for two years in a row.” The concert master of an orchestra has the responsibility of making sure all sections of the orchestra stay together. “I like performing as part of a group, especially in such a great theater, the Embassy in Fort Wayne,” said Park, “I also like that we get to play the original pieces and not the abridged versions.” Participating in AllState inspires our students to achieve their goals. Ellie Brower says, “Every time I come back from all-state it makes me think ‘I really want to be a musician!’”


THRILL OF TRILLS: Violinist Ellie Brower plays in the 1st Violin section of the 2012 Indiana All-State Orchestra.

Sports West Side

JANUARY 25, 2012

Tumbling to the top continued from page 1 As Raub says, “She is a hard worker and never gives up. She has a passion for the sport and has a ton of talent and potential.” Although Whitney practices all year round, her competition season is from November to April, and she has hopes of reaching Nationals in the late spring. Last year, Whitney finished 10th overall in Regionals (competitors from Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky), barely falling short of qualifying for Nationals. She

“She is a leader and takes advantage of every turn she gets.” -Elisa Royer competes in other meets each weekend in various states, the biggest one being in Florida. Aside from being such a talented gymnast, Royer comments that Whitney is, “an amazing friend, fun to hang out with, and really funny!” She also adds, “I look up to Whitney so much as a person and as a gymnast, and I know the other girls do too.” Her leadership and work ethic make Whitney a great gymnast as well as a person everyone can learn from. As for the future, Whitney hopes to continue doing gymnastics in college. She says, “I’m applying for Division 1 colleges to hopefully be able to compete for them.” She has made a website of videos of her to attract college recruiters and has sent it to the top 50 gymnastics schools.

Fast Facts: Best Event: Floor Favorite Event: Beam Favorite Gymnast: Jordyn Wieber, professional gymnast and hopeful Olympian When she’s not at the gym: Sleeping and hanging out with friends


Ice-skaters glide through winter BY NEHA RAMANI The snow and ice on the ground mean the end of most outdoor sports. For some West Side students, however, the cold weather means they can start participating in their favorite activity of the year: ice skating. One of these ice skating enthusiasts is junior Svea Nelson, who has iceskated competitevely for several years both on a team and individually. “For me,” said Nelson, “it is less about winning, and more about the thrill of skating.” Other students enjoy skating purely as a recreational activity. Denton started skating about five years ago “because it was fun, and I enjoy hanging out with people.” His skills improved over the years, and he was approached by the manager at the Riverside Ice Skating Rink who asked him to be a rink guard. Now, Denton works at the rink twice a week. Denton says his job consists of “looking out for people and making sure they are safe.” His favorite annual event is the Riverside rink’s “Dare to Bear,” which occurs

every February. “You skate around in bathing suits,” he says of the event. Other Riverside regulars include seniors, David Rokhinson and Thomas K. Fisher, who also work at the rink. Rokhinson says that some weeks he works up to eight hours a day, but he loves it. “Being paid to skate is very nice,” he says. “I enjoy skating so I try to get as many hours as possible.” Fisher started skating around the time he learned to walk. “I grew up in upstate New York, and that’s all there is to do there,” he said. Fisher played hockey before moving to West Lafayette, and can still perform some hockey tricks on the ice. His favorite part about ice skating is the speed. “It’s twice as fast as anyone can run,” he said. In addition to rink guarding, Rokhinson and Fisher also teach private lessons. “I was teaching a three-year-old girl once,” said Rokhinson. “ At the start of the lesson, she couldn’t even stand and walk, but by the end she was gliding forward.” Rokhinson feels that his love for ice skating and other winter sports such as skiing stems from


FIGURE EIGHT: Lev Zemlyanov skates at Riverside rink.

his Russian roots, adding that “most everyone in the Russian community skates very well.” Freshman and fellow Russian Lev Zemlyanov agrees. He says, “The Russian winters are really cold, and winter sports are really popular.” Zemlyanov learned how to skate from his dad when

he was about five years old. “You get to go fast and scare people and do cool tricks and stuff,” he described. Zemlyanov aspires to work at the ice skating rink one day. “There’s good and bad things,” he says about winter, “ but ice skating is definitely one of the good ones.

