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Left to right: Tyler Fitzgerald, Helmut Pichler, Paul Feeney, Carol Feeney, John Schwemlein, Bill Gilkes, Neil Rooney

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MAY 2018



It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Mr. David Keon as a new Distinguished Honourary Life Member of Scarboro Golf and Country Club. Dave had been a long-time member at Scarboro in the 60’s and 70’s. As many of you may know, Dave was also a member of the Stanley Cup champions Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1960’s and was recently voted the number one Leaf of all time. Dave currently lives in Florida but does make the occasional trip back to Toronto. When notified of his recent honour at Scarboro, he was anxious to see the course and more importantly, enjoy a beverage on Scarboro’s famous verandah. Here are a few comments from past head professional Ken Fulton about his remembrances of Dave’s time at Scarboro. “I have known David since 1975. That was my first year as Head Professional at Scarboro Golf Club. Of course, I was impressed that he was captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but soon found out that he just wanted to be a member, to blend in and not be treated different than anyone else. He loved the club and its members. Not many of you would know that he was a very accomplished golfer. At one time he had a scratch handicap. He never took the game seriously though, and after leading the club championship one year with a first round 71, he came into the Golf Shop after the second round and I asked him what he shot. He responded ‘the Piano Keys!’ (a piano has 88 keys). We laughed so hard and to a small circle of friends has become known as ‘The Keys.’

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Another fond memory of David at Scarboro was the time another member, Bob Acton, collapsed in the bunker on the 7th fairway. David was in the group behind. The ambulance arrived, picked Bob up and took him to the hospital. After getting checked out, Bob, never wanting to miss ‘the party’, had his wife Elaine drive him back to the verandah where the party was in full bloom. David stood up and yelled at Bob, ‘Hey Acton, next time you go down in a bunker at least have the decency to rake it!’ He has the most wonderful sense of humour and gives everyone a nick name. David is a very private person and very much a gentleman who loves to be just one of the boys. He is also the most trusting and honest man you would ever meet. He never misses my wife Ross’ birthday or the birthday of our two daughters. His selection as a Honourary Life member is absolutely appropriate. We should all be proud of the #1 Maple Leaf of all time. I personally am proud of him being my best friend. David is truly looking forward to spending time at his ‘favorite club!’” Welcome back to Scarboro Davey Keon, and many congratulations on your recent induction into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame!

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As reported at the AGM last month, our focus for the 2018 season is as follows:

Brian’s company, Campbell Curling Supplies Limited, have been providing ice making and maintenance service to Scarboro for many years. We’ve been under Brian’s watchful eye specifically since 1994. We wanted to take some time to recognise this and thank Brian with a little get together among the management team last month on April 19th. We shared some stories and indulged in a wonderful chocolate cake. Thanks Brian for all you (and your Dad, Don before you) did for Scarboro over the years

• MEMBERSHIP SURVEY RESULTS & KEY FOCUS AREAS: The key areas of focus for management this year, as a result of your feedback in the survey, are as follows: The Golf Course – bunkers, consistency, depth of sand. Golf Operations – Improved Service & Attention to Detail in Bag Storage & Shop. Food and Beverage – Speed of Service/Attentiveness Bistro & Verandah. Social Events – Review with Focus on Family Events. Clubhouse – Ladies’ Locker Room: Service, Toiletries & Locker Style/Quality. Full Survey Results Available on Website • PERSONNEL Our two key hires last year were Scott Hay, Membership Sales & Marketing and Nico Barrett, Clubhouse Manager. Both are now entering their second season with the club and are excited to execute our operating plans for 2018. • 9 & 18 TEES Despite many delays to this project over the recent past, we are scheduled to proceed in September of this year. Stay tuned for further updates on the timing and disruption as the season rolls along. • WINTER LESSON ACADEMY & YOGA FORE GOLFERS This successful programme will continue into the summer months and we plan to continue it into winter 2018/19.

SPOUSAL INTRODUCTORY GOLF PROGRAMME This program is a great opportunity for your non-golfing spouse to become familiar with the game and the Club. It offers an introduction to golf, access to the practice facilities, limited access to the golf course in non-peak times (after 4:00 PM). A limited membership may provide an opportunity to decide if a full trial membership is something your spouse might consider in the future. This is available to spouses of golfing members (through January 31st, 2019). The full program details are available through Scott Hay.

