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Theologian Christina Busk founded Etikos to help companies execute value-based strategies.

‘Company values are more than a branding tool’ While values and strategies are essential to all organisations, it might not always be clear to everyone why and how they are best implemented. Danish company Etikos helps its clients identify divergences between proposed values and executed actions as well as disagreements between the viewpoints of employees and company strategies.

think of the management as the locomotive and the employees as the carriages, our job is to ensure that all the carriages are attached and the tracks solid so that nothing is left behind or falling off when the train hits high speeds.”

By Signe Hansen  |  Photos: Etikos

Why do we do what we do? Why are we here? Why is what we do important? The wish to help companies and public organisations answer those questions was what made theologian Christina Busk found Etikos in 2006. “Etikos is rooted in a desire to work with company values, not as a branding tool but as a profound ethical foundation for the actions of organisations,” says Busk, adding: “Our speciality is the DNA of the organisation. It’s the company culture, the values. Our aim is to ensure that the organisation and its employees know why they are acting the way they do.” Today, Busk heads a team of five consultants with backgrounds in anthropology, theology and conflict mediation. The team tailors the consulting process

to the specific ambitions, challenges and potentials of individual companies. If, for instance, a company is looking to create new job roles, Etikos can help unearth employee values and bridge possible gaps between these and their new roles. This is, says Busk, the only way to ensure that a strategy, role or change will be executed. “An organisation might have a good strategy, but if there is no correlation between the strategy and the existing company culture, it’s impossible to execute. The reason is that when it comes to values, people will always act in agreement with their own viewpoint and do what they think is right, unless encouraged to do otherwise,” she stresses. Busk rounds off by comparing her job to that of a railroad track worker. “If you

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