Wrestlers take it to the mat The wrestling team stays focused during their season. BY ABBY BIEN Although there is a wrestling team, the sport is really a one-on-one competition. “Once you step on the mat, no one else can help you,” says sophomore Jade Doty, one of the star wrestlers on this year’s team. Because teammates and coaches can not help out much during the meets, practice is the time where they work together and bond. To get ready for meets, the team works up a sweat by doing sprints, lifting weights, and working on their technique. “The practices have become more intense and shorter because we’re nearing the end of the season,” says head coach Rick Roseman. At the competitions, Doty says he’ll usually “jump

rope and watch the team” before it’s his turn to wrestle. Roseman hopes all of this preparation will get them at least three to four individual wrestlers to regionals and hopefully state. “Because we have no seniors, one junior, and a lot of sophomores, this team is going to look the same for at least the next two years. If they all stick it out, we’ll be a very good team within the years to come.” When asked about their favorite part of wrestling, team leader Doty replied by saying he likes “winning and seeing the rest of my teammates improve.” His coach, Roseman agreed that he likes seeing improvement and “working PHOTO BY ABBY BIEN with the guys.” HEAD LOCK: Sophomores Jade Doty (left) and Jason Van Meter (right) practice their techniques on each other during a wrestling practice.

Features West Side


Rediscover the Internet

Scarlette staffers’ picks for best not-so-well-known websites

Pinning is the new procrastination. by abby bien When started to become popular, some people were confused at the concept. Is it just a website full of pictures? What do you do on there, just stare at pictures all day? Well, the

answer is yes and yes. Although it may sound like a simple and unoriginal idea, Pinterest is slowly taking over the internet. Essentially here is how the website works: you have to be invited to cre-

The front page of the internet. by crystal wang It’s difficult to explain what Reddit is in just a few hundred words. It’s a huge community of

people who often have deep intellectual political and scientific discussions; but most of the time they

Tumblr is a blogger’s bliss. by emily mack To avid Tumblr users, the site is more than a social networking site or a blog. For many it’s like a diary and a place to say what you can’t say

on a website like Facebook where your mom, your crush, or your best friend can all view it. Some blogs are personal blogs with private rants and pictures.

ate your own “board,” so go find a friend and have them send you an invitation. Once that’s done, you will have a profile where you can “pin” pictures that you like from one persons board onto yours. You’re probably confused with all this Pinterest lingo. Boards are different pages that you can use to organize your pictures into categories--for example, some people title their separate boards “People I Love” or “This Makes Me

Laugh.” To find pictures to put on your boards, you can search thousands of pictures on the website, click “Pin,” and then it will magically appear on your board after you see the word “Repinned!” pop up on your screen. So go online and get ready to waste hours looking at puppies and wedding dresses. Happy Pinning!

just post funny pictures of cats, which we’re all okay with. There are almost 68,000 “subreddits”, which are separate communities that are dedicated to certain subjects, such as a subreddit specifically for posting funny or cool videos, or asking questions to strangers on the internet. “IAmA” is a popular subreddit where people with quirky or intriguing

life stories come to answer any questions the community asks them, garnering the attention of celebrities such as Bear Grylls and Zach Braff. Some of my personal favorite subreddits are r/f7u12, where people post original comics about funny or unfortunate happenings in daily life, and r/cats, which is self-explanatory.

Just as many blogs have themes that the user posts about--for example certain fandoms like Harry Potter, Disney or Paramore. There are fashion blogs music blogs with news, pictures, and gifs of a favorite band and sports blogs where users watch and react to events involving a favorite sport, team or player. Some blogs are interactive in that they allow followers to submit

meme’s, or participate in role plays. There is also an unique Tumblr feature called an “ask box.” where users can ask anonymous questions or advice of other bloggers. In general Tumblr is part social networking, part fan board, part diary and with the variety and openness available there really is something for everyone.

