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Up close and personal In this day and age almost anything is attainable by the click of a button, and possessing something truly original is almost impossible. By Karin Zilliacus | Photos: Eye Jewelry

Goldsmith Kristian Saarikorpi’s latest development, Eye Jewelry – which allows the customer to create their own unique jewellery from the comfort of their own home – is therefore all the more intriguing. “With our new app, our customers get to use their own vision and creativity to make something truly unique and meaningful,” Saarikorpi says enthusiastically.

It’s all so simple. You download the app, take a picture of anything you want and choose the preferred material for the piece. This is then transformed into an image of the final item, which you can buy and have delivered to your own doorstep. “This app is the first of its kind, and judging from the number of customers there is clearly a demand for this kind of originality,” Saarikorpi says proudly. “We’ve had customers take pictures of their spouses or of the feet of their new-borns, things that are the most valuable to them,” Saarikorpi continues. In other words, customers are given the opportunity to use their own memories, creativity and vision while Saarikorpi guarantees high quality production of that vision in an exquisite piece of jewellery.

We all have memories that mean the world to us and that we hope never to forget. With the Eye Jewelry app you can guarantee that you never will. For more information, please visit:

There’s a new guy in town For too long men have been expected to wear almost identical suits in order to come off as professional, but a Finnish line of menswear called FRENN is hoping to change that. By Karin Zilliacus | Photos: FRENN

In 2013 two Finnish men, designer Antti Laitinen and head of marketing Jarkko Kallio, conveyed their shared vision that men should be able to look and feel good even during office hours. This vision has now become reality with their internationally acclaimed line of menswear called FRENN. “We believe that the time has come for men's professional wardrobes to evolve towards a

more relaxed and personal look, while still maintaining a professional vibe,” Kallio says. While the line of exquisitely tailored pieces clearly appeal to the modern man because of their contemporary style, FRENN is somewhat of an old soul, made with the same love and care that clothes once used to be made with. “Our aim is to make environmentally responsible clothing that lasts. Essentially, FRENN is all about relaxed tailoring that should look as good on the inside as it does on the outside,” Kallio explains. FRENN is quickly making its ascent onto the Finnish fashion scene. “From early April until the end of May FRENN will be hosting its own pop-up store at Stockmans, the largest and most prestigious department store in Finland,” Kallio says enthusiastically.

All images from the SS15 collection.

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Issue 75 | April 2015 | 29

Profile for Scan Group

Scan Magazine | Issue 75 | April 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with moviemaking legend Lasse Hallström.

Scan Magazine | Issue 75 | April 2015  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with moviemaking legend Lasse Hallström.