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Stiga celebrates its 80th birthday with four anniversary models, but the company is not all about grass and gardening: the snow thrower is another popular product.

Where the grass is always greener The premium lawn mower and garden machinery brand Stiga has a proud Swedish heritage and celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. By Ellinor Thunberg | Photos: Stiga

It all started in the Swedish small town of Tranås in 1934, when Stig Hjelmquist set up a company called Fabriksprodukter. He imported and sold table tennis products early on, and in 1954 the company started selling lawn mowers – the most wellknown products of all.

A Swedish success story “The recipe for Stiga as a successful brand is the Swedish tradition and historic entrepreneurship of Stig Hjelmquist who ran the company until the ’80s, in combination with being a modern marketoriented brand,” says Thomas Olsson, deputy managing director.

If you mention Stiga to someone who grew up in the late ’50s or ’60s, however, they might also think of the classic table hockey game – a childhood favourite for many Swedes. At that time, all players in the game, about one million per year, were hand-painted by housewives in Tranås.

Stiga is the premium brand of the GGP family and Olsson explains that it is still very much associated with user-friendliness, high quality, function and Swedishness. In time for the 80th anniversary, it launched four anniversary models.

Stiga is now owned by Global Garden Products (GGP), one of the largest manufacturers of lawn mowers and garden machinery in Europe. The company is headquartered in Italy, and production takes place there as well as in Slovakia and China.

“We are a garden company specialising in lawn mowers, and we work exclusively with gardening,” he says and explains that the part of the company called Stiga Games is today its own company, separate from GGP.

34 | Issue 66 | July 2014

The future of gardening GGP recently dubbed 2014 the year of robotic mowers, and Olsson agrees: “Robotic mowers are becoming increasingly popular,” he says, insisting that it is very much a case of a lifestyle product which customers are willing to spend more money on to make sure that the grass is always freshly cut, instead of settling for an ordinary lawn mower. “The whole industry is going through a phase that will change the way you manage your garden and what tools you use. The trend is moving towards more batteries and electrically-driven products, instead of gasoline. It is mainly a green way of thinking,” he says. For more information, please visit:

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Scan Magazine | Issue 66 | July 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Lars Mikkelsen.

Scan Magazine | Issue 66 | July 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Lars Mikkelsen.