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Koala Wildlife Research Centre


Urban Forest Living


Glowing Ribbon Ballet Centre


Home Renovation Project 1


Home Renovation Project 2

01 Koala research centre UQ Pinjarra Hills Campus

The design for Koala Ecology Group’s Wildlife Research Centre is inspired by the forest of gum trees on site, particularly their thin and straight trunks that enhance the elegant quality of the site. The enclosure for the research centre therefore continues this natural language of the site by adopting the design of a series of timber beams and columns built on an 8 by 8 meter grid as its primary structure. The secondary structure which provides shelter for the enclosure is formed by three-dimensional timber lattices. Visitors are encouraged to experience the sense of movement through the curvy treetop walks hung from the timber beams and the undulating

form created by the lattice structure.

The treetop walkways are suspended at different levels, defining the public and private zones. The central platform is almost in level with the entrance level, connected by an accessible ramp. It is fully PWD accessible and provides a generous space for group tours. Structurally, the walkways are suspended from the primary structure with steel cables, supported by beams added under the walkway for support. This allows future extension of walkways depending on the potential change or addition of programs.

Ground floor plan 1:1000

West elevation 1:500

02 urban forest living Woodridge, Logan

An Urban Forest is proposed for the design of affordable housings that will incrementally fill up the gap of medium density across Logan. By keeping the existing trees in the design, it is beneficial to the city because it reduces pollution, enhances living conditions and maintains biodiversity in the area. Based on the idea of retaining existing trees, the concept for the design is to have a variety of detached dwellings at a fine grained scale that can be flexibly arranged around the trees. This allows the users to have a view into the greenery and enjoy a well shaded outdoor space. The prefabricated modular construction method was chosen for efficient development

on site as well as keeping the cost affordable.

Master planning Identifying and retaining existing trees to protect Logan’s green urban fabric

State Owned Land Community Centre

State owned land Proposed pedestrian green walkway

03 GLOWING RIBBON Montague Rd, West End

The Glowing Ribbon is a new iconic performance centre situated in West End, designed for the Queensland Ballet company in addition to its existing occupancy in the heritage listed Thomas Dixon Centre. Lying in the suburban cultural precinct of Brisbane city, the building aims to create a cultural destination in West End to celebrate its existing diverse cultural values.



One important design strategy was using landscaping to replace the existing concrete

Existing structures and components that are

driveway and carpark. This allows permeable

analysed as none, low or medium degree of

access throughout the site and highlights the

importance of cultural significance are removed

quality space in between the new and old

to clear out the site and resolve unnecessary





The existing Thomas Dixon Centre is built with

The curves and levels are respondent to the scale

brick, which results in limited visibility to the

of neighbouring buildings and dwellings. The

activities inside the building. In the new building,

curving volume is in similar proportion to the

curved curtainwalls and polycarbonate louvres

neighbouring dwellings. Openings that are

will improve the visibly from and to the public

directly facing the neighbouring dwellings are

and help activates the site. The theatre fly tower

covered up with facades for privacy.

became a visible volume from the Montague Road, covered with the obscure polycarbonate facade.


Ground floor plan 1:500

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Entrance to hall and library Foyer Ticket box Auditorium Stage Rear stage and green room Soloist dressing room

8 9 10 11

Scene room Costume room Library Loading dock

First floor plan 1:500

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Bar Foyer Balcony Library Dance studio Changing & Toilets Store Ballet shoe room Individual dance studio Plant Room

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Reception Administration CafĂŠ Kitchen Toilets & Store Outdoor stage and seats Multi-purpose area

Queenslander renovation Projects 1 & 2

04 Project 1 Home renovation & addition

Garden pergola detail

Pool deck plan

Ground floor plan 1:200

South elevation 1:100

east elevation 1:100

05 Project 2 Bathroom plans & internal elevations

05 Project 2 Wall to ceiling details

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Architectural Portfolio - Annie Ke  

Architectural Portfolio - Annie Ke  

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