January 25, 2012

Echo Karaoke’s customers sing in style by Kathrine Schulze When I say “karaoke” you probably picture off-key, aspiring singers, in their mid-twenties that take heart in embarrassing themselves regularly for a crowd of the same demographic in a run-down club full of health code violations on “Open Mic Night.” Echo Karaoke squashes that image the minute someone walks through their doors. The lobby is spacious and stream-line-- and there is not a karaoke machine in sight. Instead, a member of the staff takes you to a private room equipped with not one but two TVs (one for selecting your songs and the other one to project the lyrics), microphones, and a really comfy couch. The Rooms vary in size and can hold as many as twenty people or as few as three. The room I was in was made for three and even though it was a large space there was a large coffee table that made making dramatic gestures hard in the limited space. If it is your first time a member of the staff will sit down with you and walk you through the karaoke program, which is really useful since the remote control is in Chinese. But do not fear, a handy diagram of the remote’s various functions is on every table. There were songs I’ve never heard of from people I didn’t know existed in languages I did not understandeveryone from Elton John to Toby Keith to Bruno Mars was represented. Not all of the artists’ songs were available but their most popular and well-known songs were- usually accompanied by their music video. They also update their selection frequently to keep up with the ever-changing music industry. Echo also provides bubble tea and other refreshments as well as snacks for any guest that is feeling a bit peckish. If there’s a problem a technical problem or you’re simply hungry, calling your server is made easy with a call button attached to the wall next to the door. (No more flagging down a server with frantic arm gestures!) In Echo people do not need to be embarrassed by their singing voice, or their friend’s singing voice because no one can see you. And though they can probably hear you in the next room you can always wait until they leave to make your exit.

Prices: $4 per person/hour on a week day (Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday) $6 per person/ hour on weekends (Friday-Saturday) *First time visitors get the first 30 minutes free Hours: Tues-Wed: 5pm-2am Thurs-Fri: 5pm- 4am Sat-Sun: 1pm-4am

By Crystal wang

Features West Side


January 25, 2011

Bearded Baiel Breaks Barriers by Harini Suresh Perhaps you’ve seen him tinkering with a problematic computer during a class. You might have glanced at him setting up the television sets in the commons area or explaining a new piece of technology to a teacher. Maybe you’ve even spent a passing moment wondering whether his beard possesses any magical qualities. Even if you haven’t seen him around, you can witness his workings almost everyday--most of West Side’s technology functions smoothly thanks to System Administrator and tech superstar Zach Baiel. “From a young age, my interest in computers and technology stemmed from a genuine curiosity for information,” Baiel explained. “Supposedly, in kindergarten I would barter for other people’s computer time.” Over time, his interests have broadened to encompass many facets of technology, including audio, video, and many other different types of media. “This computer-I just see as a massive tool to do amazing things with information,” he mused. “It’s really limitless.” After growing up in south Indiana, Baiel took a slightly unconventional path to his current job at West Side. “With regard to formal education, I’m perhaps not the best role model,” he admitted. Baiel spent a year at Purdue studying computer science before deciding it wasn’t the best fit. “I had a typical existential crisis,”

he reflected. “What am I doing, is this what I want to do?” Though he ended his time at Purdue without completing college, Baiel’s passion for computers stayed strong. “I knew if I could land a computer job, I could find myself,” he explained. After working a few odd office jobs, Baiel applied for the position of technology secretary at West Side and began working in October of 2003. To many, his behindthe-scenes workings remain mysterious. “It changes from day to day,” explained Baiel. “Basically, my responsibility is to maintain, push forward, and keep all technology running at a somewhat good pace.” This description is actually as broad as it sounds. At

