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Left: Silje Røskar Rosvold has spent years cultivating relationships with carefully selected interior design and clothing brands. Follow her shop BOHEMIA on Instagram: @bohemiashop. Photo: Marian Strand. Middle: BOHEMIA offers plenty of Scandinavian design made in high quality from natural materials. Vitrines from Lindeberg Design are examples of the shop’s timeless and classic selection. Photo: Lindebjerg Design. Top right: BOHEMIA is full of exclusive interior design surprises that pop out, like this piece of furniture from Danish design firm &Tradition. Photo: Marian Strand. Right: Shop owner Silje Røskar Rosvold personally recommends Aesop’s skin, hair and body care products. Photo: Marian Strand.

Brands and soul at BOHEMIA If your flight is heading for Stavanger Airport, you will be landing right next to an interior design pearl. At BOHEMIA, you will find exclusive interior and clothing brands in a welcoming and inspiring environment, so that you can keep it fun and surprising at home. By Eirik Elvevold

Interior design boutique BOHEMIA is the perfect place to stop by if you need a special gift this holiday. At Sola in Norway, a mere five-minute drive from Stavanger Airport, the staff has made the store ready for Christmas with freshly painted walls for the occasion. “The atmosphere in the shop is super cosy right now. There’s Christmas everywhere,” says owner Silje Røskar Rosvold. BOHEMIA is one of those shops that has kept their soul – despite now doing much of their business online. Regardless of the time of year, the smell of soap and scented candles invites people into a beautifully decorated and welcoming space where they can freely ask for advice and be sure to find a gift out of the ordinary.

“People love that we constantly change and stay up to date on trends. Coming here gives them a much-needed burst of inspiration in everyday life and often results in a special touch to their homes, which is important in creating identity,” says Rosvold. It is, of course, hard to highlight only one product from a vast collection of carefully selected interior and clothing brands, but Rosvold gives an example from the top of her head. “I recommend Aesop,” she says. “They have excellent skin, hair and body care products, which can be hard to come by. In general, we have many quite exclusive brands – even more than you will see online – but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have affordable things.”

Rosvold has one piece of advice for her customers: keep it fun and surprising. “The rules shouldn’t be too strict. Many people come here to ask for advice, and they are afraid of failing, but you can do whatever you want. You’ll get bored if you lock down to one style,” she says. Even though social media is, without a doubt, a fun and easy source of inspiration, the Norwegian shop owner thinks that people should leave their phones a bit more to look for inspiration – especially when they are out travelling. “Look around you in the bathroom of your hotel, restaurant or airport. What kind of surprising details can you see? Let those little things inspire you, like we do at BOHEMIA,” Rosvold concludes.

For more information, please visit: or follow @bohemiashop on Instagram.

Issue 95  |  December 2016  |  15

Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.

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