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Scan Magazine | Special Theme | Norwegian Festival Special Photo: Bjoern Erik Olsen.

Photo: Johannes Lovund.

Photo: Henrik Trygg/Imagebank Sweden.

Norwegian Festival Special:

Festivals galore Planning on visiting Norway in 2016? Make sure to check out the festival calendar. With a wide range of themes and mind-blowing locations, you can be sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime festival experience. By Per-Arne Tuftin, Innovation Norway

If it is your first trip to Norway, you are probably going to head up the fjords, perhaps do some hiking, and chase the northern lights in the winter or the midnight sun in the summer. But what better way to get to know Norwegian culture than to go to a festival along the way? Norway has more than 500 local and international festivals throughout the year, so you are never short of options!

Photo: Andreas Kalvig Anderson

Summer is of course the high season for music festivals. For an experience that combines great music and spectacular nature, you have come to the right country. The Træna festival is perhaps the most remote music festival in Norway, and a not-so-well-kept secret anymore. And with good reason! If you go, you will be sharing plenty of photos on Instagram. The truly unique Sámi music festival Riddu Riddu celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and Vinjerock is a rock music festival in the middle of Jotunheimen, the mythological home of trolls and giants – a must for outdoorsy people. But these are just a tiny selection and you

will find festivals dotted all over Norway, some in the most surprising of places. Norway’s culinary scene has been through a creative explosion in recent years. Whether you want to taste some New Nordic cuisine or traditional regional delicacies, a festival visit will also be a feast for the palate – and, of course, there are many pure food festivals throughout the year. The biggest such festival is Matstreif in Oslo, where local food producers from all over the country come together for two days in September. Want to experience something out of the ordinary that you will not find anywhere else? How about a visit to Gullfest in Varanger, the world’s only arctic bird festival? No matter what your interest is, the following pages allow you to immerse yourself in the best festivals on offer during 2016. We wish you an extraordinary stay in Norway!

Per-Arne Tuftin, Director of tourism at Innovation Norway Issue 84 | January 2016 | 45

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Scan Magazine, Issue 84, January 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Ace Wilder.

Scan Magazine, Issue 84, January 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Ace Wilder.