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secluded cliffs and flat rocks, but it is not just tourists who benefit from the generous nature. “There are bathing clubs at the Town Hall, so people meet and head down for a dip in the lake on their lunchbreaks,” says Engström-Weber.

A media-savvy 100-year-old Just ten minutes away, Trollhättan still centres around the falls and sluices, which attract visitors who sit down at the sluice café with an ice cream or shrimp sandwich or stand right by the sluice to watch the spectacle ensue. “It certainly can be dramatic,” says the CEO. “It’s a great laugh – let’s just say the communication is not always what it should be on board the boats!” But as the town prepares to celebrate its 100-year jubilee, it will be about more than just water. “It’s been important to make sure that it’s the people’s Trollhättan that is celebrated, that everyone gets to play a part,” EngströmWeber explains. As such, a film was commissioned with the aim of highlighting what Trollhättan’s inhabitants themselves love about their hometown,

and 100 people were asked to share their stories. Another poignant jubilee project is that of Trollhättan Street Art Festival, which will, among other things, see some local artists liven up a handful of houses by creating colourful murals – apt, one might say, for a town that has gone from industry-heavy home of Saab to creative hub and start-up central. There will also be an exhibition at Trollhättan’s art gallery called 100 år genom 100 bilder (100 years in 100 pictures), a recycling, redesign and upcycling fair called Xplodera Go Green, a week-long extension of the annual Blue Night walk around the fall and sluice area, a big birthday bash in the centre of the town, and much more. Trollhättan’s reputation as a media hub is partly down to Film i Väst, a film resource and production centre, being based here. As such, many of Sweden’s biggest productions are filmed here and you can spot a celebrity every now and again. Moreover, if you are lucky, you might be able to spot His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf in the autumn, when the

annual royal moose hunt takes place in the woods. The chances of seeing another king, namely the king of the forest, are even greater, as 93 per cent of participants at local elk safaris are in luck. “It’s a vibrant, innovative 100-year-old,” Engström-Weber laughs. With a mature, peaceful older sibling, one might add. Whether you fancy the excitement of Trollhättan or the harmony of Vänersborg, you will certainly have a great deal to thank the power of water for.

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Issue 84 | January 2016 | 75

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Scan Magazine, Issue 84, January 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Ace Wilder.

Scan Magazine, Issue 84, January 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Ace Wilder.