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DINO101-Flying PterodactylHighly detailed life size animated pterodactyl features head and jaw movements as well as sweeping wing flap. Optional flight track assembly is available to have character fly out/back.

DINO300Velociraptor on StandHighly detailed life size animated raptor features neck, head & jaw movements.

DINO500- Giant Animated Kong14ft tall animated gorilla shakes trees violently with independent arm movements, with panning head and jaw function.

DINO102- Giant Scorpion 8’ long Giant Scorpion features the following movements, body curl/strike, 3- tail segment articulation, independent claw movement. Kinetic leg movements when creature coils and strikes.

DINO200- Animated T-Rex Skeleton- what is it about these creatures that makes them so captivating to the imagination, is it a part of our lost youth when we first realized that long ago real monsters did in fact roam the earth? Our T-Rex leaves nothing to the imagination, based on an anatomically correct skeleton our T-Rex doesn’t just astound, it roars to life with 6-incredibly fluid lifelike movements.

Our T-rex is free standing on its 5” base and stands 13’ tall and 25’ long. Add the DINO201-T-Rex Museum Stand made of structural steel the museum stand raises the character another 4’. Our T-Rex has been painstakingly engineered, designed and tested to provide years of daily trouble free use.

DINO202- Attacking T-Rex Skeleton- what’s better than a T-Rex skeleton that comes to life? How about a T-Rex Skeleton that chases you down a corridor or crashes through the bushes to roar and snap its jaws at you. We have taken the “business end” of our T-Rex Skeleton and placed it on a 12’ track keeping all of the fluid lifelike functions of the original and adding the ability for the big guy to charge right at you. Further, we have taken great pains to drastically reduce the overall footprint necessary for this effect by only using from the pelvis forward and engineering the mechanism to travel within the confines of the track, creating a really big effect in a rather small space.

DINO301- RAPTOR CONTAINMENT CRATE An angry pair of Raptors complete with head pan, tilt, thrust and jaw movements are trying to break out of their crate. The entire crate is also animated to jump/rattle.

DINO203- T-Rex Skeleton Crypt An ancient gothic crypt is guarded by the grisly remains of a ghastly skeletal horde. When activated the giant head of an angry t-rex skeleton lunges through the opening, jaws snapping. Movements include: T-rex character, lunge forward/back, head left/right, head pan, head tilt, jaws and crypt doors open/close.

DINO100- Perched Pterodactyl Features the following movement head pan, tilt, tip forward/back, jaw movement, eye blink and independent arm/wing raise.

ScareFactory Dino Catalog 2014  

A collection of our Dinosaur themed products

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