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Contents COVER FEATURE 32 Charlotte Kalla – Sweden’s Queen on Skis She wrote skiing history in 2015 when she became the first Swedish woman to win individual goals in both the Olympic Games and the World Cup. Scan Magazine spoke to Charlotte Kalla about integrity, learning to trust herself and the madness of winning Tour de Ski.

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We continue our journey of discovery of handmade design and craft from Norway, including fascinating stories about fighting chronic illness with creativity and falling in love with a strange man from Norway who appeared on a doorstep in France.


Festive Sparkles From perfect party outfits to festive interior decorations, we have compiled our favourite ways to decorate both homes and bodies for a season of relaxation, celebration and looking to the year ahead.



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Discover the Norwegian Cottage Dream If you want to experience life like a true Norwegian, get a cottage. Nowhere else in the world do so many people invest in a leisure home, or a second home, as in Norway. The history and the cottage carpenters explain why.



The Best Interior Shops in Norway


To Praise or Not to Praise… Another new business columnist joins us this month. Lani Bannach, specialist risk and decisionmaking analyst, explores why the link between appraisals and performance are not always as we would have hoped, and columnist Steve Flinders joins in to share his two cents on giving and receiving feedback.

Our Big Swedish Winter Wonderland Guide Culture vultures, historians and extreme sports fans will all find something to love in our Swedish Winter Wonderland special. Go skiing, head up north to learn all about Sami life, or discover the classical music festival that rocks.



This month’s feature section is packed full of mustsee places – whether you are a food snob, a spa enthusiast or a festival fan. For the keen student with a love of sports, we found just the school as well.

While Nordic interior design is perhaps mostly associated with Denmark and its design icons, or possibly Sweden and Finland, we discovered a number of highly passionate design lovers and shop owners who make great interior design available in Norway.


Danish Enterprises to Watch With its strategic location right where Scandinavia meets the continent, Denmark has become a mecca for emerging and established businesses alike. We went to experience some of that innovative, corporate buzz.

SPECIAL FEATURES 22 Historic Hotels and Wellness Wisdom

Swedish Schools Abroad Some might say that you should move to Scandinavia if you want quality education for your children. Others leave Sweden behind but benefit from a network of Swedish schools abroad, allowing kids to keep on top of both language skills and cultural awareness.


Norwegian Handmade Delights

Made in Norway This month’s spotlight on products made in Norway boasts artful scarves, knitted wool garments and sequined cushions. What is there not to love?

CULTURE 116 Swear Like a Swede In his second Scan Magazine column, Joakim Andersson teaches our readers to swear using numbers, while the culture calendar outlines what looks set to be a very exciting start to the year in terms of Scandinavian art and live music in London and beyond.

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Issue 95  |  December 2016  |  3

Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.

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