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Scan Magazine | Special Theme | Celebrating Danish Welfare Technology

Controlled using voice command or a touchscreen device, the i-Home system helps the disabled and elderly regain some of their freedom by helping with tasks such as opening windows (above left), opening curtains (above right), switching lights off, and opening the fridge. Soon, the system may even respond to other means of communication, including thought.

The invisible helper “Duchess – open the door” – the command is one of many with which Human Tech’s invisible helper can be directed. Aspiring to give disabled and elderly people some of their independence back, the Danish firm provides intelligent home solutions controlled by voice. The firm is furthermore working to expand the system to respond to actions such as teeth clenching, head and eye movement and, eventually, thought.

and exists to ensure that only intended commands are executed. Using technology where it makes a difference Human Tech ApS was founded by Max Jensen in Aarhus, Denmark, in late 2011. Prior to this, Jensen had spent a quarter of a decade developing and implementing

By Signe Hansen | Photos: Human Tech ApS

Being disabled and unable to get around often implies having to depend on other people for even the smallest of tasks such as opening a window, picking up the phone or switching on a light. Else Klausen has been paralysed from the chest down since an ill-fated operation eight years ago, but today she has regained some of her independence, thanks to Human Tech’s intelligent home control system i-Home. “I can now open the door, close the curtains and turn on the lights simply by asking for it. I have regained power over my own time and life; I no

40 | Issue 64 | May 2014

longer need to wait for somebody to come and help me but can manage a lot of things by myself,” says Klausen and adds: “I have gained a lot of freedom and a tremendous improvement of my quality of life.” Klausen is one of four people living with the full Human Tech’s i-Home control system. The system listens constantly and is activated when it hears a ‘trigger word’ followed by the desired command. The trigger word may be individually chosen, such as ‘duchess’, ‘servant’ or ‘Elisabeth’,

Founder and director Max Jensen

Scan Magazine | Issue 64 | May 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Agnes Obel.

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