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Ole-Petter, June and Sofie Now an enamel jewellery designer, June Rasch-Olsen remembers running around her father’s workshop as a child with her sister – and, she insists, not a lot has changed since then.

Enamel is back From the heart of Oslo, family-run Enamelfashion by Opro Produkter AS is bringing enamel back into fashion with fresh designs, contagious enthusiasm and age-old knowhow. By Maya Acharya | Photos: RaschFoto

Norway has long been known as one of the masters when it comes to the art of enamel jewellery, which might explain why this time-honoured craft has often been associated with traditional, archetypal designs. However, this is changing. Opro Produkter AS specialises in handmade enamel jewellery and is on a mission to introduce people to the endless possibilities of this lesser-known material and the refined craftsmanship it involves.

“I have definitely grown up with enamel. We used to run around the workshop as children – dad even changed our nappies here!” professes June Rasch-Olsen. “Jewelling is something that I absolutely love. Making enamel jewellery is a complicated process – depending on what you’re making there can be 18 steps from start to finish, but when I sit down at the work bench, I’m sitting down to relax. I’m in my element.”

A house with history

Not a lot has changed in the workshop since June and Trine were children; they say even the smell is the same. Around the workshop, you can see hand-written instructions written in felt-tip on the walls by June’s father, explaining how to use the machines. “We haven’t replaced much of our machinery – we often find the older hand-made machines work better,” explains June.

Ole Petter Rasch-Olsen started Opro Produkter AS in 1976. Today it is owned and run by his daughter, June Rasch-Olsen. Ole Petter still works for the company, doing jobs that no one knows how to do nowadays, while June’s sister Trine Rasch-Willumsen is responsible for the marketing side of things.

58 | Issue 66 | July 2014

A new epoch for enamel One thing that is changing is the exposure Opro Produkter AS is generating. The company is focusing on innovative and bold designs and new photographic campaigns and is showcasing exclusive designs at Oslo Trend fashion week. Another novelty is its children’s collection, enhanced by a design by June’s 7year-old daughter Sofie. “She brought home a drawing of a koala bear, ‘Rufsa’, from school one day and we thought ‘hm, this would make a great logo’. We have now also launched the Rufsa necklace collection,” says June. “I think a lot of people don’t realise how versatile enamel can be with its countless colours – it’s a beautiful art form,” she asserts. “We hope that more people will get to know us, our enamel jewellery and this fine old craftsmanship.” For more information, please visit:

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Scan Magazine | Issue 66 | July 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Lars Mikkelsen.

Scan Magazine | Issue 66 | July 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Lars Mikkelsen.