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PROBLEM & CLIENT Unit Question: How does advertising manipulate our actions? Target Audience: Students and teachers in SWA who use IB learner profile (10), design cycle (5) and areas of interaction (5).

Client: Sinarmas World Academy Time Allowed: 6 Weeks Specifications & Limitations: Applications and software required

Unit Objectives:

Appropriate for all ages

Explore various ways that logos promote a company

Good quality design

Learn to use a variety of software in order to create different logos

Recognized easily what the logo represents for

Evaluate and justify the choice you’ve made based on dynamic and original the product is

Simple and attractive Drawing tools required (Tablet)

INTRODUCTION Sinarmas World Academy in need of new logos for the areas of interaction, IB learner profile and design cycle. The best logos will become official designs SWA uses, In the end it will be posted all around the school. These logos will be helpful for students who need to understand those to take IB course in school. Also logos must be catchy, simple and can be recognized it’s meaning easily. I am going to design logos for the teachers who use and students who will learn about the design cycle, the areas of interaction and the IB learner profile in our school. I will design logos for the IB learner profile and either the design cycle or the areas of interaction. Our school has many students from kindergarten to grade 12 and many parents visit our school. So the logos should be seem trendy, interested and appropriate for all ages. I will manufacture catchy simple and high quality design by going through certain steps. The design cycle, investigation, design, plan, create and evaluation. I will manage my time effectively and work efficiently keeping up with my original plan and design. I will make my product to meet my client’s satisfaction.

AREAS OF INTERACTION Human Ingenuity: This project is best relates to human ingenuity. In this project, I have to explore in various ways to create and design logos. Also I need to consider how my product can impact and influence the life and society. Students and teachers in SWA will get basic ideas by the logos and they will be able to understand the concept easily. Community & Service: This project is also relates to the area of community and service. The logo creation can be the skill that make an affective contribution to society. Students and teachers in SWA community will be able to get an idea from my product and it can be helpful for them to know about the areas of interaction, design cycle and Ib learner profile.

CLIENT INTERVIEW What is a successful logo? Successful logos must be recognized easily with eye-catching and creative design. Also memorable and sometimes even recognized without any words in it. Some example of successful logos are Mc Donald, Apple and Starbucks.

What form of logo do you want?

I believe pictorial form of logo would be best. Pictorial logo with words must be good to show it’s meaning and also memorable. However there can be any styles and designs for logos that can be simple and catchy.

How big should the logo be? Logos must be very clear for when logos are printed or used in different sizes. I believe quite big size of logo is needed to have clear picture without any blurry part.

What color would be the best for logos?

Logos must be very eye-catching so strong colors will be good. For example, black, red or blue. Which stands out in any color of background. I recommend you to the logo color should be limited. Too much colors can be very messy.

Do you have any other requirements for design? The logos must be keep in the same theme. The shape, color and design must be associate and synchronize well with each logos in the same set.

INTERVIEW SUMMARY My client wants logos provides some example of a good logo I should aim to create. Also gave me specification and recommendation of logo designs. My client said that there would be no limitation for ideas of design if my design is memorable and can be recognized it’s meaning easily. My client wants creative and eye-catching design stands out in simple style. The logo must be big enough in case used in different sizes and also strong color would be great. Also states that too much colors can make my logo messy. My clients also mentioned that logos in same set must be synchronized well together kept in the same theme, which is same style and similar color tone.

Good Quality Style


Aesthetically Pleasing


Creative Ideas


Good Quality Design

Tools Needed Relevant To Any Age

Image Quality Keep In Same Theme



CASE STUDY 1 Walt Disney Logo Aesthetic: Silhouette of castle Form: B/W pictorial logo Cost: Function: Attract children's interest Customer: Kids watches animation Style: Simple Ease Of Creation: Silhouette is hard to make in interesting shape

CASE STUDY 2 Hush Puppies Logo Aesthetic: Photo of hush puppy Form: Pictorial logo Cost: Function: To represents it's value Customer: Who interested in fashion Style: Casual Ease Of Creation: Just a photo of puppy but should edit it

CASE STUDY 3 Starbucks Logo Aesthetic: Mermaid in green circle Form: Emblem Cost: Function: To represents it's value Customer: Who loves coffee and chat Style: Eye-catching Ease Of Creation: The drawing can be hard but maybe quite easy to make

CASE STUDY SUMMARY I researched about three different logos. While researching I tired to find three successful logos in different theme, color, idea and design. But tells it’s meaning and recognized world wide. I considered which type will be best for logos about education and learning. Disney can attract kids with it’s creative logo that tells Disney is about fairy tales for kids. Hush puppies logo follows it’s name perfectly also very simple and casual that tells about Hush puppies' style. Starbucks logo doesn’t tells anything about coffee but it is the figurehead from the story of American voyage. Which americans would understand easily. These three products will help me consider different ideas and styles.


Adobe Photoshop CS4

Adobe Illustrator CS4

Photoshop is digital image editing application.

Illustrator can help create distinctive vector art work for any project.

Many powerful tools can be used for image editing.

Sophisticated vector drawing tools, such as blob brush, gradients and trace.

It is used for many image works such as book covers, posters and brochures.

Many affects and tools help users to create an advanced art work.

This software is quiet expensive but it worth that much.

Users can work efficiently and boost productivity.

Photoshop support various image types.

Illustrator support various image types.

IMPACT ON SOCIETY My logo designs will impact society positively. My product will help people in our society to improve their quality of life. The logos are for giving basic idea and understanding of the IB learner profile, design cycle and areas of interaction. Those are needed for students and teachers who are doing IB courses. Students can understands and learn. And teachers can teach students easily with logos. Which makes them save time and get better grade. Moreover students can be more successful with their good grades and times. Even my product can inspire people with creative ideas on my logos. Some students learning art or drawing digital tools can get some ideas and skills from my work.

SUMMARY OF INVESTIGATION Following the design cycle, in this investigation stage, I investigated the problem and situation of this project. I understood unit question, target audience and specifications. I need to create logos for Sinarmas World Academy who are in need of them. I interviewed my client to find our specifications and recommendations what I should do. Also I researched about three different types of successful logos in world wide. I considered applications I should use and researched about softwares I am going to use. I also had a thought about how my product will impact on society. My product must influence society positively.

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