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Scan Magazine | Special Theme | Nordic Architecture Sweden

LEFT: The Babylone lamp pendant. Photo: Alexis Tricoire. TOP MIDDLE: Living Furniture at Restaurant Jonas. MIDDLE: Moving Hedges at H&M headquarters in Stockholm. Photo: Angelica Gunnar. RIGHT: Indoor Plant Wall at Init. BOTTOM RIGHT: The Floraframe. Photo: Halina Kami´nska.

A greener city life Greenworks is a company devoted to bringing the aesthetics and health benefits of plants into the city. They are known for their know-how in integrating green vertical designs in all types of spaces, representing a modern approach to creating verdant green cities. By Anita Karlsson | Photos: Per Bäckström

Greenworks was started in 2008 by two founders with a background in design and product development, who had an idea of creating better indoor environments with the use of greenery. This combination of interests has helped bring about new and exciting functional furniture and installations containing an extensive number of plants. The company’s first product was a mobile plant wall called Moving Hedge. It is a double-sided plant wall on wheels with an automated irrigation system. Additional products are Babylone, a spherical lamp pendant with room for five to nine plants; Floraframe, a wall frame for growing plants; and Plant Walls, tailor-made impressive green walls which can be constructed indoors as well as outdoors. All products have in common their low main-

100 | Issue 69 | October 2014

tenance level and the health benefits of air-cleaning, sound-absorbing and airhumidifying plants, besides being aesthetically pleasing. Per Berglund, managing director at Greenworks, explains “We have noticed a growing demand of integrating greenery mainly in office environments, but also in hotels and restaurants. In restaurants there is actually a trend of including herbs in our installations that can be used in cooking, making it truly locally grown.” The new green movement is all about utilising city space in an efficient way, which the company’s vertical installations are prime examples of. Greenworks are working on the development of new products at the moment, to

be revealed at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this upcoming February, as well as working on expanding their enterprise beyond Scandinavia to the rest of Europe and North America. In another interesting CSR-initiative, Greenworks is collaborating on the protection of rainforests by donating part of the proceeds to the cause. The exotic plants used in the installations are grown in Holland, but often originate in the Amazons, and this initiative will create a very clear and visible link between plant installation and sponsorship. For more information, please visit

For more information, please visit:

Scan Magazine | Issue 69 | October 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with actress Signe Egholm Olsen.

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