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based on Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece A Doll House. First performed on stage in 1879, Ibsen’s tale tells the then scandalous story of Nora who leaves her husband and children to find herself and live her own independent life. The opera, NORA – too late, revisits the iconic character of Nora but in a new story written by Jon Fosse with music by Chinese composer Du Wei. In this version, Nora leaves her family to become an artist and we meet an old Nora reflecting on her life and the choices she made. Local meets global with soloists from around the world: Norwegian Angelica Voje from Tromsø as the elderly Nora, South African Linda Nteleza as the young Nora, and the Chinese star Yao Hung as the middle-aged Nora all perform in this exciting production. Håkan Ekenäs from Sweden plays the role of The Man/Thorvald and Christopher Lemmings from the UK plays the Shadow, a new character that Fosse wrote into the story after a suggestion from Wei. Moreover, the piece is performed in English. The Arctic defines the orchestra’s programming vision, marketing and communications and has instilled in it the importance of being an ambassador abroad for the region and the country as a whole. The orchestra actively seeks out music produced in Norway, specifically music with origins up north.

“For me, Nora is the definition of change: a phoenix that dares to set herself aflame and rise out of the ashes and into some-

thing new,” Angelica Voje explained in a recent interview. “She never ceases to be of relevance.” There are parallels between Nora and the Arctic Philharmonic: both have an ambitious yearning for something new and more, and both have risen out of their ‘doll house’ to see the world. Unlike Nora, the orchestra is committed to bringing the world back to northern Norway by inviting international profiles to its stage. The institution’s key ambitions are to bring more opera to the north, to realise more northern Norwegian projects, and to tour internationally even more. Their motto? ‘Real. Arctic. Passion.’

NORA – too late The opera was first performed at the Tianjin Grand Theatre in China in October 2014. It will see its European debut by the Arctic Philharmonic on 28 October at Stormen Concert Hall in Bodø and subsequently be performed at Tromsø Kulturhus on 30 October and Olavshallen in Trondheim on 3 November.

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As a core value, the organisation takes its ambassadorial role seriously. A key objective is to make Norwegian and arctic musical masterpieces renowned for international audiences. Another is to bring home to local audiences lessons and inspiration from international tours. The Arctic Philharmonic believes strongly in its role in promoting northern Norway – businesswise and culturally – thus strengthening the region as a whole. Ibsen’s Nora and the Arctic Philharmonic’s journey The Arctic Philharmonic’s most recent production, NORA – too late, epitomises the innovative, ambitious, local role, yet global outlook, of the institution. The new opera is

Top left: Angelica Voje. Photo: John Paul Bichard. Above: Nora - too late is a new opera revisiting Ibsen's iconic Nora character. Photos: Gunleik Groven

Issue 81 | October 2015 | 119

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.

Scan Magazine, Issue 81, October 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish singer Ane Brun.