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Photo: Asp Ormåsen

VossVind is a wind tunnel for skydivers who want to improve their fall, incorporating the identity of the area Voss into its design.

Taking it personally There is no such thing as a plain and simple architect. At the Norwegian architecture firm Og Arkitekter, the office is filled with pioneering individuals, who not only devote their professional skills but also their personalities to the creation of a new building. The result is nothing short of dazzling. By Stine Wannebo | Photos: Og Arkitekter

There are 39 creative and hardworking individuals working at Og Arkitekter’s offices in the Norwegian city of Bergen. Every day they work together to create wonderful and comfortable spaces for people to live, work and coexist in. Osmund Olav Lie is the head of the firm and says that although he and his colleagues do have projects in all parts of the country, they are very much a west coast business. “Most of our work is built in and

around Bergen, which means that we are hugely involved in our local area,” he says. The firm has history dating back over half a century and is proud to be a part of each individual project from beginning to end. Over recent years, Og Arkitekter has demonstrated significant skill when it comes to schools, offices and homes, but, as Lie emphasises, there is really no limit to the size or kind of projects that they do.

They also cross into other fields, including interior architecture and planning. Kalfaret Brygghus, with its checkerboard floors and sleek interior, is just one of the projects made possible by this inclusive approach. It is no doubt that the sky is the limit. An inclusive community An unusual amount of community spirit seems to be seeping through the office of this particular firm. Being as many colleagues as they are, it is vital that every member of staff feels that their contribution is important. Decisions are made collectively, and it has happened that Lie has taken 12 of his fellow architects out to view the same piece of land. “It was one of the quickest creative processes I’ve ever been a part of,” he smiles. “By the next morning we had all agreed on where the building should be and what way it should be facing, because we all worked together to find the solution.” Dialogue and open discussion are crucial parts of how this firm works. That applies to clients too. Clients are always welcome into the offices and into an open and

Photo: VossVind

74 | Issue 81 | October 2015

Photo: Andreas Roksvåg

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.