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It might sound obvious for a four-star hotel situated right on the edge of Norway, but Tøgard is quick to deepen her trail of thought. “It’s the quiet sort of place, one you rarely find anywhere today, where people actually want to disconnect from the online world in order to tune in with each other and the environment. I often have visitors, Japanese and Chinese guests in particular, point this out to me,” she stops for a moment, “and I really understand them – they’re surrounded by the most peaceful element of all!” Lighthouse accommodation and cooking your catch Boasting 57 double bedrooms with eight new units in the making, constructed as fishing huts by the very shoreline, as well as access to 11 rooms by Marstein Lighthouse, Panorama can accommodate most groups of business or private travellers. During the autumn and winter seasons, Marstein is closed due to the famously changing climate, but Tøgard says that the lighthouse island can still be visited as part of an activity tour. “Either by boat or helicopter, the island can be reached in a short amount of time, and the trip is worth the trek!” she says. Boats and yachts of many sizes can also be hired as part of your stay, letting you make the most of the location and take in the panoramic views from a different point of reference. Oh, and should you catch a fish of any kind while you are out there, you are more than welcome to bring it back and cook it in the hotel kitchen. “Many hotels take guests out fishing, but then sadly it ends there. It’s very popular among our visitors to bring the catch back

Panorama Conference Hotel combines breath-taking views with personal service.

home and cook it yourself, something that adds that little bit extra to the experience, and can even be a great night to share with your group,” Tøgard points out. Top-quality culinary experiences – and that little extra for your wedding Where food is concerned, no visitor will go hungry at Panorama. Collaborating with a string of local high-quality producers, meals served are always the result of short transportation stretches and local culinary traditions. The lamb served during the autumn and winter seasons comes from nearby islands and islets, just like the fish you are invited to help put on the table. Tøgard explains that the high quality of Panorama’s food has put the venue in a top spot for many guests planning larger parties and weddings. “Where these events are concerned, we really want the guests to know that we

understand the weight of our responsibility, and value their trust,” she says, continuing: “It’s something quite special putting one of the biggest days of your life in someone else’s hands, so we always invite brides- and grooms-to-be, for instance, to try our tasting menu before the big day.” Contemplating the scenery outside her window, Tøgard underlines that location is everything. “The reason I enjoy doing what I do is partly because I get to do it here,” she says with a tone of certainty. “I really hope more visitors from countries unlike ours get to experience this spectacular nature.”

For more information, please visit: Below: Fully equipped with its own helipad, Panorama offers day flights to nearby locations.

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