When protective becomes possessive by briagha mctavish

photo By Harini Suresh

SUCCESS STORY: Mohit with his twin sister Namita at his

photo By harini suresh

SO SAVVY: Zach Baiel frequents the library to help out.

an apocalyptic shutdown of West Side’s computer network, Baiel’s love of all things technological shines through in his creativity. “I play around with a lot

“Computer knowledge--it’s like cooking, it’s the most documented thing in the world. If you really want to learn it, you can.” any given point, Baiel said he could be found doing anything from changing toner to planning projects coming up in the year to replacing a mouse that died. “This morning I met with Dr. Killion,” he said. “They’re moving to paperless meetings for the administration and board, so I worked out some plans for that.” When he’s not preventing

-Zach Baiel

of electronic synthesizers and samplers,” he said, excitedly describing a sampling drum sequencer he recently acquired. The music he creates is largely derived from minimalistic samples. “I was playing around with it earlier--I got my doors creaking, walked up the stairs, knocked a desk,” he described. “Sometimes I record my friends and I talking, a

family toast during the holidays, or bootlegs, if I go to a show.” When sampled and put together, the repeated beat has an electronic feel. “I draw a little bit, I read a lot,” he went on, citing himself as a frequent library-goer. “I like journalism and I write a bit, mainly theatre stuff.” Baiel said he doesn’t watch TV, except for C-SPAN. “I’d call it a hobby of mine,” he smiled. “’s a great way to start the day.” I think I can speak for everyone in saying that West Side seriously appreciates Zach Baiel’s technological prowess. And if by any chance you’re still wondering: “is his beard actually magical?” I have to say that personally, I think the answer is destined to remain a mystery.

Zach’s Favorites Book - “Safire’s Political Dictionary” Movie - “In my childhood, Ghostbusters. Now, Michael Leigh movies.” Gadget - an Olympus DM 520 voice recorder

Article of Clothing - Pocket Protector Artist - Cecil Taylor (Jazz musician) Radio Station - WFMU (independent station in New Jersey) Website -

You may have the common misconception that the girlfriend is always the possessive one in a relationship. Womankind has gained the reputation of being very clingy, which I’m not going to refute because it’s true in many a situation. But before you start pointing your finger in a relationship, please reflect on your own actions. It is a scientific fact that men are naturally more protective than women. It all goes back to the hunter-gatherer instinct of stating your claim on your property, meat from a hunt, loot from a raid, and your woman (AKA: your girlfriend). While girls love when you protect them from attackers and sweep them off of their feet and all of that stuff; but the problems arise when protective becomes possessive. You probably want to say, “Briagha, I am not possessive; I’m super chill.” Maybe you are, but I’m guessing you have been clingy or possessive or overprotective at least once in a relationship. This could mean anything from getting mad when she makes plans to hang out with her friends instead of you to spending passing periods making out in the locker bay. (And don’t blame the

making out part on her, buddy, because last time I checked, it takes two people to suck face.) As a boyfriend, you need to realize that your girlfriend isn’t your property, or your dog, or anything that you can order around. It might surprise you, but you are equals in the relationship. You both should be able to have time with your friends. I always hear guys complaining that their girlfriends won’t give them any breathing room. Maybe you’re enabling her by getting angry when she wants to spend time with her friends. Like I’ve said many times before: communication is key in a relationship. If you think your girlfriend is blowing you off, talk to her about it. Maybe she is, but if she’s not, she’ll probably give you a reality check. And I advise you to take her thoughts into account and think to yourself, “Am I being ultra-protective? Have we been hanging out for the past 500 days? What would Briagha say?” And please, don’t pull the “if you love me you’d...” It’s a sure way to get dumped, or just ruin your relationship. Anyway, just remember to look at things from her point of view, and you will both be happy.

