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35mm Negative Scanning Services: A Brief Overview of the Sequence of Steps Followed “35mm negative scanning services to convert your negatives to digital images stored to CDs or DVDs. Outsource Scanning Services offers best quality and very reasonable priced negative scanning services.� Request for a NO OBLIGATION free quote:

Outsource Scanning Services is among the renowned professional agencies offering highly precise 35mm negative scanning services to customers. We have all the modern facilities to convert your old negatives to digital images of high resolution. With the help of state of the art scanning equipment and technologies, we can provide you with the digital files in any of your desired formats. We also perform all the necessary restoration procedure while scanning the negatives, so as to develop the final image with a better color contrast, a better visibility and sharpness.

We follow a sequence of steps to provide the 35mm negative scanning services. Here are the steps: Preparation of the negatives: In the first stage, the 35mm negatives received as input from the customers are being cleaned by using compressed air. Scanning and digitization: We make use of high resolution scanners to scan the negatives. We implement improved technologies for removal of scratches and dust during the scanning of the photos. Post scanning operation: In order to develop the digital images of high quality, we perform various post scanning operations such as image cropping, color correction, image bordering and sharpness enhancement etc. Delivery to clients: In the final stages, the digital images are being loaded to CDs or DVDs for dispatch to the clients. We follow all the essential precautionary steps, so as to remove any chances of damage to the negatives while the scanning process is going on. We always focus on providing uncompromised service right from the scanning to the delivery phases.

With the help of ICE processing technology, we can produce images of any resolution up to 4000 dpi as per demand. The digital images that we develop can be viewed with the utmost precision in various digital devices. In addition to this, we also have the expertise to develop images that can easily be accessed through the DVD players without any loss of quality.

The additional advantages that Outsource Scanning Services offers to the clients are as follows: • • • •

Cost effective scanning services Quick turnaround time Access to high end scanning devices Access to a secure delivery process

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About Outsource Scanning Services: Outsource Scanning Services offers cost-effective negative scanning services to convert 35mm negatives into high quality digital images utilizing an advanced scanners and tools.

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35mm Negative Scanning Services: A Brief Overview of the Sequence of Steps Followed