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Above: The apartment and townhouse complex, Behind Living, was inspired by a family portrait. Below: Kalfaret Brygghus is a good example of the multi-disciplinary approach of Og Arkitekter.

inclusive atmosphere. That way, both architects and clients can get across their thoughts in a friendly and comfortable environment, where every visionary idea or creative ambition can come to light. “Clients always play a part in every stage of the creative process,” Lie explains, insisting that the client’s input is just as important as that of the architects.

colourful frames representing their faces. On the lusciously green hillside the family stands tall overlooking the landscape, housing over 70 families of their own. This spectacular idea was the result of the office working together to create something new, distinctive and fun. “We put so much of ourselves into each project and we believe that is the way to make something really, really good,” Lie says.

A family portrait A great example of the imagination and colour that Og Arkitekter brings into a business is an apartment and townhouse complex called Behind Living. The white, multistorey buildings are located in Rådalslien, just outside Bergen, and were inspired by something as simple as a family portrait. Each individual building is of a different height, as family members often are, and at the top there are glass windows set in

Old and new One of the rarer functional buildings that Og Arkitekter has created over the past couple of years is VossVind, a wind tunnel for skydivers who want to improve their fall. Voss is a small place not too far from Bergen, known for its strong traditions and Norwegian ways. Incorporating the identity of the area into the architecture became one of the

focal points when Og Arkitekter decided to take on the project. The top part of the building is made out of fine Norwegian wood, which will turn grey with time and blend into both the landscape and the local building tradition. The lower part of the building, on the other hand, is dressed in shiny white tiles, a modern contrast to the traditional element above. The two parts represent the inhabitants that have lived in the local area for generations and those that have only just arrived. “Ownership is very important to us when we first start designing a building,” Lie explains. “We want people to feel a connection to their local architecture.” For more information, please visit:

Issue 81 | October 2015 | 75

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.