Red Devils ring in year of dragon by kATHRINE SCHULZE A Chinese proverb says that all creations are reborn on New Year’s Day. This year, many will be reigning in the new year on January 23, 2012--the date of the Chinese New Year and the 4710th year, according to the Chinese calendar. This most important Chinese holiday isn’t just celebrated within Asia, but around the world, including here at West Side. The new year of the Spring Festival is determined based on the lunar calendar. Celebration

of the new year begins during the darkest time of the month, culminating in New Year’s Eve, when the moon is brightest. There are many important traditions associated with this holiday that must be completed before the eve of the new year. Junior Alyssa Cheng cleans her house in accordance with the New Year custom of clearing out all the things of the past year. On New Year’s day, many young girls perform traditional dances to commemorate the new

year. “There are different styles [of dance] because of the different cultures in China,” says sophomore Robin Zhang. The dances are performed in traditional Chinese clothing with long dramatic sleeves of intense colors. “It adds a dramatic element to the dance,” says Robin. Another New Year’s custom is the giving out of red envelopes. The red symbolizes good luck and is said to ward off evil spirits. Inside the envelopes is money and sometimes candy. The

amount of money varies, but is traditionally an even number. Four is not supposed to appear in the number, nor is money allowed to be given in fours. In Chinese, the pronunciation of the word “four” sounds like “death,” and many think it represents bad luck. Whether celebrated on January 1st or 23rd, the New Year is a way to reflect on the past year and march towards the next one with a new set of goals and a photo PROVIDED By ALYSSA CHENG lighter heart. “Xin Nian FAMILY ACT: A younger Alyssa Cheng and her mother Kuai!” Happy New Year! perform to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Arts and Entertainment West Side

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Hungry’s: Purdue West’s hidden gem satisfies with a bizarre, but savory mix of Greek and American-style foods. by elena Sparger A restaurant called “Hungry’s” seemed like the perfect place to go when I was just that: hungry. I probably never would have noticed the greasy spoon had I not been made aware of it. Its inconspicuous location squished between two stores in Purdue West makes it easy to overlook. Hungry’s advertises its food as Chicago-style; its menu boasts an unusual mix of American and

Greek foods. An array of unique meals are offered, including cheeseburgers, gyros, hot dogs, vegetarian items, and some signature sandwiches including Italian cheesy beef and Pizza Puff. I went during our school lunch break with three other people, and we all ordered different meals. I got the cheeseburger meal (which included a side and a drink), another ordered the gyro meal, another the chicken pita meal, and the

last the Italian cheesy beef sandwich. My meal cost about six dollars, which I thought was a little pricey for just a cheeseburger, a drink and fries. However, they were very quick to finish our orders, and when I received mine I saw that the cheeseburger was huge. Although the food was very greasy, it was equally tasty. Most notably, the fries were very popular with my group. The meat was also very good, which is a big thing for me--it’s the reason why I thought Fuzzy’s Tacos was so gross. The only downfall of Hungry’s that I could find was its setting, which seemed a little dirty. Hungry’s is one of those places you know has to be breaking some health codes-lucky for them, the fast-

food restaurant makes up for its grimy setting in all other aspects. They also have great lunch deals which change every day. So if you’re looking for a quick, relatively cheap place with a large and varied menu, I would definitely recommend Hungry’s to satisfy your taste buds.

Location: Hungry’s Chicago Style, 1400 W. State St. Distance From School: 1.9 mi. Price/Person: $6+ Genre: American and Greek foods

Musical artist Michael AbuOmar makes waves

West Side’s very own rock star accomplishes dreams during his semester in California. by emily Mack For most musicians, being able to perform onstage, making a CD, or recording in a professional studio is only a dream. For junior Michael Abu-Omar and his band Seventh Day Breakdown, those dreams have already become reality. Michael spent second semester of last year in California, where he met two other sophomores who shared his passion for music. They decided to form a band, but needed a bass player. They got in touch with another boy and Michael says, “He ended up being the best addition to the group. He just managed everything for us really well.” Michael was the lead guitarist and back-up vocalist. Once the four had a name and a group, they began writing songs. Michael says songwriting is fun and describes the process as like building from the bottom up. Everyone’s contributions made songwriting a group effort. “You always have a list of ideas in your head,” Michael explained, “so even if something doesn’t work for one song, you still have it in mind for another.” The group began playing gigs both for school events and outside of school. Michael describes performing on stage as “a rush. It’s always a lot of fun...performances were kind of tense and heated, but then you start getting into it and you realize music is something you can

