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Rigidity In Your Hair Capillary rigidity: Understand the problem Capillary stiffness reaches the hair of many women, leaving them dry, brittle and lifeless. Worse, the summer can contribute to the aggravation of the problem. Stay attentive and bet on prevention Stiffness-capillary "The argon oil can be used to prevent capillary rigidity and also assist in your Treatment, "says Miriam Sabina, dermatologist (SP) If you notice that your strands are opaque, brittle, with double, dehydrated tips, and to top it off, live submitting to harsh chemical processes, know that your hair is a potent candidate to suffer from capillary rigidity. " The rigidity of the fiber damage is caused mainly by loss of sulfur. The causes are caused generally by the inappropriate use of assets or agents that generate this kind of damage to the hair fiber. One of these agents is the main hydrogen peroxide, the hydrogen peroxide, which facilitates the loss of sulfur, "explains capillary therapist Sheila Ballotter (RJ).

According Vladimir Bedim, dermatologist and director of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SP), chemical treatments such as

straightening and progressive brushes can also damage the health of the wires. Sheila told Melee that overexposure to the sun, sea, pool and pollution can aggravate the problem. "The excess sun denatures the proteins of hair, which increases the frame stiffness. The daily use of products containing sunscreen as leave-on, can help a lot, "indicates Vladimir.

Rigidity in your hair  
Rigidity in your hair  

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