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At the forefront of education Renowned Lundsberg boarding school offers an impressive educational programme and support system, which help the students reach their academic goals and what they can see on the horizon – creating a world of opportunities. By Malin Norman  |  Photos: Lundsbergs Skola

Lundsberg boarding school is located in Storfors, north of Kristinehamn in Värmland. Founded in 1896 by William Olsson, the school takes inspiration from English-style boarding schools and offers first-class upper secondary education managed by Stiftelsen Lundsbergs Skola (the Lundsberg School Foundation). Although the students spend approximately 230 days per year at Lundsberg, life on campus never gets boring as they can take part in a fantastic range of sports such as rowing, athletics, football and horse riding, and plenty of cultural activities. “We have a full programme during the weeks as well as on the weekends with interesting guest lectures, fun sports challenges and exciting competitions between the boarding houses,” explains headmaster Johan Harryson. “This is a world in itself, unlike any other school in Sweden.” At Lundsberg, the around 200 students get support and encouragement in their daily studies and future plans. Since last semester, the school offers the help of

dedicated coaches in a form of mentorship. Through the initiative, teachers can focus on teaching and developing the students’ knowledge, while the coaches meet them on a regular basis and talk about the studies and life in general. “The study coaches assist our students here and now, in prioritising what’s on their plate and making the choices that are right for them,” says Harryson.

by university professors throughout the year with specific case studies that the students can prepare beforehand. According to Harryson, this is another step that aims to minimise the often difficult gap between upper secondary school and university. “We get great feedback from the university on how interested and proactive our students are, which bodes well for their future.”

Another new addition is university advisors, who have access to more than 100 universities worldwide and can support the students in achieving their academic dreams. By setting up long-term plans and specific goals, the students can maintain focus and hopefully later get accepted at a university that suits their special skills and interests. “This is incredibly important for our students’ motivation,” says Harryson. “They need to understand where their education is headed and be able to decide on the next step to get there.” The school also cooperates with Linköping University, offering many guest lectures

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