NON-PRINCIPAL MEMBERS PLAYING IN PRIME TIME Non-Principal members golfing in prime time are welcome to pay a guest fee to play but are restricted to our guest policies. The policy restricts guests to play no more than once per month and 6 times per season. Anytime a Non-Principal chooses to upgrade they must play as the guest of a Principal member.

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EMERGENCY PROCEDURES - 321 SCARBOROUGH GOLF CLUB ROAD This is to inform you that at Scarboro Golf & Country Club there are 3 automated external defibrillators for use in a medical emergency, located at: THE OASIS, THE SCARBORO ROOM, GOLF SHOP In the event of a medical emergency call the Golf Shop Ext. 228 or the Scarboro Room Ext. 225. They will call 911 and ensure that EMS is properly directed. They will bring the defibrillator, oxygen and first aid kit your location. If you have placed the 911 call directly, always inform the Golf Shop Ext. 228 or the Scarboro Room Ext. 225 that you have placed a 911 call. This precaution will prevent emergency personnel being delayed upon arrival. There are many trained staff members who are qualified to provide first aid response with AED while waiting for emergency medical services (911) to arrive on site. I hope to see you at the Club and look forward to meeting you if I haven’t already. To contact me please drop by; call (office 416.266.4546 Ext. 233; cell 416.346.9013) or email NEIL ROONEY CCM CCE, Chief Operating Officer.

Emergency Procedures 321 Scarborough Golf Club Road This is to inform you that at Scarboro Golf & Country Club there are 3 automated external defibrillators for use in a medical emergency, located at: The Oasis, The Scarboro Room, Golf Shop In the event of a medical emergency call the Golf Shop Ext. 228 or the Scarboro Room Ext. 225. They will call 911 and ensure that EMS is properly directed. They will bring the defibrillator, oxygen and first aid kit to your location. If you have placed the 911 call directly - Always inform the Golf Shop Ext. 228 or the Scarboro Room Ext 225 that you have placed a 911 call. This precaution will prevent emergency personnel being delayed upon arrival. The following individuals are qualified to provide first aid response with AED while waiting for emergency medical services (911) to arrive on site: Kyle Docherty Brad Milligan Tyler Fitzgerald Arturo Austrich Nada Mojsoski Rosanna Ng Frank Sequeira James Stoumpos Nico Barrett Emma Halsall Marion Bond Myrna Nanquil Matt Cooksey Liz Collins Andrew Klein Lesley Thomas JP Padua Mohamed Ferhat Aslam Nizar Julie Roberts Zenaida Dulce Karen Grant Deborah King Scott Hay Neil Rooney

Pro Shop – Ext 228 Pro Shop – Ext 228 Pro Shop – Ext 228 or 249 – 647-402-4787 Pro Shop – Ext 228 F & B – Ext 225 F & B – Ext 225 F & B – Ext 225 F & B – Ext 225 F & B – Ext 255 – 416-712-3436 F & B – Ext 232 F & B Oasis - Ext 231 F & B Oasis – Ext 231 Kitchen – Ext 223 Greens – Ext 257 Greens – Ext 257 Greens – Ext 245 – 416-529-9806 Greens – Ext 257 Clubhouse – Ext 259 – 416-270-2783 Locker Room – Ext 226 or 227 Clubhouse Admin – Ext 242 – 647-936-8005 Admin – Ext 253 Admin – Ext 270 Membership – Ext 241 C.O.O. - Ext 233 – 416-346-9013 MAY 2018 | 5



MOMENTUM The golf industry runs on MOMENTUM. Each year we can expect a bump in membership inquiries leading up to and on the weekend of the Master’s, and this year was no different. Despite the cooler weather, there were a number of inquiries that came to us during Master’s week. These prospects found us through internet searches for golf memberships or trial memberships. We are amongst the first clubs listed in their search, if they are located in the targeted geographic area that is our market. In previous years, the post Master’s momentum would continue as the weather would gradually get warmer, the grass would start to get greener and opening day would feel very close. But this year… well, we all know what happened this year. While membership inquiries did slow, our members continue to refer friends to the Club, an effort for which we extend our sincere thanks. After the ice storm, once we saw the sun come out and some warmer temperatures, the requests began to come in once again. Many clubs were in the same situation that we found ourselves experiencing this spring. Everyone lost momentum, yet this does not mean that we have lost opportunities. Today, the momentum is back and now that you are back and playing golf again, membership referrals have also increased in number. We have always prescribed to referrals as being our best opportunity for qualified member prospects, and this year we are doing very well. Thank you for your continued support and let’s keep the momentum going.

