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Left: The architecture of the new VIA Campus in Aarhus supports different professions and encourages them to meet and work together in new ways. Photo: Niels Nygaard. Top right: The Yogayama Studio in Stockholm is Scandinavia’s largest yoga studio. Photo: Erik Lefvander. Right: The newly opened City Tower is Aarhus’s tallest building, comprising of a hotel with 240 rooms, conference facilities for 1,000 people and office spaces. The tall building to the right of City Tower is the City Hall, another of the city’s high-rise buildings. Photo: Ard Jongsma.

Architecture inspired by people It might not be obvious what Scandinavia’s largest yoga studio, the tallest building in Aarhus and a supportive campus area have in common. The answer is found in their origin. Designed by Danish architecture firm Arkitema Architects, the projects’ designs centre firmly on their future users. By Signe Hansen

Despite having created a heritage of numerous beautiful buildings all over Scandinavia, Arkitema Architects has always shied away from a purely aesthetic focus. Partner Jørgen Bach explains: “Our starting point is always ‘people in architecture’. Humans are at the centre of our work. It’s our company’s heritage and culture: it saturates everything we do; it’s the way we think, the way we are trained, and how all assignments begin.” Since its foundation in 1969, Arkitema Architects has created a string of educational, commercial, housing and health institutions but also numerous new living

quarters. Among the most recent projects is the recently finished campus area in Aarhus. The campus consists of five new buildings in the centre of Aarhus, an area where 5,500 students spend their everyday lives. “On campus students are surrounded by architecture designed to support different professions and encourage them to meet and work together in new ways,” says Bach.

rooms, conference facilities for 1,000 people as well as office spaces. In the meantime, in Stockholm Arkitema Architects has created Yogayama Studio, Scandinavia’s largest yoga studio offering yoga classes in a “calm and inspiring atmosphere”. “No matter if they are there to study, work or attend a yoga class, we want the users to be moved by our architecture,” explains Bach and adds: “We want to give them more than just a roof over their head. We want to create something that speaks to them.”

. Arkitema Architects employs approximately 400 people in offices in Copenhagen,

It is not the only fingerprint Arkitema Architects has left on Aarhus’ developing cityscape. With the creation of City Tower the firm has changed the city’s skyline. The newly opened building, which is Aarhus’ tallest, contains a hotel with 240

Aarhus, Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo.

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Issue 81 | October 2015 | 63

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.