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nowned architects specialising in log architecture and interiors in the world. “We are constantly looking for new inspiration to be able to set the standard for log cabins of the future,” she comments. Both exterior architecture and interiors are heavily influenced by the winter resorts in Aspen and the Alps with their functional lodge style. “This style is groundbreaking in Norway, something many of our competitors have tried to copy,” Korsen points out.

Close collaboration with international interior hot shots

Inspired by the lodge style of the US and the Alps

In Laftekompaniet’s approach, exterior architecture and interiors go hand in hand. The interior is as important as the exterior, and Laftekompaniet collaborates with some of the top international interior designers as well as with quality furniture brands such as Slettvoll to set the perfect scene. “One customer had lived in the US and fallen completely in love with a fireplace from the mid-west somewhere,” Korsen says. “So we had it flown from the US to the cabin in southern Norway, making it the centrepiece of the living room.” As you may begin to understand, nothing is left to fate in these cabins.

The cabins are recognised for their impressive appearance, with floor-toceiling windows creating stunning timber frames with a view. “We are pioneers at combining tradition with modern expressions, and the large windows are excellent examples of this,” Korsen says. Laftekompaniet’s lead architect, Cathrin Berg-Heggenes, is one of the most re-

The combination of old and new inspires every aspect of the cabins, not least the use of materials. While the log traditions date back to the Norwegian Middle Ages, adding to a feeling of going back in time, the use of glass, steel and, somewhat surprisingly, crystal takes us straight back to the 21st century.

best possible log solutions, architects for innovative twists, and internationally acclaimed interior designers for the finishing touch.

There is no such thing as two similar cabins in Laftekompaniet’s repertoire, as every project is developed together with the individual client to suit their wishes. The style, functionality and materials all reflect the desires of the client, as they work as a team with the company throughout the entire process. “It is an interactive process where we get to know each other well so that we as a company can guide as much as possible while listening to the customer’s needs,” Korsen explains.

“We offer a complete service from start to end – all the way to ordering a new sofa,” says Laftekompaniet’s owner Kai Korsen. While the right look and feel is crucial, it does not hurt that Laftekompaniet also manages all the tedious paperwork and planning permission applications from the very start. “We offer a complete service from start to end – all the way to ordering a new sofa,” the owner notes. It seems obvious why the reviews and feedback are full of praise. “We have a 100 per cent client-centred philosophy, so while we take the lead on everything they get to be involved on every step of the road to a fully completed cabin,” says Korsen. For more information, please visit: and follow @laftekompaniet on Instagram

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Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.