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TOP LEFT: Out for a walk with Anja Basma. Photo: VisitSandefjord. TOP MIDDLE: Bakgaarden Cafe. TOP RIGHT: Sandefjord Midtaasen Sculpture Pavilion. Photo: Nils Kavlie-Borge. BOTTOM LEFT: Mokollen. Photo: Anthon Soerheim. BOTTOM RIGHT: Town Centre. Photo: Ellen Larsen, VisitSandefjord.

Enjoy relaxing days in Sandefjord With 45,000 inhabitants, Sandefjord is beautifully situated between beaches and archipelagos just over an hour’s drive from the Oslo Fjord, going west from the capital. It is close to Torp International Airport, the E18 motorway and the Vestfold railway line, making the city accessible from all over Norway and Europe. From its port, ferries carry passengers to and from Sweden. “Sandefjord’s location, combining its proximity to transport infrastructure with its natural beauty is what makes the town unique,” says VisitSandefjord’s product manager Trude Schelbred. By Stian Sangvig | Photos: VisitSandefjord

Historically, Sandefjord was known for whaling, and it has Europe’s only whaling history museum. Since then it has enjoyed a surge in international industry connections, thanks to its proximity to its port and the sea. Norwegian visitors have also enjoyed the camping sites and the rental cabins nearby. At the port, tourists can buy fresh fish and seafood from and Brødrene Berggren’s traditional fish shop – the oldest privately owned fishmonger’s in Norway – receiving fresh fish and seafood from local fishermen every day. Tourists can also go fishing by the fjord and local inland lakes.

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“Sandefjord is good for shopping and art too,” Schelbred adds, referring to a shopping centre and boutiques grouped around a square called Torvet. At Midtåsen Sculpture Pavilion Knut Steen exhibits 16 of his sculptures in harmony with a natural panorama, glass and concrete. The flat local scenery, mainly consisting of forests and the beautiful coastline, makes the town and its surroundings ideal to explore by bike. After a busy day on foot or two wheels, Sandefjord has a thriving restaurant scene for local delicacies to be enjoyed. Seafood restaurant Brygga 11, for example, which is owned by Geir Skeie

and lies next to Brødrene Berggren, won the Bocuse d’Or Championship of Culinary Arts in 2009. Activities for adrenaline-seekers of all ages can be found just outside Sandefjord in the form of the Høyt og Lavt Activities Park (Scandinavia’s largest climbing park). A bit more relaxing, but still fun, are Metro Bowling and Lekeland and Foldvik Familiepark (where children can greet animals while parents relax). Dakota Norway offers tourists the opportunity to see Sandefjord from the air in an American Douglas Dakota DC-3 veteran plane, which is based at Torp Airport. Sandefjord offers accommodation in most categories and prices – from private rooms and camping sites to international hotels.

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Scan Magazine | Issue 75 | April 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with moviemaking legend Lasse Hallström.

Scan Magazine | Issue 75 | April 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with moviemaking legend Lasse Hallström.