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challenge is identical: sourcing a destination that fits the diver’s experience, establishing the right diving season, and pinpointing the person’s underwater passion – and then there is, of course, the budget. But the highest level of service is always provided, regardless of experience and knowledge.

Worldwide destinations Destinations are wide-ranging and each location offers different possibilities, restrictions and solutions, which will give the customers ultimate fulfilment, increase their hunger, and make them return for more. Many factors are taken into consideration. For instance, customers might want to go to Mozambique in May to see whale sharks, and the agent will then get the ball rolling as Odgaard willingly demonstrates. “We might say, it is not a problem to go in May but the chance of seeing whale sharks is higher if you can postpone your trip to January-February, so I would recommend that. We can also recommend another destination where the dive season is just right, and therein lies the difference between booking with a company like ours, who really knows what’s going on below

the surface, or choosing a company without that same specialist insight.” Kingfish Dive & Travel offers diving advice and travel arrangements covering the entire world and has 100 exciting destinations set up. For those who are looking for bucket-list destinations and have the cash to match it, Galapagos and French Polynesia are the ultimate destinations. However, Egypt, the Maldives and the Caribbean make up most of the dive trips sold due to their geographical accessibility, affordability and beautiful underwater viewing.

Guided tours and hardcore adventures In addition to tailored dive travel for individuals, Kingfish has an extensive range of trips led by experienced tour guides and diving instructors to make sure that customers get the best possible holiday along with the optimal benefit from their diving. With worldwide destinations such as Indonesia, South Africa and the Bahamas, there is something for everyone. For those looking for more hardcore adventures, the company runs unique ex-

peditions with close-up wildlife encounters such as big animals like sharks, orcas, crocodiles and blue whales, just the way you might have seen them on the Discovery Channel or in National Geographic. Some customers are interested in seeing sharks, whales or orcas in Norway, while others are far more interested in looking at beautiful underwater coral landscapes or explore wrecks from World War II on their diving holidays. The company has a diving school offering a range of courses and events. Again, all teachers have extensive knowledge and experience. Odgaard and his team enjoy giving expert advice and sharing their passion and knowledge; some have dreamt of diving for years, and it is beyond doubt that the company and its employees all live and breathe diving. A recent customer survey questionnaire saw Kingfish score highly across the board and receive a great deal of praise, which is undoubtedly well deserved. For more information, please visit:

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Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.