just have fun with.” As the school year drew to a close and Michael knew he would be moving back, the band decided to do something to remember him and the experience of being a band. Since they were located near San Francisco, they managed to make some arrangements to record at a professional studio, which has also recorded artists like Death Cab for Cutie and All Time Low. “We spent three days in the studio and we worked twelve hours a day to produce four songs. At the end we got an edited, mastered CD.” Even though the band is no longer able to perform Photo courtesy of Michael Abu-Omar together, Michael’s passion for music still runs strong. Lost in the music: Michael Abu-Omar strums his guitar This summer, he partici- in a recording studio in California. His band, Seventh Day pated in Purdue’s two-week Breakdown recorded their first album last year. workshop to build his own guitar. He said the quality Favorite Instrument: tie between turned out really well, and it was really cool to see the guitar and vocals finished product at the end Favorite Original Song: of two weeks. “Gwenevere,” written for the girlIn addition to guitar, Michael also is involved in friend of one of his bandmates music within the school. Favorite School Subject: Science He has played viola in the orchestra since fourth grade, is in chorale, and recently has began learning to play the piano. Looking towards the future, Michael says he can’t see majoring in music, but definitely wants to keep it in his life. As far as college, Michael is looking towards a music minor with a major in either biology or pre-med. “I hope that I can always stay involved in music and keep writing, doing shows and being on stage.”

January 25, 2012

Catwalk to Class Trendsetter Yasmeen Hafeez believes in overdressing. by Neha Ramani “Big heels = big heart.” These words of wisdom are found on Yasmeen Hafeez’s Facebook page, and epitomize her philosophy on life. “I’ve liked dressing up since I was a little girl, and over time it has just developed,” she says. Yasmeen describes her style as being either “really edgy or really girly”, depending on her mood. “My favorite thing to wear is dresses,” she says. A typical outfit for her consists of a dress paired with tights, an essential in Yasmeen’s wardrobe. Leg wear is the reason she says fall and winter are her favorite seasons for dressing. She likes to accessorize with bracelets and colorful headbands. Yasmeen shops in a variety of stores, but cites H&M as her favorite. “That’s like my obsession,” she says. She also enjoys frequenting vintage stores to find unique apparel at great price points. She believes that

Photo by Neha Ramani

Classy meets edgy: Yasmeen blends classy and edgy with a floral pattern paired with black tights and boots.

that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. Another style influence for Yasmeen is popular TV show “Gossip Girl.” “When watching ‘Gossip Girl,’ I’m always inspired,” she says, “Blair is really conservative, but she still dresses well.” A unique thing about Yasmeen is her conservative approach to style. “I’ve been raised to dress appropriately,” she

“Be original. Just stand out. That’s what catches people’s attention.” - Yasmeen Hafeez “it doesn’t really matter what the brand is, as long as it’s cool.” Yasmeen gets style inspiration from Vogue, Elle, and Nylon magazines. She loves the ad spreads in Vogue, appreciates Elle’s articles that show highend pieces side-by-side with similar pieces at lower price-points, and enjoys the originality of Nylon. Yasmeen advises that others “don’t follow trends, but follow what you like. Even if it is a trend, make sure it fits your body type.” She highlights the fact

says. “I don’t really wear shorts.” This has helped her build-up a very classy wardrobe. Very plugged in the the fashion world, Yasmeen hopes to one day attend Fashion’s Night Out, an evening of shopping and celebration hosted by Vogue magazine in NYC. “My aunt lives there and she sent me a shirt from this year.” Although Yasmeen is undecided about her future plans, she is sure that she wants to do “something that allows me to buy a ton of fabulous clothes.”