MARKETING IN 2018 With every new season, we take the opportunity to review our strategies and instruments for marketing Scarboro. Last year, we renewed our launch video to better reflect what Scarboro’s community can offer, and be more relevant to our potential members. We are very happy with the imagery and portrayal the video gives of our members playing golf and having fun on our beautiful golf course.

6 | THE 19TH

We have now taken the opportunity to incorporate that approach to our main page .The first change that we made was to have our video begin to play immediately upon landing at Within the first few moments of the 90 second video, you see our clubhouse, our golfers, both men and women, and our natural beauty. The next change that we made was to provide a better idea as to what Scarboro values; our inclusive-exclusive community. There are images of our Clubhouse that gives the feeling that Scarboro is a beautiful place to relax and unwind. As you scroll down the page, you see an incredible shot of the 13th hole at sunset that highlights the fantastic challenge of our golf course. The next image you will find is of a fox relaxing in one or our bunkers. This image is meant to once again highlight the relaxing atmosphere that we have here while showing how we have embraced our environment. As you scroll down, this is followed with an image of our Scarboro Room and description of our Clubhouse, Verandah, and dining facilities being an elegant place for you, your family and your friends to dine. The last three images are all about our community - the inclusiveness that our members desire, where our members and their families are the fabric of our club. We enjoy generations of membership here at Scarboro and highlight this with our new website main page. The final and most important update that we made to our website is the change in the information being collected on our Information Request Form. We are asking for more information from our prospects to not only learn more about them before we make contact, but also get an idea of what they are looking for out of a club experience in the future. We are able to better qualify these leads geographically and communicate with them in a more personalized way. This helps us to develop the relationship more quickly with those that are ideally suited for membership here at Scarboro.



Nearly perfect. The only thing missing was an open golf course. Mother Nature was not cooperating with us for our traditional opening in April, however.

At this time, I would like to welcome all of the new members who joined the club in the last month:

The Clubhouse always has a buzz of excitement on this night, much the same as this tradition has had for decades. With our Golf Academy now moved from the Bethpage Black Room, the flow of the evening changed a little as our launch point for the evening started in the Scarboro Room. All of our Golf Committees, Management and Board were on hand to greet our members, new and old and keep them informed on our plans for 2018.

PRINCIPAL – Suzanne Pichler, Matt Krievins, Michael Dainard PRINCIPAL TRIAL – David Marsh, Ryan Lewenza, Yan Dal Santo PRINCIPAL PARTNER – Michael Garvey FLEX INTERMEDIATE - Dana Kosec, Andrew Wade SPOUSAL INTRODUCTORY – Tim Pinos SPONSORED JUNIOR – Michael Minor, Garrett Parks

Chef Chris once again provided fantastic food stations throughout the Clubhouse. Intermixed with his food stations, Tyler and his team arranged many of our top golf vendors to meet our members and discuss what is new for the 2018 season. The chipping contest also gave members an opportunity to see where the Golf Academy has been relocated and give everyone a feel for the technology incorporated in the Academy. Not to be outdone, Nico invited several beer and wine vendors to give our members a taste of his vision for our beverage service and receive feedback. Well done by all! This night also gives our newest members a chance to get a feel for the social side of Scarboro. Many of our newest members attended this evening and gave great feedback about their first experience at Scarboro. Season Opening Night was once again a huge success thanks to all of our staff in every department and also thanks to you, our members. Bravo and see you on course!

MAY 2018 | 7


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MAY 2018 | 9



HERE COMES THE SEASON The Women’s Golf Committee would like to thank our Executive Chef, Chris Gironda, the kitchen and catering staff, and the organizers, for another outstanding Season Opening Night event. The international flair of the kitchen came through this year, and the food, wine, and beer were excellent. The front-ofhouse staff, working hard to make the evening enjoyable for us, were very knowledgeable, and seemed to be truly proud of what was being served and the work that went into the event. Well done and thank you all! Thank you to everyone who visited the Women’s Golf Section table during our Season Opening Night. It was great to see some new faces, say Hi to our friends, and it also gave the committee members an opportunity to chat with you about our 2018 season events. May is always a busy month with all the activities starting up, and this year is no exception. The Women’s League is up and running, and with a theme of “House of [score] Cards”, it will be interesting to see “where the putts fall” through the season. Remember ladies, part of the point system is based on participation, so please support your teammates as often as you can! Match Play Tournaments also begin in May. These are season long competitions in which you can all participate. Please ensure that your handicap reflects an accurate picture of your game. We do not want to have awkward moments, therefore, a reminder note about away scores, to all who participate in competition:

10 | THE 19TH

UNDER SECTION 8-4, OF THE USGA Handicap System Manual; FAILURE TO POST AWAY GAMES (Canada follows these rules) B. Penalty Score for Failure to Post: If a player fails to post an acceptable score as soon as practicable after completion of the round, the Handicap Committee has three options: (1) Post the actual score made by the player; (2) Post a penalty score equal to the lowest/highest Handicap Differential in the scoring record; (3) Post the actual score and a penalty score. The Handicap Committee is not required to notify the player prior to posting a penalty score. The fun, popular Eclectic Tournament begins on May 31st for 2 weeks (Thursdays). It is a gentle competition using your best net score over the 2 weeks. It is one of the few times in golf where we get a free REDO! Be sure to join us! In June, we have rumours of the Mystery Tour. Details regarding this will be announced soon. It was great fun last year, with early sign up recommended, as it is a limited field. The Quad Club & Scarboro District Foursomes are ongoing, alternates may still be needed, please check the locker room for details. You can participate in any of these events by signing up online or contacting the Golf Shop. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carol Feeney, Captain, at or Cory Gilmore, Vice-Captain at See you on the course! CAROL FEENEY

MIXED GOLF UPDATE Spring has finally sprung! Just in time for the Champagne Open on Sunday, May 27th. Enjoy a bit of bubbly and toast, the first mixed event of the 2018 season. Everyone plays from our special Champagne tees. Two-person teams can sign up with the Golf Shop. You have the option to make your own foursome with another team as well! The Champagne Open is just the beginning of an exciting mixed season. We have some great events planned. Don’t forget to sign up for Mixed Match Play! We have extended the sign-up deadline to Monday, May 21st. Take on other mixed teams for lots of fun and bragging rights. If you have any questions please reach out to the Golf Shop or Gary Chapman, the convenor for the event.

October 14th. This is a 4-club event, with all participants playing from the RED tees. It is never too soon to start planning for the right combination of clubs. Will you bring a driver? A putter? What will it be? And finally, the Mixed Committee is calling out for new committee members. If anyone is interested in joining the Mixed Committee, please let us know. The mixed community at Scarboro is one of the best in the GTA and has a long history. We are looking for new committee members to carry on the tradition. Have a great season everyone. We hope to see you at our events! WILLO WATSON

You can also represent Scarboro at a series of Mixed InterClub events. This is a chance to show some Scarboro spirit. We have a summer long competition challenging Granite, Thornhill and Credit Valley. Find the event details online and contact Donna Swanson to sign up for any of the four events. Go Scarboro Go! We also have the Scarboro “Battle of the Sexes” Ryder Cup, scheduled for the weekend of July 21st-22nd, one of the most exciting and oversubscribed mixed events of the season. Spots are limited so reach out to the Golf Shop as soon as you can if you are interested in competing. Or come out and cheer on your favourite team. We will be winding up the season with Oktoberfest on Sunday,

MAY 2018 | 11

IT’S TIME FOR GOLF Mother Nature seems to have been a bit cranky this year. Bill Gilkes and his team have worked overtime to get the course back in playing shape. As a result of the truly inclement and cold weather, we have had to adjust the scheduling of many of the events on the Men’s calendar which were to have taken place during the first week of May. Warmer weather is coming folks - it is time to get out and play! Men’s League is scheduled to kick off the second week of May. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to sign up for this year-long event as soon as possible. Teams will be chosen by team captains in a live draft in early May. Each Wednesday, team members come out and play the front 9 and post their scores (yes you can continue playing all 18 holes!). For the entry fee of $170.00 (+HST) you get a team shirt and lots of events through the year including a great closing dinner. It is not too late to sign up! You can do so on-line or by calling the Golf Shop.

This spring/summer we will have another edition of our Quad Club in the men’s golf section. This is an exciting event where Scarboro‘s men play against three other clubs in the Toronto area and host those three clubs at our course. Each club sends 7 male golfers plus a professional to each event. The other clubs for the 2018 season are York Downs (May 24th), Thornhill (June 21st) and Donalda (August 16th). Scarboro will play host on July 19th. The Quad Club is a great opportunity to play other clubs as well as a fun chance to compete in a friendly way against members of those clubs. David Lauzon (Vice Captain) says, “I played in the Donalda event last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There is a lunch provided by the host club for each tournament. I enjoyed the interaction and found it a great opportunity to meet members of other clubs and compete in a friendly environment.” If you are interested, please submit your name to Kyle Docherty in the Golf Shop and he will keep you posted about the details for each event.

Match Play also gets up and running in May. If you enjoy the format and are looking for competition, this is for you! Sign up on-line or contact the Golf Shop.



• If you are driving a golf cart, exit the fairway at the signs and park your cart on the path at the back of the green.

At the end of the spring, we are holding our updated Tartan Tournament at Scarboro. In its revised format, the Tartan becomes a competitive One Day Member Guest tournament. Aside from it being a competitive event, it will look and feel like the Tartan and Pibroch of old, which has been running continuously at Scarboro since 1970. It will incorporate the same Scottish theme, as previous Tartan tournaments, with the change to a competitive format. A true symbol of a top tier private golf club is its ability to hold a good member-guest tournament. The Scarboro Men’s Golf Committee aims to uphold this tradition and stage a fantastic one-day member-guest event. This is a prime opportunity for members to show off their course to their golf enthusiast friends, family members and clients. The Tartan One Day takes place on Monday, the 18th of June. The day starts with a warm-up at the range and a lunch buffet, followed by a 1:00 p.m. shotgun start. As always there will be a Calcutta and mutual betting, for those who would like to make the event a little more “interesting”. The format is two-man team Better Ball and there will be competitive events on the course. A cocktail hour will follow golf. The formal dinner (jacket-required) will follow the Tartan Scottish theme with a piper, haggis and a delicious menu sure to please all tastes. As an added bonus, there will be a lucky draw at dinner for a threesome to play at Coppinwood as a prize, generously donated by Mr. Bob Simon. You will need to be in the room during the draw to win this prize. You can sign up your two-man team through the Golf Shop or on-line for the all-inclusive price of $530.00. QUAD CLUB

12 | THE 19TH

As we get back on the course, we must all be mindful of ensuring we respect this wonderful course of ours.

• Rake the traps after use. Place the rakes outside the traps. • Replace your divots and/or use the seed mix bottles. If you carry a bag we have slim light seed mix containers you can clip to your bag. • On the green, please fix your ball marks (plus 1 or 2 more). • If you smoke, please take your butts with you and put them in an appropriate receptacle. • Be mindful of pace of play. Keep up with the group ahead of you. • Most importantly, after hitting, when in doubt, YELL FORE LOUDLY! Have fun out there, gentlemen! JAMES DI GIACOMO



Hands Across the Nation is a charitable organization committed to making a positive impact on the social and economic conditions in the developing world. HATN remains 100% volunteer based in order to ensure the best use of its resources. The objective is to enhance the quality of life for communities in the developing world; focusing on health, education and water. They have successfully built schools, dental clinics and doctors offices in Mali west Africa and Bolivia. “THE GREAT GOURMET GIVE� Every year Hands Across the Nation reaches out to some of the most talented Chefs in the city to invite them to a Fundraising Gala. Here, they are responsible for cooking tapas style cuisine for over 250 guests. For the past two years our very own Chef Chris has been invited to represent Scarboro Golf & Country Club at this very prestigious event.

Chef Chris was fortunate to have one of our own cooks, Hernan Ortiz, by his side. Together they presented the Duck Confit Taco. Some of you may have tried this delicious dish at the Season Opening Night this past month. It was a huge hit at the event serving over 350 tacos to guests coming back for seconds and even thirds. And of course, the showcasing of our Scarboro Honey on the duck confit was brilliant. We are so proud of Chef Chris for his continued efforts with charitable organizations. Thank you, Chris, for all of your hard and admirable work, in and outside the Club. You represent Scarboro incredibly well and we could not be more proud. Well done!

MAY 2018 | 13



As some of you may already know, we started dry aging beef in the Scarboro Kitchen a few months ago. This process began with one whole ribeye, then two, and now we have four that are currently aging in the cooler. These ribeye’s will be ready for service around the end of June to mid July. We are currently working on a complete dry aging program for our members. This should allow us to stock dry aged beef year-round to keep up with the impressive demand. WHY DO WE DRY AGE? For flavour and texture, of course! All fresh beef is aged for at least a few days and up to several weeks to allow enzymes that are naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavour. These days, most beef is aged in plastic shrink wrap for 28 days before selling it at the store. This is a process known as wet aging. Dry aged beef, on the other hand, is exposed to air, so that dehydration can further concentrate the meat’s flavour. WHY IS DRY AGED BEEF MORE EXPENSIVE? Dry aging is a more expensive process than wet aging for a few reasons… 1) When you dry age beef, an outer cast forms around the meat. This cast gets very hard and inedible. This cast is part of the magic behind dry aging. It protects the meat from any bacteria trying to get in. This cast must be trimmed off before eating. Therefore, resulting in more waste which is more money. 2) When dry aging beef, you also lose a good amount of weight to shrinkage. Between 10% – 30% weight is lost during the aging process. This means that I might have been able to get twelve 11oz steaks from one ribeye loin prior to dry aging, but only ten 11oz steaks after. WHEN CAN I TRY SCARBORO’S DRY AGED BEEF? I will have a new batch of dry aged ribeye steaks ready around the end of June to mid-July. A prefect treat on a summer’s night after a great day on the course. Eat well! CHRIS GIRONDA

14 | THE 19TH


We are gearing up for a busy summer on the Verandah and in the Scarboro Room! Part of this preparation process includes revamping our list of beers on tap and by the bottle, but also our wines. One of the benefits to dining at the Club is our markup policy on wines. While most restaurants double if not triple the prices of wines, we keep our mark ups modest, so as to encourage you to indulge when you’re at the Club. Indeed, the higher the purchase price of wine the better the value on our list, as we have a maximum mark up of $25. We routinely sell 6oz glasses of wine for less than $10 and that is a real rarity in today’s food and beverage world. Starting in mid-May, we’ll be introducing some wines specifically for summer - a slightly effervescent Rose from France, a Portuguese Vinho Verde, and a fantastic Ontario Riesling from Rosewood Winery that was featured at Season Opening Night on April 20 th . I also should mention that we sell prosecco (Villa Sandi) by the glass and then recork the wine by a special process that re-pressurizes the bottle, thus preserving the ‘fizziness’. We will also be introducing pitchers of red and white Sangria as we move into the summer!

Following up from the April Opening Night, you will see an explosion of local craft beers available in the Scarboro Room bar and at the Oasis. A real treat for anyone who is a beer connoisseur! One of the questions I do hear occasionally is, “Why do you remove certain brands/wines from our list?” Well, there are many reasons why, some obvious, others less so. One of the considerations is the willingness of brands to offer support for some of our Club events. Some purveyors are much more open to reward a good business relationship by offering kegs and cases for some of our high-profile events and we think this surely benefits the members. Cheers! NICO BARRETT

MAY 2018 | 15



Monarch Butterfly

I am so excited to present this year’s initiative in the greens department! MONARCHS IN THE ROUGH We are participating in the effort to reverse habitat loss and save the monarch butterfly by growing vital habitat to support monarch breeding and migration patterns on our golf course. Last fall, Audubon International partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to create a program to, “assist golf course superintendents and staff across North America as they create monarch habitat in out-of-play areas on golf courses”. The Monarch Butterfly, not American Painted Lady Butterfly to be confused with the Painted Lady Butterfly, which is also a beauty to be seen in your garden, undertakes a migration of over 3,000 miles each year, a journey that requires four generations to complete. But over the last twenty years the monarch’s population has declined by 90%, putting this species incredibly close to extinction.

16 | THE 19TH

Milkweed Plant

Audubon is providing golf courses who sign up with milkweed seed, a resource guide to help plan your restoration site, suggestesting other native nectar-producing plant material, and all the information you need for your project to be a success. Monarchs need the milkweed plant to survive, they lay their eggs on milkweed plants, and monarch caterpillars must eat milkweed to survive. In an effort to protect and increase monarch populations, the first step is growing suitable breeding habitat that includes the milkweed plant.

Monarch caterpillar on Milkweed

Since our certification with Audubon in 2016 I have been more than impressed Monarch Butterfly on Milkdweed with their initiatives and resources to help golf courses become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly while keeping the golfer in mind.



Not only does Scarboro Golf and Country Club have a remarkable, time-honored history, there are impressive histories (and herstories, of course) that live within each and every one of our members. This month, we would like to shine the spotlight on Paul Feeney’, and share with you his outstanding experiences and success within the Amateur Division in Ontario’s Scottish Highland Games. Paul was first introduced to the Highland Heavy Games by his partner on the Metro Police Force, Dan “Danny” Markovic. Paul went to pick him up from work one day when Dan’s wife informed him that Dan was “training” in the hydro fields. Paul found Dan breaking a great sweat throwing around stones and weights, preparing for a competition that weekend in Michigan, where Dan would participate as a Professional Competitor in the Heavy Events at the Alma Highland Festival. Paul watched him train for a few minutes and decided this was something he wanted to try for himself. Dan showed him how to throw a 56-pound weight, and, in seeing his strength, invited him to come to Michigan and compete in a small amateur competition, and Paul agreed. That very weekend, Paul competed amongst 6 other amateur competitors in 4 events, including the Stone’s Throw, Weights for Distance, and the Caber Throw, the event which Paul won that weekend at his very first competition! Following that weekend in Michigan, Dan noted that there was another competition the next weekend in Georgetown, and with much enthusiasm, Paul agreed to attend. At his second competition, Paul was introduced to Jim Foubister, Chairman of the Canadian Heavy Events, and Bob Whitman, Chief Judge and Referee. In their meeting, Paul was asked to help develop the amateur division of the Highland Games and help them to build interest in that division. Paul then competed in that weekend’s amateur competition and won all 4 events! After his success, it was official, he had “caught the bug”. Paul quickly developed his skill at the traditional Scottish games, no doubt a result of his intense and regimented training schedule, and natural inclination. Paul would train Monday through Thursday, with Friday being his day of travel, Saturday being his day to compete, and Sunday being his only day of rest. In his first few years, things began to take off very quickly, Paul was participating in 6 or 7 competitive events per year in different cities. After 1985, Paul was

participating in 8 – 10 competitions annually, hosted in a number of locations within Ontario, as well as the U.S. Paul had the honour of competing in the Canadian Highland Games Championships in Sarnia, ON, taking the amateur title in 1988, as well as the North American Championships in Fergus, ON. It was at the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games that Paul claimed the North American Amateur title in 1988, completing a perfect season, winning 10 out of 10 competitions. However, in truth, all of the 8 seasons in which Paul competed were perfect - he was never defeated, beaten only a couple times in single events, but in the total of all 7 amateur events in every competition over those 8 years, he consistently had the best score. It was at the North American Championships that Paul had the pleasure of meeting Alistair Gunn, Scottish Games Association World Champion and the most successful ‘Heavy’ that Caithness, Scotland, has ever produced. Paul would learn from Alistair that success in the Games comes from technique and speed, that contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all about strength. Paul was rated one of the best amateur Scottish Heavy Events Athletes in North America. He consistently conquered the amateur field, with his success at events becoming predictable to both judges and spectators. It wasn’t uncommon for Paul to win every Heavy Event category, including the the caber toss, 56-pound weight for distance and height, 28-pound weight for distance, the stone throw, and the hammer throw. Paul competed for a total of 8 years, and considered his last 3 years, 1986-1988, to be the ones in which interest in the amateur division peeked, and years in which the division itself was at its largest. It was also in these years that Paul got his younger brothers involved. Paul fondly remembers his time both competing and training with his brothers, alongside his partner, Danny. Though Paul would consistently beat his brothers in most of the 7 heavy events, his brother, Mike, would often beat him in the hammer throw due to the advantage of height. 1988 marked the first year that all three brothers competed in the same event and is possibly the only time that three members of the same family have competed together in the Scottish heavy events. The Feeney brothers were often referred to as “The Old Guys”, as they competed against young 20-somethings while they were in their 30s and 40s.

