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Dear Reader, This month, we have an issue that is packed full of things to do and places to go this year – something to carry us through as we cling on to hope, humanity and solidarity. Aren’t art, nature and community among the best medicines out there as we dig deep for more energy and new ways to live together in peace? For those planning a trip to Denmark, we list this year’s unmissable natural explorations and art destinations, along with advice on the most luxurious, peaceful places to stay. We’ve found some quality golf courses in handy locations too, for those keen to hit the green, while beer connoisseur Malin Norman shares her top tips for making the most of that spring sunshine on the slopes along with a cold brew. Speaking of sunshine and vitamin D, what you don’t manage to get on the slopes, you can now get in fully approved, high-quality supplement form thanks to a couple of passionate, innovative Norwegian brands. We spoke to the entrepreneurs behind them, as well as a few other Norwegians on a mission, among oth-

er things protecting your ears, promoting Sámi culture through interiors and design, and making beautiful clothes for children with sensitive skin. Then there’s of course our annual Swedish culture special. It’s big and beautiful and presents everything from modern illustration and landscape paintings to museums about Vikings, opera icons and textiles. Whether you’re a guitar fanatic, you’re looking for that arty urban buzz or you’re hoping to escape to simpler days of the past, we’ve got destinations and activities to tick your boxes. Take it from modern pop extraordinaire, Idol legend and recent gay icon Darin, this month’s cover star: doing new things is inspiring – but only ever do what’s right for you. So, what’s right for you and your Nordic itinerary this year? You might just find it on one of the 100-or-so pages ahead. Whatever it is, grab it with both hands, and enjoy.

Linnea Dunne, Editor


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