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Girls in Kibera, one of Kenya’s largest slums, taking part in a training session offered by the CUP Foundation in collaboration with Lunette. (Photographer Martin Löf)

For a more comfortable, clean and protected you every month It concerns roughly half of the population during a period in their lives, and yet, it’s a topic we rarely talk about publicly. Raising awareness and creating a more open dialogue about female menstruation is the main focus of Lunette, one of the world’s most popular menstrual cup manufacturers. By Heli Kurjanen | Photos: Lunette

“It’s all about giving women worldwide the opportunity to choose the best option for them,” says CEO and founder of Lunette, Heli Kurjanen. Kurjanen made a life changing decision when she founded her company ten years ago. From stay-at-home mom to global entrepreneur, her story is one of inspiration and courage. It all started back in 2004 when Kurjanen decided to order a menstrual cup from an online shop. The concept was strong, but it fell short in execution, she felt. “I complained about the cup to my husband and after listening to me, he encouraged me to start designing them myself. I didn’t have a business degree or much experience but I found the right people to help me start my business very quickly,” Kurjanen explains.

46 | Issue 79 | August 2015

As a fairly inexperienced woman just starting out in the business world, Kurjanen encountered doubt and skepticism from many. However, it soon became clear that her business venture had great potential. In 2005, the Lunette cup was introduced to the Finnish market and by the end of the year, Lunette went online and international. Unlike the cup Kurjanen had bought online, Lunette put comfort and usability first in its design philosophy, ensuring the cup was comfortable to use with smooth surfaces and a sleek design. A trustworthy product and design The Lunette menstrual cup, described by Kurjanen as a “revolutionary design product, the future of feminine protection”, is made from start to finish in Finland. As

recognition for its Finnish origin and design, the cup has been awarded both the prestigious Finnish Key Flag Symbol and the Design by Finland mark. “Abroad and especially in Europe, Finland and Finnish products are synonymous with quality, performance and durability. Lunette is proud to be a Finnish brand with a global outlook,” Kurjanen says. Filling a huge gap in the hygiene market Lunette was born after Kurjanen recognised a significant gap in the market for feminine hygiene products. But how does the Lunette cup differ from the other feminine hygiene products available? “The Lunette cup is made of soft medicalgrade silicone for the highest level of comfort and cleanliness. The most important difference is that the Lunette menstrual cup is completely reusable. You empty it rather than change it, wash it and reuse it. The cup is an easy-to-use, safe, hygienic and ecological alternative to tampons and pads. You simply fold and in-

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Scan Magazine, Issue 79, August 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen.

Scan Magazine, Issue 79, August 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen.