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Tips For Dealing With Curly Hair

Tips for dealing with curly hair Bet on restoration and hydration to conquer clean curls. Learn more! Tips-to-treat-wire curly Apply a small amount of conditioner to ensure the natural shine to tresses If you have curly hair , curly or wavy , will like the novelty: the Brazilian hairdresser Denis ad Silva, who lives for over 20 years in the United States, states that there are over 200 types of curls . Of these, he described the four most common and developed the concept that helps to indicate the hour treatments: Corrugated The levels of ripple vary according to the length. Often the waves are cut before they even develop. Most of them setting are usually below the shoulders. Curly Products should be treated with emollients and boosters. Once restored, the wires need to receive a reduced amount of conditioner to not lose luster.

Treatment governed by the change of the Moon promises longer wires Springs (curly) The wires of this type of hair vary between superfine and coarse. Therefore, the hydration is essential. Afros Have the same characteristics as curly, but the curls are smaller and appear a few inches from the root. The most common problems are lack of shine and conditioning. However, when maintained properly, with hydration, are awesome.

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