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Ragnfrid’s Saga And that’s not all. For an even deeper dive into the world of Vikings, visitors are invited to experience Ragnfrid’s Saga. This 11-minute long adventure ride begins at Frösala Farm, where Ragnfrid and her husband Harald are introduced. Visitors are then taken on a remarkable trip where they witness plundering in the west and slave trade in the east. Ragnfrid herself narrates the saga, with a little help from sound effects, lighting and atmospheric sceneries. The historical value When asked about the importance of the Viking Museum, Ytter says that we should all know our history. “Of course, it’s not all about Vikings, and perhaps I’m biased, but I do have a special interest in this era specifically. It’s a definitive time in Nordic history, a time when the Scandinavian countries were formed and when Sweden began the process of uniting under one king and religion,” she explains. “It really is an incredibly important and interesting part of Scandinavian history.” Also worth mentioning is that this museum is in constant development. Ongoing research and discoveries within archaeology and history mean that the museum must update its offering regularly. This goes for any information and trivia shared, as well as the scenic exhibitions. “It’s important for a museum to grow in line with

society, and we strive to do exactly that,” says Ytter. And speaking of change, there are several new exhibitions planned for the Viking Museum, so keep an eye out to know what’s coming. Shop, eat and drink like a Viking The museum’s shop alone is well worth a visit. Ytter describes it as a treasure full of totally unique goods, including local handicraft and souvenirs produced by the museum itself. Everything is selected with care, adding to the overall experience of exploring the lives of Vikings. Hungry for more? Head to the museum’s own restaurant, which boasts stunning views over Stockholm. Named Glöd (which translates as ‘ember’), this eatery offers genuine Nordic food, in the form of both simple dishes like

salads and sandwiches, and à la carte. “Of course we also offer the chance to try mead, all Vikings’ favourite drink,” promises Ytter. “We’ve developed our own product together with a local brewery, and we offer mead tasting here at the museum,” she adds. There are also traditional Swedish cinnamon buns and coffee for those who just fancy something sweet. Ready to stand face to face with a Viking? Then steer your ship towards Stockholm and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Vikings. Web: Facebook: thevikingmuseum Instagram: @thevikingmuseum TikTok: @thevikingmuseum

March 2022


Issue 140