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monster Ekaluk River char and arctic wilderness to the max

The polar foxes and muskoxes are our only neighbours. We are visitors in Canadas remote arctic wildernes, waiting for the event of the year. The big arctic char run... _text peter huber _photo yngve ask 12 24

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Ekaluk River

In the north of Canada on Victoria Island, river Ekaluk has carved its stretch for thousands and thousands of years. It’s Nunavut country and the nature beatyfull, hard and ruthless. The River is famous for it’s big searun arctic char. And every year in late august 90.000 fish make the five kilometers long run to the lake for spaning. The river is almost totally empty all year around except for thoose magic 2-3 weeks of char invasion. And showing up late for work is not an option...

Victoria Island Nunavut Canada

A good, strong espresso in the arctic is a real blessing for coffee You lovers, up here everything does taste a little bit more and intense. the but , realesed are fish the of Most here. upp food all for l are greatful and they Inuits keep some for food, the meat has a fantastic red colour hang it on wooden poles for driying in the wind. Instant food!

in the arctic the nature and animals are so intense and alive, some how they know that every day is a great gift and it shows. A myskoxe male that were not so lucky, the grizzly moved it the next day to his homepool.

Top picture: The ’Ekaluk camp’ and our simple home for 2 weeks. Obove left: The stonefigure “Inukchuk” is the Inuits markers that eather shows good hunting or fishing ground, or even the way home. It is shaped like a man that points in a direction. Obove right: Waiting for the big one before the sun sets. Down: The flies we used were big, bushy and heavy. the fish were massive agressive and best working colors in the river were flourocent- pink, green or yellow. But the char also rised to a variety of flys streamers, wet flys, dry flys and small nymphs.


loop magazine #01.2009

loop magazine #01.2009


Ekaluk River Tackle and equipment we used is similar to what is used for atlantic salmon and steelhead fishing. To try “new world record” on a flyrod is certainly within reach on the Ekaluk river there is more and bigger fish than you ever thought possible! The river has also for centuries played an important role in the life of the Inuit people. The area surrounding is rich in bird and wildlife and perfect for hiking and exploration nature. The musk oxe and polar foxes were frequent visitors to our camp, the mysk oxe population here is also among the biggest in the world. Grizzly protection! The local arctic-buss, a -56 Beaver, took us from Cambridge Bay to the river.

releasing a wild fish back to it’s mother, the pure river, gives you a sharp feeling of beeing here and now.

Wrestling a beatyfull silver 20-pounder caught on singel hand rod, true love!


loop magazine #01.2009

loop magazine #01.2009


Ekaluk River

TRY LOOP flyFISHING SCHOOL! The fishing school where knowledge and expertise are in focus!

The last days we stayed on the riverbank in our green, cosy tent.

After many years as Europe’s leading fly-fishing school we are proud to present a product that is better than ever. u u u u u

The gin clear river hosted a cool fish with somehow is like soft-metal in it’s caracter. It provides superstrong strikes, and it takes line like there was no tomorrow. The last days of our arctic trip it started to be really windy and really cold. The wind sturded upp dust and chalk from the lake and colored the river milky wich made the fishing more differcult.

The End

9.5 kilometers of river exclusively for fly-fishing Our own salmon-angler’s guest house Houses and lodges available by the river The famous Syrstad brothers. Food prepared by a gourmet chef Arrangements tailor-made for individuals, groups, companies and more.

At the fishing-school you will find people from all walks of life. They will range from those without any fly-fishing experience at all to those who have been fishing for many years. Our courses are individually adapted to address each individual’s different needs and wishes. Most activities will take place in and around the Syrstad Laksepensjonat. This guest house is specially designed with salmon anglers in mind. It has its own facility for smoking fish. There is a dryer and a storage room for waders and all fishing gear. You will even find disinfection equipment for fishing gear in order to avoid the spreading of water-born deceases.

It also has a show room for video and lectures and there is a Salmon Pub for socializing during the stay. The modern kitchen serves high quality food prepared by a highly-trained professional chef. The entire operation is saturated with atmosphere arranged for salmonanglers by salmon-anglers. We are a team of professionals. Our courses attract anglers throughout the entire season. That gives us the opportunity to lease some of the river Orkla’s most attractive stretches. We choose stretches that are represented at the top of the catch- statistics year after year and are perfect for fly-fishing. Four beats and a total of

nine kilometers (of which more than fifty percent is available from both sides of the river) are at our disposal. The main parts of the beats are easily accessible and easy to fish. This makes a successful result very likely for everyone, including even those with minimum experience. We provide the knowledge, the experience and some of the country’s finest salmon water. You provide the willingness to learn and the hope of successful days here with us at the river. Our common goal is to improve everyone’s fly-fishing skills to the maximum during four days at the Syrstad Fly-Fishing School.

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loop magazine #01.2009

good to know! I am hugry = Kaliqtunga Yes = Hii I feel cold = Qaiyligama How are you = Qanuritpit Fish = Iqaluk Coffee = Kapi Water = Imaq I want to go to the toilet = Kuuyaqturumayunga

“They will range from those without any fly-fishing experience at all to those who have been fishing for many years.”

There you go, you are ready for the tundra!

loop magazine #01.2009


Scanout Magazine "Ekaluk River"  
Scanout Magazine "Ekaluk River"  

Scanout Team Memebers Yngve Ask and Peter Huber "Continuing the Adventure"