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signment, a team will pay the client a visit to evaluate the floor in question and listen to the client’s wishes and needs. With a considerable difference in pricing of the various types of floors, KubelCoating ensures that the clients get exactly what they want at the minimum cost to achieve a great result.

“The fitters use the app to monitor measurements of moist, add images from the site and control that everything is as it should be. This makes our customers feel very secure in the process, and they along with the fitter do a check in the end to make sure that the floor is up to par,” Kubel explains.

Kubel knows precisely what he is doing, as he has many years’ experience of constructing floors with his own two hands – experience he uses daily to advise his customers the best way possible. “In this business, you’ll quickly learn something new every day and we view our past and present experience as a whole. I take everything I’ve seen, done and learnt into my consultation of every client. It’s all about knowing the material we are working with,” says Kubel.

Award-winning entrepreneurship

KubelCoating developed their own app that stores all information they have retrieved about the client and the task at hand. This keeps every detail from the work process in one place: everything that has been done down to date and time. So if anything should happen to the floor after two or three years, they can easily figure out what went wrong and how it happened.

Kubel and his enterprise are constantly striving to be ahead of their competitors through quality assurance. They do this with their app, for which they received the ultimate stamp of approval with the Entrepreneur of the Year in Denmark award for the accomplishment of digitalising the business.

time to train new employees, creating daily, systemised routines that enable KubelCoating to be the gold standard within the flooring industry. Kubel’s ambition is to become the biggest entrepreneur in the north within flooring, and he knows how to get there. “I will always run my business on the basis of what I love doing. That way I think you can keep being innovative,” he ends. For more information, please visit:

“The award is a great pat on the back amidst a hectic everyday life with long hours. It makes me incredibly proud of the hard work we do,” Kubel notes and adds: “We are working hard to deliver the finest service for our clientele and have to keep renewing ourselves constantly, listen to and take in any criticism to do something constructive and challenge ourselves.” Moving forward, KubelCoating ApS’s focus will be on a controlled growth within the corporation and on taking the

Thorbjørn Kubel

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