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1: The gold and silver ring is from the Droplets collection. 2: The Monster collection is inspired by Northern Norwegian nature 3: The Monster Collection. Photo: Pål M. Laukli 4: The Droplets collection is feminine and classic


Sophia Brand Jewellery – pieces of art Sophia Brand Jewellery offers bespoke pieces of art, with a focus on quality classics with a twist. While initially offering custom made jewellery, the two collections Monster and Droplets will soon be available in shops around the world.

Jewellery, with focus on quality classics with a twist, which provide a sense of exclusivity.

By Helene Toftner | Photos: Sophia Brand

An important part of the brand is the custom made pieces, being necklaces or bracelets. These are often made from gold and gemstones. “My customers emphasise quality and a sense of art, and are generally interested in innovative pieces of art and architecture. While this is important in the commercial collections as well, it is particularly evident in the custom made jewellery,” Skarsbakk says. The custom made jewellery is available on request.

The lady behind the brand, Inger Lise Sophia Brand Skarsbakk, has been in the industry for 16 years, and opened Sophia Brand in 2010. While initially specialising in custom made jewellery, she also designs pieces inspired by Northern Norwegian nature with classic details. “I am an artist at heart, and the jewellery clearly bears characteristics of that,” Skarsbakk says. While starting out as a traditional goldsmith, she knew from the start she preferred creating her own designs rather than reproducing and repairing others’ works, and a few years later Sophie Brand became reality.

Skarsbakk is currently working with goldsmiths and appropriate shops around the world as well as in Norway to find the right outlets. Shortly you will be able to indulge in the two commercialised collections Monster and Droplets in shops near you. For the former she has drawn inspiration from her childhood years in Harstad in Northern Norway. “The pieces in Monster are inspired by the arctic landscape, animals and icicles, and are for both men and women,” Skarsbekk says. “Droplets is more feminine and classic, and only for women.” Both collections, however, bear the distinct expression of Sophia Brand

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