by Alyse Allred

Opinions West Side

DECEMBER 14, 2011

The worst movies of 2011 BY CRYSTAL WANG Every single year, Hollywood decides to release one hot mess movie that everyone talks about and makes fun of. It’s usually all fun and games until there’s an ENTIRE YEAR of these kinds of movies. That was basically what 2011 was in terms of movies. Whatever theo-

retical movies you could think of in your brain that you would never want to be produced, ever, were produced this year. A few movies, however stood out as humpback whales of terrible in an ocean of bad: The Bottom 5 movies of 2011.

5. Glee: The 3-D Concert Movie

2. Hangover II

It’s a movie. Oh, Ok. A movie. Nothing special. About Glee. Wow, really? That’s kind of lame, but I guess I’ll just not see it. The Concert. Glee the concert? A movie about a concert about a show? Seriously? In 3-D. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THIS MOVIE??? WHY?

The Hangover and The Hangover II are like that one awkward friend who is only funny some of the time. He tells one really good joke and laughs are had andit’s a jolly good time. But then, that friend goes and tells the exact same joke, expecting people to laugh. They laughed the first time, didn’t they? Why go and try to be funny by making up a new joke when the old one was so funny? Hangover II was pretty much identical to the first movie, so if you want to save money, but still want to watch Hangover II, just watch the first movie but imagine Zach Galifianakis with no hair.

1. Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1

4. Jack and Jill The most upsetting thing about this movie is that it’s only number four on the bottom ten movies of 2011. In case you’ve never heard of Jack and Jill, it’s a “comedy” movie starring Adam Sandler as both his own character and his character’s twin sister. The explanation of the movie itself is the funniest joke, until you realize that this is a real movie. A real, 2-hour long movie. With real actors. And real Adam Sandler. You can’t help but feel bad for Adam Sandler, especially when you realize that this guy used to actually be able to make people laugh.

For the most part,Twilight is about a girl who is super sad because she has two hot guys who really like her. In this movie, she finally picks the pale one and they get hitched and have a weird demon baby named Renesmee. Renesmee. RENESMEE. What kind of name is that? Thanks, Twilight, now there’s gonna be a bunch of Twimoms naming there kids Renesmee. And when “Renesmee” goes to kindergarten, the kids are supposed to call her “Nessie”? No. They’re going to call her “loser” because her name is RENESMEE. The main reason for being on the very bottom, however, is that this movie blatantly tries to trick us into thinking that the Twilight movies are finally over. There are four books, and this is the fourth movie to be released. But no. JUST KIDDING. We’re splitting it into two parts! Twice the fun misery!

3. Abduction Somewhat because it’s a boringly predictable action movie with minimal character development and mediocre plot. Mostly because Taylor Lautner looks way too much like a llama for me to take him seriously in an action movie.

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PAGE 7 STAFF EDITORIAL Should Student Publications be an English credit? If you were planning to enroll in Student Publications, you were probably disappointed to see that it does not count as an English credit class. You see, in Indiana, the class only counts towards your graduation credit, which is great-unless your schedule is completely full and you have to take just one more English class. We believe, however, that Student Publications, but specifically Newspaper, should be able to fill up that last space in your schedule. There are many reasons why we believe “The Scarlette” should be considered an English credit course. Working on “The Scarlette” teaches us a lot about responsibility. Since we release papers every three weeks, we’re on a tight time schedule, especially because we have a small staff. For each release, each staff member writes two articles in a week; and we all chip in on the editing process. Each of us get experience using Adobe InDesign, the software that we use to design the pages, and Adobe PhotoShop, the software we use to edit pictures and make graphics. Using these programs give us a lot of experience with technology also. Missing a deadline can affect the whole paper because if articles aren’t written, they won’t be submitted to the “Journal and Courier” to be printed. This makes the class the most like a real job out of all of the classes offered at West Side. We also get to be very creative. Everyone on the staff becomes experienced at a plethora of writing styles after covering all types of articles, from news to features to opinions. For each issue, we are all assigned to write ten story ideas; and we all critique and work together to decide what we’ll actually put in the issue so that it will be the best for you, the reader. Publications also helps with communication. Many of the stories featured in “The Scarlette” involve interviewing multiple persons. All of us learn to ask questions and interview people in a polite and effective manner, and in some situations we are interviewing people we don’t know. We do understand the state’s reasoning for not accepting Student Publications as an English credit. It would be impossible to outline a curriculum for the class. Every school has a different sized staff, so some schools put out issues at different intervals, have multiple staffs, or have specialized staff members for each area of expertise. We realize that it’s not always easy to fit in an extra class; but “The Scarlette” is truly a worthwhile class that teaches many skills that are useful for students in the future. We would love to have you on our staff!

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Features Valentine’s Day issue West Side


February 14, 2012

Perfect songs for a perfect night by briagha mctavish

1. First Day of My Life Bright Eyes

This song is great. It’s low-key feel and meandering melody are perfect for just hanging out. The lyrics also aren’t cliche, which makes it mean so much more. Plus, check out the music video, it’s adorable.

2. The Bird and the Worm Owl City

There may be a stigma out there about Owl City sucking, but this song certainly has a lack of suck. This song is probably the cutest thing I have ever listened to. The witty lyrics make it even more enjoyable.

3. Crash the Party Ok Go

Oftentimes people only listen to sappy love songs on V-Day, but this song breaks from the homogenous mixture of sap. This song is basically about throwing usual dating customs and stereotypes out the door and just having fun with your significant other.

4. Home

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes This song’s Johnny Cash throwback vibe is only part of what makes it so great. The lyrics are so amazingly sincere and heartwarming I can’t help but feel my eyes get moist each time I listen to it. The bridge section is also very funny, so make sure to give it a listen.

5. How in the World Family Force Five

This song probably falls into the more cliche part of this list, but give it a chance. The melody is strong and will definitely make you think of your significant other. Also, the song has a different feel because of its techno aspects.

6. Losing Streak The Eels

Don’t let the title fool you--this is, in fact, a very happy song. All in all, this is a feel good song with an admirably quirky feel. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day woes by briagha mctavish

Here it is, Valentine’s Day, the so-called big time of your blossoming relationship. But before you start freaking out about buying the perfect flowers and superfluously expensive jewelry for your sweetheart, let’s take some time to fully understand this ancient holiday. Valentine’s Day has become one of America’s most celebrated holidays, but why? Girls have this idealized view of having a day in which they have your full attention and get free stuff. Here’s some advice for this tricky situation. If your girlfriend says, “We don’t have to do anything for Valentines Day...” DO NOT listen to her. As Admiral Ackbar of the rebel alliance says, it’s a trap. She expects you to prepare something to do, and she’ll probably be annoyed and slightly upset if you don’t do something. Many guys wonder to what lengths their Valentine activities should go. It pretty much depends on how long you’ve been in the relationship. If you’ve been dating for a long time, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you can figure out for yourself what to do. If you can’t, firstly that’s pretty pathetic, and second, just think of what you know she’ll like. And if you don’t know what she likes, you should take some time to contemplate this thing you call a relationship. If your relationship is still in the baby phase, here are some tips. Don’t go all out with all the flowers and cards and love poems and all that other stuff that Hallmark has made you believe is conventional. Frankly, if you do these things, she’s sure to be creeped out and feel super uncomfortable. In this stage, keeping it cool is the best option. Take her out to one of those sappy chick flicks that you hate, or take her to a nice dinner. Just no declarations of your undying love for her... You’ll embarrass yourself.

January 25, 2012  

Volume 69, Issue 5

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