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about it,” he explains. “What it’s meant for us is that we’ve had an injection of new ideas, a chance to avoid simply continuing on the same path. So for example, we’ve come up with a way of booking your skiing equipment using an app and just collecting it when you arrive, ready to go. We can be a bit creative and come up with new solutions, which is less likely to happen if everyone comes from the same background.” Kungsberget opens on 10 December and stays open until after Easter, the last day of skiing being 17 April. An additional benefit of how close and handy everything is, Elford suggests, is that you can go skiing no matter how cold it is – because it is always easy to take a break and warm up with a hot drink. Saying that, his favourite time of year for skiing is towards the end of the season after the mid-term break called the ‘sports break’ in Sweden. “It’s

usually quite warm and very sunny – skiing then is just wonderful.” New for this season is an eight-chair lift – one example of, according to Elford, the benefit of having a parent company to pitch in. “Some years are great and others are more difficult with insufficient snow and so on, but let’s just say we’d need to sell quite a lot of ski passes to pay for that eight-seater,” he says. “Having the main group ready to step in and support a small resort like Kungsberget is a real strength.” Backing him up is the fact that Branäs, the group’s main resort further west towards Norway, has been named the best ski resort for families with kids nine years in a row. In addition to the new lift, Elford lists the Ski Lodge bar amongst the not-to-miss experiences. This is the perfect spot not just for parents and other adults to relax

over a nice beer but also for little legs to rest and stock up on energy with a muffin and a hot chocolate. Conference guests, who mostly visit the resort during the weeks, will also enjoy an after work here. While handiness and safety are key – with everything joined up and designed to suit families you simply cannot get lost – that winter wonderland feeling is of course a very important cherry on top. “It’s such a fresh feeling, the air completely crisp, the beauty of all the snow… Everyone’s there to have a good time so no one is irritable – everyone’s helping each other out,” says Elford. “People are off and have time. It is a lovely, positive atmosphere.”

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Issue 95  |  December 2016  |  41

Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.

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