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Paul Feeney and Don Cherry, Inagural Welland Heavy Events, 1988

Paul remained undefeated for 7 years in the North American Amateur Heavy Events. In describing his experiences in the games, he noted that his amateur competitors, along with the Pipe Bands, Scottish Dance Competitors, and the professional competitors in the games, all became one big family. With the same individuals competing nearly every week, for 2 months in the summer, and 8-10 events every year, it would have been hard to not form strong bonds. The competitors had their own following of kids that loved to watch them compete. Paul would go with his partner down to Police Headquarters to gather pins to give out to all of the children that looked up to them. Paul and Danny handed them out to them before they would begin each competition, and the next week they would all be back, supporting both the professional and amateur competitors, proudly wearing their pins. Paul remembers about 30 – 40 children of the Pipe Bands and dancers that would be there each and every week. When asked about the difference between professional and amateur competitors, the answer was simple – professionals receive cash prizes for their success in competitions, while amateurs receive trophies and medals. While Paul was just as strong and just as skilled as the professionals, it was never of interest to him to compete outside of the amateur division. For Paul, these competitions were never about money, he knew many of the professionals relied on those funds in order to train or provide for their families, and there was simply no way that he could take it from them. Paul believed it was unfair to do so as he would only ever stay amateur, within the division he predominantly grew, and more to that, the professionals and amateurs were all close friends. He trained hard, he excelled, and he had so much fun doing it. All competitors helped one another train and succeed, but Paul was looked to specifically for guidance as he was older than most competitors and remarkably skilled. In times when competitors would lose focus, drive and be down on themselves, Paul would

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guide them. They would go home, train hard, and come back the next week with more confidence to compete. Paul also had the honour of meeting Don Cherry and fondly remembers a few comical instances with the famed commentator. At the inaugural Welland Heavy Events competition in 1988, Paul threw the 56-pound weight for distance and had the winning throw. Don Cherry was in attendance, dressed in Scottish attire, and was convinced anyone could throw that weight as well as Paul. Don got up, picked up a weight and threw it 20 feet farther than Paul! After his throw, a young girl ran down the field, retrieving his weight for him, asking “Is this yours, Mr. Cherry?”, exposing that the weight was made of tin foil! Paul remembers this as one of the best things to ever happen in that competition. Following his years as an amateur competitor, Paul kept active in track and field. In 1991, Paul represented the Canadian Police Force in the Memphis Tennessee World Fire and Police Games, a sporting event whose number of spectators are second only to the Olympics, with competitors coming from all over the world. Paul and three other policemen competed in the Games running relay, while Paul competed individually in the Shot-Put competition and Triple Jump, receiving medals in all 3 competitions. Paul’s team came second, losing to a team from Ireland by only one step. This ultiamtely marked the end of Paul’s days in competitive sporting competitions. Paul truly was instrumental in the growth and development of Canada’s Amateur Division of the Highland Games, which saw its own Championship for the division begin in 1986, no doubt thanks to his help, his passion and dedication, and his talent. The Fergus Scottish Festival, now in its 72nd year, sees upwards of 10,000 people coming out to participate and cheer on the heavy event competitors. Paul, we thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with us!

Paul Feeney and and brothers Mike and Phillip.

Paul Feeney’s Amateur Medals and Trophies.

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