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Testrup Højskole – a unique experience By Victoria Lagnehag | Photos: Testrup Højskole

In the village of Maarslet, just south of Aarhus in Denmark is a school where individuality is in focus and where students are encouraged to form opinions, to question and to develop. Testrup Højskole is a traditional Danish boarding school, which, however, offers something very different from your average education.

Danish tradition, language and culture. Approximately 90% of the students are Danish and they all share a curiosity about people with different ethnic, national and cultural backgrounds. It is a welcoming environment and a place where the distinctive focus on personal development creates that special atmosphere.

Testrup Højskole was founded in 1866 and was inspired by one of the most influential Danish cultural figures, the poet and clergyman N.F.S Grundtvig. The school is situated close to Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, and with the city buzz just around the corner it is a popular choice for students.

It is in the light of the teaching style that the various subjects have been chosen, and music, theatre, philosophy, art and creative writing have all been a primary focus from the very beginning. A new addition to the school is the exciting subject, Focus (Brændpunkt), where you gain a qualified insight into the conditions of democracy: locally, nationally and internationally.

You might be surprised to learn that the school does not apply traditional grades or constitutional restraints; instead they focus on education at a deeper level. The students are individuals and are treated as such. They are encouraged to focus on themselves, form opinions, take a stand and develop. Knowledge is treated as a tool in the process of reaching a higher level of understanding and not as a goal itself. Studying at Testrup Højskole is a lifetime opportunity to surround yourself with

If you have aspirations to get to know Danish culture and mentality and learn the Scandinavian tradition of liberalism, democracy and welfare thinking, then the teaching and the social life at Testrup Højskole is a unique experience made just for you.

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Principal Jørgen Carlsen

Issue 24 | November 2010 | 59

Scan Magazine | Issue 24 | November 2010  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia!

Scan Magazine | Issue 24 | November 2010  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia!