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Máttaráhkkás Journey. Artwork: Sissel Horndal

Through Alva and its products, the founders wish to promote Sámi culture, history and tradition. “Our products take inspiration from our forests, the mountains and the sea. At the very foundation of our work is our belonging and ties to Sámi heritage and culture,” says Berg. “We also take great pride in showing off our local area and community.” Passion, locality and environment One of Alva’s goals as a company is to create a robust pillar that supports its local community. “I’m not only incredibly proud of what we’ve made, but also our ability to create more jobs in our community,” says Berg. “I look forward to hopefully creating even more.” Alva’s utility items are designed by Berg and Horndal. In addition, the pair lead their talented team in the making and production of the items, all of which are produced locally with love. “All our products show off our local Norwegian surroundings and our Sámi heritage, and thus it only makes sense that we create 80 |

Issue 140


March 2022

them locally as well,” says Berg. Local production and recyclable materials are part of the Alva team’s attempts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Stall at a Sámi market. Photo: Inga Marianne Berg Henriksen

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Antler coaster. Photo: Hans Marius Mindrum

Rocking reindeer. Photo: Geir Anders Hætta Berg